Chapter One :Chapter 1

This winter, Jin City was exceptionally cold.


The sound was extremely obvious on this silent winter.

“Oh my god! Mrs Fu and Miss Zhao fall into the water!” Someone shouted.

Lin Wanbai, the only daughter of the Lin family, is Mrs Fu they called.

Fu Liangchuan, Lin’s husband always believed that the Lin family had killed his father and elder brother, as well as made him almost lost his life.

Water gushed into her throat, and Lin Wanbai struggled with all her might.

As a blind, her scare was intensified in the water.

And it was winter, and the water was bone-chilling.

In just a few seconds, her hands and feet were frozen, and her movements started to slow.

Another splash sounded, and someone jumped in.

There were a series of gasps on the shore.

"Did Mr. Fu jump in?"

"Oh my god! He's saving Miss Zhao!"

Shouts came into Lin Wanbai's ears, and pain filled her heart.

She finally lost consciousness.


Why did she fall into the water?

Twenty minutes ago.

The atmosphere was tense at the entrance of the Fu Mansion.

Lin Wanbai's black hair fell casually on her shoulders with silks covering her eyes to avoid light. As a blind, she had almost lost her sight and was afraid of light.

Lin Wanbai said coldly, "Zhao Siman, you have no right to stop me from meeting my son."

The woman in front of her was a delicate noblewoman. She wore a pink jade bracelet on her wrist, a gift from Fu Liangchuan that he got at an auction for ten million yuan.

Zhao Siman smiled gently. "Liangchuan will be unhappy."

Hearing Zhao Siman mentioning her husband intimately, Lin Wanbai clenched her fists by her sides and said, "Must you force me?"

Zhao Siman lowered her head and whispered into Lin Wanbai's ear, "How am I forcing you? It's for your good. Liangchuan's father and brother died because of you, and he hates you. Why trouble yourself by asking to see the child?"

Even if Lin Wanbai couldn't see Zhao Siman's face, she could hear the malice in her voice.

Lin Wanbai bit her lips. "Their death has nothing to do with my family!"

Zhao Siman tidied her hair, pushing it to her ear as she looked at Lin Wanbai. "Only your father touched the car on the day of the incident. Who will believe you even if you explain it 10,000 times?"

All of a sudden, Lin Wanbai froze.

Zhao Siman was right. Even if she didn't think that her father would kill people, Fu Liangchuan would refuse to believe her.

Lin Wanbai reached out to push her. "Believe it or not, but it has nothing to do with you. Let me go."

After all, Lin Wanbai couldn't see, and Zhao Siman could dodge her moves easily. However, Zhao Siman didn't.

She noticed Fu Liangchuan coming over. She smirked, grabbed Lin Wanbai's hand, and pulled it to the side.

Zhao Siman was tactful. Everyone saw that Lin Wanbai reached out to push Zhao Siman.

Under Lin Wanbai's astonished expression...

The two fell into the pond together.