Terms of use
  • FoxNovel Application Service Agreement(hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is a comic book world developer (hereinafter referred to as "we") and you have entered into matters relating to the installation and use of the "Manga World" software (hereinafter referred to as "Manga World" or "The Software"). Valid contract. By clicking to confirm this Agreement or otherwise choose to accept this Agreement, you represent that you have reached an agreement with us and agree to accept all of the following terms of this Agreement.
    1. Please read and understand all the rights and restrictions set forth in this Agreement carefully. By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the Software, you will be deemed to have accepted this Agreement, and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. You are responsible for downloading our products from the sites designated by the developer of the FoxNovel and obtaining the software on the media we distribute, otherwise we will not be held liable for any possible risks and losses.
  • Second, the rights statement
    1. The FoxNovel developer is the copyright owner of the "Manga World" software, all intellectual property rights of the software, and all information related to us, including but not limited to textual expressions and combinations, icons, ornaments, images, graphics , color, interface design, layout framework, related data, add-ons, printed materials or electronic documents are all owned by the FoxNovel developers, protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties and other intellectual property laws and regulations.
    2. Without the written consent of the FoxNovel developer, the user shall not implement, use, transfer or license any third party to implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights for any for-profit or non-profit purpose. The FoxNovel developer reserves the above account. The right to act without permission.
    3. Reverse engineering, reverse compilation and reverse assembly are prohibited: Users may not reverse engineer (Reverse Engineer), reverse compile (Decompile) or reverse assemble (Disassemble) on this software product, and must not modify the compiled in the program file. Any resources inside. In addition to the laws and regulations expressly permitting the above activities, users must comply with this agreement.
    4. Component segmentation: The software product is licensed for use as a whole product, and the user may not separate the parts for any purpose.
    5. Individual Authorization: For commercial sales, reproduction, distribution, including but not limited to software sales, pre-installation, bundling, etc., you must obtain written authorization and permission from the FoxNovel developer.
    6. Retention rights: All other rights not expressly authorized by this Agreement are still owned by the FoxNovel developer. Users must obtain our written consent when using other rights.
    7. The comic content provided by this software only represents the author's own position and viewpoint. It has nothing to do with the FoxNovel developer, and the author assumes all legal responsibilities.
  • Third, about payment
    1. FoxNovel is free software, you can download, copy, install and use the software in a non-commercial, unlimited number.
    2. The traffic charges generated during the download and use of the FoxNovel are collected by the operator. For details, please consult the local operator.
    3. The comics provided by FoxNovel are officially authorized by the copyright holders of the works. You need to pay a small fee for reading some comics and contents. You need to pay for the comics and contents. The FoxNovel will give you clear tips on the relevant pages. If you do not agree to pay for reading, please click Cancel or Return, FoxNovel Developer does not charge any fees.
  • Fourth, your rights and obligations
    1. You have the right to log in through the FoxNovel and use the FoxNovel account. You will be able to start using the FoxNovel Account after carefully reading and fully understanding the contents of this Agreement and clicking agree to this Agreement.
    2. By clicking and agreeing to this agreement, you accept the existing functions and rules of the FoxNovel account, and also agree that the FoxNovel developer has the right to directly modify the functions and rules of the FoxNovel account without the user's consent or advance notice. upgrade.
    3. Please keep your account information properly and assume full legal responsibility for all actions taken under this account. Do not disclose account or password information to any third party.
    4. Please ensure that you have legal rights to all content produced, copied, uploaded, published and distributed on the FoxNovel account platform. If the content you publish causes a dispute or infringes the legal rights of any third party, you must bear all the laws. responsibility.
    All content that you create, copy, upload, publish, and distribute during the process of using the FoxNovel account, including but not limited to account avatar, name, user description, registration information and other materials, as well as text, voice, and pictures. Contents, messages, comments, and related links sent in the form of videos, graphics, graphics, comics, etc., must not contain content prohibited by the following laws, regulations, and policies:
    (1) Information containing sexual descriptions or sexual cues and other vulgar content;
    (2) Harassment information, spam and advertisements;
    (3) Personal information or personal data that involves the privacy of others;
    (4) Infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as the right to reputation, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.;
    (5) Content that interferes with the normal operation of the FoxNovel and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties.
    6. In order to ensure the interests of the FoxNovel account and users, please do not perform the following actions during the process of using the FoxNovel account:
    (1) The registration information such as account name, avatar and profile has illegal or bad information;
    (2) pretending to register the account information in the name of a social celebrity or organization;
    (3) Unauthorized use of the FoxNovel developer's website name, company name, trademark, business logo, web page layout or content, or other information or materials that are enjoyed by the FoxNovel developer's intellectual property or rights.
    (4) Engage in illegal and criminal activities using the FoxNovel account platform and account;
    (5) Other acts in violation of this Agreement or the supplemental agreement of this Agreement.
    7. You are obligated to ensure the authenticity, legality, completeness and validity of the information provided. For example, the developer of the FoxNovel has failed to contact you according to the information you provided, or you have not provided the information or provided it in time according to our requirements. The information is not true, we will deal with it according to the relevant rules, and you should bear all the losses and adverse consequences caused to you and us.
    8. When using products or services provided by third parties, in addition to complying with the provisions of this agreement, you should also abide by the third-party user agreement. FoxNovel developers and third parties may dispute the possible disputes within the scope of legal provisions and agreements. Each bears responsibility.
    9. If you violate the law or the provisions of this agreement cause breach of contract or infringe the legitimate rights and interests of a third party, you shall be responsible for solving it. If the loss is caused to the developer of the FoxNovel, we have the right to recover from you all the losses suffered, including direct losses, indirect losses, and expected loss of profits.
  • Fifth, The rights and obligations of the FoxNovel developers
    1. The FoxNovel developer reserves the right to modify and upgrade the FoxNovel at any time based on the actual operation of the FoxNovel and the needs of the network environment.
    2. In the process of using the FoxNovel, you violate the provisions of this article and cause damage to the FoxNovel developer company. We have the right to take measures including, but not limited to, discontinuing the use of the license, stopping the provision of services, restricting use, and legal investigation.
    3. The FoxNovel developer is not obligated to supervise your use of the FoxNovel. However, we reserve the right to suspend your use of the FoxNovel at any time, without notice and for any reason.
  • 6. Restrictions on liability and liability
    You understand and agree that the FoxNovel developer will not be liable for damages if the FoxNovel is not functioning properly, including but not limited to:
    Due to force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blackouts, wars, terrorist attacks, etc., the company's system obstacles cannot perform business.
    Service interruption or delay due to hacking, technical adjustments or failures in the telecommunications sector, website upgrades, banking issues, etc.
    The FoxNovel developer does not guarantee that the FoxNovel will not be interrupted or error-free. It does not guarantee that we will correct all the defects of the FoxNovel, nor will we guarantee that the FoxNovel will meet all your needs.
    If you are not satisfied with any part of the FoxNovel or any part of this article, your only and total solution is to stop using the FoxNovel.
  • 7. You agree that the conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the resolution of the dispute shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China. Since the developer of the FoxNovel has disputed with you about the signing, performance or interpretation of this clause, both parties should endeavor to resolve it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party can file a lawsuit in the People's Court where the FoxNovel developer is located.
  • 8. If any provision of these Terms is incomplete or partially invalid for any reason, or is in violation of any applicable law, the Terms are deemed to be deleted, but the remaining provisions of the Terms shall remain valid and binding. force.
  • Thank you for using the FoxNovel reading software. If you have any questions about the content of our agreement, please contact us at FoxNovel.report@gmail.com