Chapter One :Chapter 1

Try being the youngest sister to six older controlling brothers, all of whom are alphas. Life can be difficult. I would never have even thought of having a boyfriend or getting out on a date. Most girls played with dolls and tea sets. Not me, because my brothers wanted to wrestle, kick, and fight from a young age.

The boys taught me to kick anyone's butt from here to China. It was just as enjoyable in high school. My brothers, who are closest to me in age, always monitor me, and if they can not do that, then their friends take care of it.

For me, escaping becomes second nature. In the event they were determined to watch my every move, I would give them reasons to do so. In response, I begin skipping classes and flooding the boys' bathroom with toilet paper. I begin dressing sexily in class. As a result, I would ask my brothers' friends out in a sexy manner. I have a blast until the Alpha

my oldest brother

assigns me a bodyguard.

As I look at him impishly, I say, "I can outsmart you, Wolf." Besides ditching him, I go to the mall with my friends and skip school. You're probably wondering how my grades were. It's no problem, I'm a genius and I don't have to study to be on the honor roll.

In the mall, I get caught by all six of my brothers. Cameron, my oldest brother, picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I laugh as I wave goodbye to my friends. I watch as my friends gawk at my brothers. I know some of my friends are in love with them. My brothers wave to my friends after they say goodbye.

As I turn 16, I am so excited to finally attend highschool by myself, as my two brothers who are still in highschool are graduating this year. There is no such luck. The Alpha tells the school to test me out, and I am also graduating from highschool, and I will attend the same University my brothers are planning to attend.

Moon Goddess, what have I done wrong?

The brothers I have are hypocrites. Females are constantly revolving through their bedrooms. They usually last about a week with my brothers, and then the breakup occurs.

While growing up, I learn to hate the way my brothers treat the girls they date. My brothers use girls for their own sexual appetite. It's true that the girls throw themselves at them, but that doesn't mean they want to be treated like dirt. Thus, I already knew all the lines that men used to get what they desired, paying no attention to the girls' feelings. Claire does not want a love life, or a destined mate. Instead, she would make her own destiny.

I find I love the university; I have more freedom without my brothers being able to look over my shoulders 24/7. This is because of my brothers having totally separate classes than me and the campus is huge.

I could now venture out and flirt, sit with a guy at lunch if I want to. I am not looking for a guy mind you; it is that I could now do it without my six brothers interfering.

I still don't date. Every guy I talk to would use the same lines my brothers used with females to get sex. I am worth more than that, so I just don't date.

Some men at the university don't give up on the flirting inappropriately. I would finally teach the guys a lesson by getting him in a death grip until he passes out. I would then go on my merry way.

The University of course calls my oldest brother and states I need to attend anger management classes. I would explain to my brother about the inappropriate advances, and he would high five me, for kicking the guy's butt. The Dean would look upset, so my brother would pretend to be disappointed at me.

Having turned 20 years old, I already had a master's degree. My oldest brother, Cameron, finds his mate, sadly his mate has a hard time in the beginning of the relationship because he has been a male whore. His mate is constantly crying. It would get better after my brother grovels a lot for forgiveness. Seriously! I don't need or want that kind of life! My brother unknowingly creates cynic as far as love is concerned.

Having decided for a long time that I would succeed all on my own, I would not fall for any of this. The moon goddess has already doomed her, so she would meet someone with Alpha blood as her mate, and they are the worst to be male whores. She is of Alpha blood herself, so her mate would be of Alpha blood as well.

I have planned out how my life's goals are going to be. First, I would work for the family security company. This security firm operates in a human city. I am excited to live there; I have grown tired of my brothers using pack wolves as spies. Perhaps I could be myself

whoever that is

among humans.

I create a new look at my family's company. I don't want to appear attractive; I slick my hair into a bun and put on thick-framed glasses. I wear a long gray suit skirt. I am totally rocking the library geek look.

I apply at the programmers department and the geeks have accepted me as I have been top of my class in the University. It elates me to be here with them. They hire me on my knowledge without my brothers’ help.

I lie to the interviewer, stating that my middle name is Ann and my last name is Calderon. I edit my school transcripts with that name. I am aware of the deceit. My goal is to be successful or fail according to merit, not based on who my family and I are.

After a couple of weeks of working at the company, I feel triumphant that my brothers haven't discovered me. As I am reviewing codes for various software systems at work, I hum in total glee; I feel free to make my own choices. It is so refreshing that only one of the other four geeks working with me is a wolf. The other three are humans.

It turns out that the wolf’s name is Jackson, and he’s also a geek in the pack. I would guess that Jackson is about six years older than I am. He has a mate and four pups. On his desk, Jackson keeps photos of them.

From the show the three stooges, I nickname the other three guys

"Moe, Larry, and Curly"

for their comic timing and awkward mannerisms. Initially, the guys grimaces when I call them their pet names. But eventually, they get used to it.

While typing away at my desk, I notice the guys stand up quickly and respectfully, you would think they are all wolves, and the Alpha steps in, which isn't possible because three of the four guys are human and know nothing of our kind. I look at them and Jackson tries to have his eyes point behind me. I turn around and my mouth drops open. Why am I cursed moon goddess?

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