Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Feiyang, when will you arrive? I..." Today was the marriage engagement between Ji Xian and Fu Feiyang. She wore a pink knee-length skirt and held a bag, waiting at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Ji Xian, we can't get married anymore."

She was stunned for a moment and stammered, "What's wrong? I..."


A flirty voice sounded on the other end of the line, and Ji Xian was stunned.

"I'm sorry."

Fu Feiyang responded in a hurry and instantly hung up the phone. 

Hah... so he was with some other woman. That woman even talked to him flirtatiously. And yet he promised to marry her today?

It was utterly absurd and ridiculous!

Her phone rang again. She picked up the phone, and Tong Xue's loud voice resounded, "Ji Xian, what the f*ck, I just got the news that Fu Feiyang, the heartless man, is going to marry a rich and beautiful woman abroad. Yet he coaxed you to marry you... Hello, Ji Xian... Ji Xian?"

Seeing that there was no response, Tong Xue checked her phone in a hurry, "Hey, did you faint after hearing the news?"

Ji Xian was boiling with anger!

She gritted her teeth and asked, "Tong Xue, didn't you want to introduce your husband's colleagues to me before?"

Tong Xue was stunned for a moment, and finally said, "Of course, if you're interested..."

"Could you arrange a date for me? I'll go there right now!"

As soon as she hung up the phone, another phone call came. Ji Xian saw the three words flashing on the screen, and she clenched her teeth.

"Hey, Mom, I..."

"Ji Xian, tell me. Did Feiyang, that b*stard, just break up with you?" 

Goo Honghui's voice resounded directly without allowing her any chance to interrupt. "Don't try to deceive me. Fu Feiyang was said to have found a wealthy girl abroad. He wants to dump you and marry that woman right away!"

Ji Xian was anxious and uncomfortable, "Mom, I..."

"I don't care. You come back right now. My friend said that she would introduce you to another guy. He was married once but without a child. Also, he has a great income. He will treat you well if you marry him..."


"Don't call me your mom. I'm too ashamed to go out because of this. Do you know what our neighbors have been saying to me? What's wrong with having a second marriage? At least, the man won't dump you publicly before the marriage. Besides, your brother is going to study abroad soon. Since Fu Feiyang can't afford to pay his tuition fee, why don't you just give him up..."

Goo Honghui's voice began to tremble as soon as she finished her remarks, "Ji Xian, come back home now. No, why don't you wait in the Civil Affairs Bureau? If someone else has their eyes on you, you should marry him right away. Don't come back and make a fool of yourself!"

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