Chapter One :Chapter 1

"I-It hurts! P-Please, let me go?" tearfully commanded of the woman held by Cobra's soldiers.

She is Christine Alcantara. She is the woman his father chose that he should marry.

According to his father, she was smart and vague. Sober daughter of a powerless businessman that is already losing money.

That bastard requested his father for benefit and Christine was the payment.

Cobra Escobar doesn't have any problem with who he should marry. The throne that he was desiring for is the most important thing for him.

That Christine was the only way to becoming a full-fledged mafia lord. If she carries his child in her womb, her duty is over after she gives birth.

"Welcome to my world, Christine!" he grinned at her.

He is currently sitting in a large royal chair like a monarch while smoking a cigarette. In his left hand, he was bearing the whiskey glass filled with wine.

"W-Who are you? W-What do you need? W-Why did you bring me here?" Stress mirrored on the woman's innocent face.

Cobra firmly mashed the cigarette he was holding at the ashtray that was on the center table. After that, he stood up and strolled onward. Only the noise of his footsteps could be heard in the room.

"You must be mistaken, Woman. I don't need you. Your clan is the one who needs me.

Your father's company is suffering bankruptcy and the one who helped him is my father. In return, your father sold you to me."

"W-What an absurdity?! D-Dad and Mom can't do the gibberish you said!" she yelled.

She warped and forced herself out of his soldiers' grasp.

Slowly, Cobra stepped closer and brought his face closer to hers. The span between them was only inches.

Christine's eyes became naughty as if wanting to avoid his stares contrary to Cobra's mood. He was delighted seeing the fear on her face.

"Don't worry, baby ... I won't bite you," he whispered in her ear.

His index finger drove to her face and then he let out his tongue as if like a hungry animal that wanted to devour the dreadful woman.

"S-Stay away!" There was disgust in her expression.

Devilish laughter went like a bat out of hell in the whole room.

"There's nothing you can do. You're my woman now and you have nothing else to do but follow everything I decree. If you violate my orders ..." He pointed his index finger at her like a gun ...

"Bang! You will die."

Cobra Escobar, the prince of the Elapids And Vipers. A big organization of mafias.

Russel Escobar, his father, is the one who currently leads the organization.

Meanwhile, Black Escobar better known as Black Mamba, Cobra's half-brother is his rival in the position he wants.

So, after his Dad notified him that he has to marry and have a child with the woman in front of him, he didn't hesitate.

"Did you want to say something before we get married?" his frigid question before he consumed the glass of whiskey he was holding.

Even though he can see the fear and confusion on Christine's face, she still managed to grin at him as if she had a bullet prepared to counterattack the man.

"W-What do you need from me?" she asked.

"Your fucking pussy and our future child. That's all I need. Let's have sex and give me a child. After that, I'll set you free."

The woman laughed sarcastically.

"D-Did you think you gained a victory?" Her voice was trembling but she tried to hide it.

Cobra faced her and snagged her waggish eyes.

"What do you mean?"

She cracked up again.

"Don't you know that I'm a slut woman? In one night, three or more men can have sex with me," she spoke out wearing her serious expression.

Cobra was stunned. He is the type of man who doesn't like a woman who is already fucked by others but he is also not the type of man who is quick to believe what other people say.

“You’re lying. Please improve your acting skill next time so you can fool me."

He was calm but deep inside him, there was doubt. Cobra can’t read Christine’s expressions. He doesn't even know if she's telling the truth or if it's just her way for him to escape.

"Y-You don't want to believe me? A-All right, marry me! D-Do you think my life is the one that will be ravaged as we get married? I'm a whore! And the truth is, I don't have the ability to have a child. I'm barren! You can get nothing from me!"

The man's jaw jerked because of the extreme tension. If Christine was telling the truth, isn't his father the one who was deceiving him? Did Russel mean to choose this woman so he wouldn’t get the position?

Cobra gripped Christine's jaw tightly. The pain draws on her face because of what he did.

"Christine ... By the time I find out that you lied, unbearable and repeated punishment you'll taste from me! Do you enunciate you had sex with three or more men in one night? Well, my ten soldiers are going to rape you when I find out you're fooling me! " She gulped hard as if terrified of what he declared.

"Take this woman to my room! I'll check her hole to see if it's true that many men have used her!"

Two men in black suits bowed to him before they dragged Christine into his room. Angrily, he refilled his glass with wine again and drank it straight.

"I won't allow Black to be the leader of the organization! He's just the son of my father to her mistress and nothing has been proven yet! I have more experience and rights than him!"

He sipped a few more glasses of wine again before following the men who had brought Christine. She was still fighting back with his soldiers when he entered.

"Let me go! I'll put you all in jail! I will make sure that all of you will rot in jail!"

She stopped shouting as she noticed the man standing in front of the doorway.

Cobra loosened the tie of his shirt and then simply combed his hair with his long fingers.

"Leave us."

His followers let her go and they immediately went out the door. Christine even tried to run out but he quickly captured her arm.

"Where are you going?" he asked emphatically.

She tried to wipe his grip but the man had no intention to let her go.

"Take your hand off me!" He snickered.

"Why do you seem so scared? I assumed you had nothing to lose?"

Cobra tossed her on the soft bed. She bounced as he forcefully threw her there.

"Remember this, Christine. I won't be nice to you. I don't care if you're slut or barren! You're the only way for me to get the Mafia Lord's throne!"

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