Chapter One :Chapter 1


With the heavy closing of the iron door behind him, Yan Chen threw the shabby luggage bag on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

This was the first breath of free air he had breathed since he had been locked up in Longxi Prison for three years.

"Xiangzhou, I'm back. Dad, Mom, Sister, I'm back!"

Standing in the empty place outside the prison and looking up in the direction of the distant city of Xiang, he did not feel the joy of regaining freedom. Instead, there was a trace of heaviness and hatred in his heart!

There was no one at the prison gate. He should have come to pick up his parents, but he didn't see any of them.

He let out a long sigh of relief. He knew that his parents must be busy setting up stalls to make money again.

If they were delayed for a day, they would make less money. This was an unbearable loss for the family, who used to have a hard life.

He touched the leather bag on his waist and let out a long sigh of relief.

This leather bag was inexplicably obtained by him in prison. There were nine seven-inch-long golden needles in it.

"You didn't expect that I would come out alive and wake up, did you?"

He seemed to have thought of something. Yan Chen's angular face gradually became gloomy and distorted. His eyes looked extremely sharp, like two sharp knives!

I'm no longer the weak, timid, and timid young man I used to be. I've obtained the supreme medical inheritance of the Yan Sect. I'll find those people and those things one day.

He secretly swore in his heart. In addition to the gloom on his face, there was also a kind of firm confidence.

After three years of prison life, he had honed his patience, tenacity, and calm temperament.

Although his mood was ups and downs at this time, he still looked calm and indifferent on the outside. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and there was a hint of cynicalness in his eyes.

After a moment of silence, he walked to the bus stop not far away.

As soon as he took a few steps, he suddenly heard the sound of a sudden motorcycle. A shabby motorcycle stopped in front of him with black smoke rising from it.

There was a fat man sitting in the car. His black clothes were covered with oil, and he could smell the smell of oil from a distance.

Before the fat man took off his helmet, Yan Chen recognized him and shouted in surprise, "Luo Jun? Why are you here?"

This was his childhood friend who grew up with him. It was also the only friend he had ever visited after he entered prison, Luo Jun.

The fat man's head was too big, and his helmet was stuck, so he couldn't take it off for a while. Hearing this, he simply put it back and said anxiously, "Get in the car quickly. I hope it's not too late!"

Yan Chen was stunned and asked in confusion, "What do you mean it's not too late?"

"A few days ago, your father rode a BMW and bumped into a BMW. He was so anxious that he fainted and was sent to the central hospital for emergency treatment. But this morning, the hospital suddenly issued a notice of critical illness... If Lil Yun hadn't told me that you were released from prison today and asked me to pick you up, I... Hey, hurry up and get in the car..."

Luo Jun looked very anxious and stammered.

But Yan Chen still understood. He was shocked and jumped on the motorcycle. He said in a hurry, "Take me to the hospital quickly."

Luo Jun's motorbike roared as it sped toward the city of Xiang.

In the corridor of the emergency room of the Boren Hospital stood a few men in white coats, all of whom looked nervous.

A woman in her forties and an eighteen-year-old girl hugged each other tightly and cried sadly.

Yan Chen rushed into the hospital anxiously. When he saw the two of them, he immediately ran over.

They were his mother, Li Feng'e, and his younger sister, Yan Xiaoyun.

In just three years, her mother, who was only in her early forties, was gray-haired and had a bent back.

He held back his sadness, looked at his mother and sister, and asked anxiously, "Mom, little sister, how is my father?"

When the woman saw Yan Chen, there was a glimmer of joy in her eyes, but it soon faded away.

"Chenzi, you're finally back. Your father... he... he may not be able to resist it..."

She said a few words with difficulty, and then choked with sorrow.


Yan Xiaoyun let out a cry, and her eyes were also filled with tears. The sadness in her heart covered up the joy of the reunion of her brother and sister.

Suddenly, a cold and arrogant young man's voice came. "Make way, make way, Director Du is here..."

Hearing this voice, Yan Chen's whole body trembled, and a trace of hostility flashed in his eyes. He turned his head and looked at the other end of the corridor.

Several young men in white coats followed a serious-looking, gray-haired old man wearing glasses and suits, striding toward them.

A doctor in his forties breathed a sigh of relief and said in an admiring tone, "Director Du is here. There is hope!"

When the doctors in the corridor saw him, they seemed to be relieved and watched the old man enter the emergency room.

Yan Chen didn't know Director Du, but he soon locked his eyes on a young man behind the old man and narrowed his eyes slightly.

This person was called Ye Yifan. Even if he turned into ashes, he would still be able to recognize him!

Ye Yifan didn't seem to see him. With an arrogant look, he followed a few young doctors into the emergency room with Dean Du.

He suppressed the excitement in his heart, withdrew his cold eyes, and looked at his mother and sister.

At this time, Luo Jun ran in breathlessly and stood beside Yan Chen.

"Brother... Father..."

With tears in her eyes, Yan Xiaoyun looked at Yan Chen pitifully and slowly leaned over.

Yan Chen slowly reached out his hand, gently rubbed her head, and said, "It's okay. I'm here."

Although this kind of comfort was pale and powerless, Yan Xiaoyun suddenly felt that with her brother around, their father might really be fine.

But the truth was not what she wanted. The light in the emergency room went out, and the door slowly opened. The old man who had just entered came out with a serious face.

"Doctor, how is my husband?"

Li Feng'e suddenly pounced on him and asked anxiously.

Ye Zifan, who was beside Dean Du, frowned and showed a look of disgust. He quickly stepped forward to stop her and said coldly, "What are you doing?"

Dean Du glanced at her indifferently and said indifferently, "We have tried our best!"

In the hospital, the patient's family was most afraid of hearing this sentence.

The so-called "did your best" meant that the patient had not been rescued.

Li Feng'e rolled her eyes and was about to faint. Yan Chen quickly took a step forward, held her, and patted her back with his left hand.

Finally, she did not faint. She looked anxiously at the door of the emergency room and saw two nurses pushing a mobile hospital bed out. The person on the bed had been covered with a piece of white cloth.

With a heart-wrenching cry, Li Feng'e and Yan Xiaoyun rushed to the hospital bed at the same time...

Dean Du glanced at it indifferently and was ready to leave.

The doctors in the corridor also turned around. They were used to life and death. Although this scene made them feel uncomfortable, it had already become a habit.

"Mom, my dad isn't dead!"

Suddenly, a firm voice sounded. Everyone was stunned, and then they all turned to look at Yan Chen.

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