Chapter One :Chapter 1

  Sallie was persuaded by her step-sisterr, Della to follow her to a night party, Sallie knew that Della never loves her but her sudden decision to invite her to a night party makes her bewildered.

  She thought so much about it and finally decided to give in to Della's invite, it's just a one night anyways, Sallie's plan was to go there, watch the activities that would be going on at the night party and have fun in a decent way.

  Afterall, majority of her years on earth had been filled with sadness, living with her step mother was like living in hell , she was told her mother died when she was three.

  Perharps, she would be able to have some smile on her face this night, while she was inside, seated on her bed, the door creaked open and Della appeared.

  "Sallie, we will be leaving by 10PM, make sure you look sexy, " she said with a smile and walked away.

  Sallie could not remember the last time she saw a smile on her step-sister's face? her step-sister and her step-mother treats her with so much hatred, it's surprising to see her step-sister smile, was she changing?

  She sighed and stood, since she was already bathed, she went to her wardrobe and wore a baggy jean and a sweatshirt, she wore an oversized white boot.

  She was only going there to watch not necessarily to participate in whatever was going on so her dress does not really matter much to her.

  Just as she was about to sit back, the door opened and Dally appeared again, she covered her mouth to control the laughter that was bubbling in her stomach, " Don't tell me you are wearing this to a party?"

  Sallie looked at herself and faced Dally, "Is anything wrong with this?"

  Dally even laughed more, " We are going to a night party not inside the moon, your clothes are heavy, " Dolly shook her head and began to search her wardrobe, she saw a short pink gown and smiled at herself.

  She turned and showed it to Sallie, "how about this?"

  "Seems transparent and... it's short, " she said.

  "It's not so transparent, though, wear this, " she threw the cloth to Sallie.

  Sallie's eye fell on the gown, would she be wearing this to a night party? this would make her naturally seduce men?

  "Is it a females only party?" sally questioned.

  "Stop acting like a kid, get dressed quick, we shouldn't get late, " Dally said.

  Sallie wasn't willing to so she said, "I'm fine this way, if I can not go with this, then I better stay, " she sat back.

  Dally was angry at her obstinate behaviour but she really needed her to follow her to the party so she smiled, " Sallie, majority of people there are actually males, the males there are my good friends, no one will hurt you, I just want you to have fun, "

  Sallie sighed and took one more look at the short gown, she wished to go to the party, at least, to make her heart light.

  "I'll join you outside, then, " Sallie said, Dally understood that she meant that she wouldn't change into a new dress in her presence, she walked out.

  Dally waited in the living room and in a minute, Sallie walked out in a short gown but was still putting on the oversized boot, Dally didn't want to talk about her dressings anymore, Sally going to the party is actually more important than the dressings.

  Dally forced a smile out, there was a bentley waiting for them at the entrance of the house, Dally ensured that Sally entered before she walked in.

  Sally was nervous, she did not know what her sister was up to, but above all, she promised herself to be careful.

  Once they arrived at the party, Dally and Sally walked inside the large room that was blazing with blue lights, Sally saw that men were just as much as women, she thought if all these men were actually a friend to her sister.

  Dally lead Sally to a table, they both sat, Sally watched as people danced on the stage, she was smiling at herself, she also gazed around the exquisite room.

  'Such a beautiful place,' sally thought to herself, someone appeared before Sally, Sally saw that it was one of the staffs of the party, the young lady was carrying a tray that had glasses of wine in her hand.

  She placed a cup containing a wine before Sally gently, the young lady was on a welcoming smile and her dress was white and blue, same with all workers there.

  "Is it alcoholic?" Sally asked, she wasn't found of drinking alcohol.

  "It's not alcoholic, it's a soft and delicious drink, " the young lady placed another cup containing wine before Dally and walked away.

  Dally drank hers at a gulp, Sally saw that and took hers in too, her vision became blurry immediately.

  Thought the young lady that just served her said the the drink is not alcoholic?

  She could hardly control the movements of her body, she felt as if her body became heavier, she tried to speak to Dally for help but she only knew her mouth was opening, she had no control over what she was saying.

  Dally looked at Sallie staggering on the chair and she smiled at herself, there is no better time to destroy her sister's life than this day.

  She helped Sallie up and placed her right hand on her shoulder, she dragged her into one of the rooms that was outside of the main room where the party was being held, she placed her on the bed and then made a call, " Hello, she's set, don't forget to release your seed inside her, "

  She then walked out and went to the room that was opposite, she had heard that the popularar business mogule, Mr. Willard would be attending the party and would be lodging inside a room, she confirmed the room to be 'room 106,' it was the room directly opposite the room her sister was.

  She sneaked in and ensured she was naked.

  'Mr. Willard would not be able to resist himself when he sees her nakedness, who wouldn't want to carry Mr. Willard's baby? it's the easiest way to become Mrs. Williard,' she thought gladly to herself.

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