Chapter One :Chapter 1

In a noisy bar alley, a black shadow suddenly leaped down from the other side of the wall. With a loud thud, the shadow fell to the ground, and they let out a muffled groan.

Blood dripped down from his black sleeves and to the ground. Liang Shaojing's handsome facial features were twisted due to the pain, yet he quickly hid amidst the darkness.

"Where did he go? He's injured, and he can't run too far. Let's split up!"

Several voices were heard not too far away from him, and soon, everything returned to silence.

Liang Shaojing heaved a sigh of relief.

The excessive loss of blood made him feel a little dizzy. He also lost his phone. Thus, he had no choice but to rest here for a while before leaving the place.

Right then, with a creak, the back door to the bar was pushed open. Xiao Yuke helped Xiao Nianwei get out of the bar.

After glancing around and confirming that no one else was around, she tossed Xiao Nianwei aside. Coincidentally, Xiao Nianwei crashed onto Liang Shaojing.

The pain made him widen his eyes like two daggers being shot out. Although he could not see Xiao Yuke's face in the darkness, Liang Shaojing's anger spread out amidst the night sky.

Xiao Yuke felt a chill running down her spine as if someone was staring at her. She felt a little afraid.

Wrapping her arms around her body, she took out her phone and said in a low voice, "I've spiked her drink, and she's in the back alley now. Get someone over and get it done."

After ending the call, Xiao Yuke did intend to stay and watch, but the unknown object in the dark made her shiver out of fear. She shuddered and turned around to walk away. After all, she knew there was no way Xiao Nianwei could get out of this situation.

After Xiao Yuke ran away, Liang Shaojing withdrew his anger. However, the faint scent in the air made him feel a little concerned.

Was she drugged?

He frowned and tried to shove Xiao Nianwei away, but he heard her murmuring,

"Hot... I feel so hot..."

Xiao Nianwei felt like she was burning on charcoal. The heat was insufferable, and she felt thirsty.

She wanted to drink some water, she wanted...

Xiao Nianwei tugged at her own shirt as her hands started clasping and wandering across Liang Shaojing's wounded body. She even tried to tug open his buttons forcefully.

Liang Shaojing's expression darkened.

"Get away from me!"

He tried to shove her away, but he heard a series of footsteps coming near them.

"Beauty, where are you? Come on and let us have fun together. Guys, I'll go first, and you'll get to have a taste later."


Liang Shaojing could hear four or five evil laughter approaching him.

Liang Shaojing's brows furrowed.

He could not let these guys discover him!

With his injuries and identity, the consequences of being spotted by these people would be unbearable.

Liang Shaojing immediately stood up, but Xiao Nianwei had already clasped onto his body like an octopus, with her limbs wrapped around his neck and waist. He could not get rid of her.

"Give it to me. I want water! Your body makes me feel cool. Ah~"

Xiao Nianwei had long lost her consciousness. Her mind was now under the drug's influence, and she instinctively looked out for an antidote to quench her thirst.

A stream of heat rushed up to Liang Shaojing's head. Although calm, he was still aroused by Xiao Nianwei's unintended touches and grazes.

It was too late for him to toss Xiao Nianwei away. Hence, he hooked an arm around her waist and leaped up the wall with her before hopping down to the nearest alley.

After exerting all the strength he had saved up until that moment, Liang Shaojing could only let him and Xiao Nianwei fall to the ground like two broken dolls. Unfortunately, Xiao Nianwei ended up crushing on top of him.

Liang Shaojing almost passed out due to the intense pain. Before he could react, a tearing sound was heard as Xiao Nianwei ripped open his shirt and pressed her lips on his bare, firm chest.

"How dare you!"

Liang Shaojing's expression darkened. He raised his arm and waved it at Xiao Nianwei. But Liang Shaojing had lost too much blood.

"Don't move! Babe, I'm not rude."Xiao Nianwei whispered near his right ear.

Xiao Nianwei had lost her consciousness, and she needed something to quench the terrible feeling in her body. After sensing someone was about to punch her, she subconsciously raised her arm and blocked Liang Shaojing's arm. Just like that, she used her free hand and unbuckled Liang Shaojing's belt before tying it around his wrists.

Her movements were fast and accurate, without giving Liang Shaojing any chance to resist. When he came back to his senses, his hands were already tied together by Xiao Nianwei.

"This woman tied him with his own belt!"

Liang Shaojing was infuriated. If it weren't for his excessive blood loss, he would never let an unknown woman get hold of him when he was the well-known Mr. Liang of Ocean City, the CEO of Liang Group!

"Woman! You'd better let me go now, or I'll make you pay for this!"

Liang Shaojing's angry yelling was to no avail. Before he could say anything else, Xiao Nianwei sealed his lips with her hot lips, and he immediately felt a cooling sensation in his lower body.

That made Liang Shaojing burn in anger.

It was humiliating. Xiao Nianwei was riding Liang Shaojing as if she was on a horse.


After a steamy exchange, Liang Shaojing's body gave up, and he blacked out with anger and unwillingness.

After a long while, Xiao Nianwei was finally awakened by a gust of cold wind.

She shook her head, feeling the severe pain in her head. She was about to stand up when she felt warmth in her lower body.

Xiao Nianwei looked up and felt as if lightning had struck her body.

She was...

"How could you! You monster!"

Xiao Nianwei angrily slapped Liang Shaojing in the face. The slap was so strong that it made her arm a little numb, but there was no reaction from the man lying on the ground.

His face was as pale as paper, and her finger marks on his face were obvious.

"You animal!"

Xiao Nianwei quickly got dressed and was about to call the police.

She searched through all her pockets in frustration but failed to find her phone.

Suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind.

Earlier that evening, her sister, Xiao Yuke, called her and told her that some random guy had kept her captivated in a bar. She told Xiao Nianwei to bring some money to set her free.

Xiao Nianwei went to the bar, but that guy refused to let Xiao Yuke go unless Xiao Nianwei finished a whole bottle of beer.

Xiao Nianwei drank the beer, but she soon realized this was a trap. The weird reaction in her body made her want to turn around and escape, but her sister tugged her hair and knocked her out.

Although she could not remember what happened next, Xiao Nianwei still figured out the most critical event.

She was drugged!

Was this man before her the one whom she took advantage of?

Xiao Niawei was in a daze as she tried to process this, but she could not accept the reality no matter what.

Staring at the man before her, she noticed he was dressed in a delicate outfit that did not seem to be affordable by ordinary people.

Did she slap some big shot?

There seemed to be a voice flashing in Xiao Nianwei's mind that said, "Woman! You'd better not do this! Or I'll make you pay for this!"

Her face turned pale, but her heart was broken.

She had lost her virginity. Was she still worthy of Shaoze's love?

Xiao Nianwei bit her lips, and the smell of rust filled her mouth.

The look in her eyes darkened.

Xiao Yuke, way to go!

Xiao Nianwei glanced at Liang Shaojing, who was still unconscious, and then she noticed the pool of blood on his lower body.

Was he dead?

Was she too aggressive with him that...

Xiao Nianwei nervously reached out to feel his breathing. His weak breathing made her feel more relieved, but she still hurriedly got up and ran away.

She had to find a phone and call for an ambulance!

She could not let this man die.