Chapter One :Chapter 1


  By Authoress Negon

  Episode 1:

  Christel's POV

  "Who is here?" I asked while knocking on Michael's door.

  The door opened revealing Michael. I smiled and hugged him.

  "Good morning" I said breaking the hug.

  "Yah Good morning and how are you doing?" Michael asked.

  "I'm great. I brought this food for you" I said And his gaze went to the plastic in my hand.

  "Wow come in" he said making way for me.

  "No just have the food I will come back for the plates later" I said and handed the plastic to him.

  He collected it and pecked my cheek.

  I smiled.

  "Bye take care" I said and he nodded.

  He went inside and closed the and I left.

  On my way home and met Jessica and Juliet standing near a bush path.

  This two are always on my neck because Jessica loves Michael but unfortunately he is mine.

  I made to by pass them when Jessica held my arm and drew me back.

  "Look at this boyfriend snatcher please have some pride and stop forcing yourself on my boyfriend" Jessica said and I looked at her from head to toe before letting out a mockery laughter.

  "When human beings are talking you to will open your mouth and talk?" I asked in a mockery tune.

  "Will you shut that your mouth before I shut it for you" Juliet said and I scoffed.

  "And who is even talking? Please get out of my way" I said and made to leave when Jessica blocked my way.

  "And if we don't what will you do?"Jessica said and I chuckled.

  "Then I will beat you like the baby you are" I said and Jessica landed a heavy slap on my face and I returned the slap immediately and a serious fight broke out.

  Later in the day Christell visited Michael and told him everything that had happened. Michael angrily left Christell and headed to Jessica's house.

  Michael's POV

  "Who is here? Jessica open this gate" I said banging on the door really hard.

  The gate opened revealing the security.

  "Are you crazy or what?" The security asked and I pushed him away .

  I entered the mansion and found Jessica sitting under a tree.

  She saw me and stood up.

  "You this good for nothing girl" I said angrily.

  "Michael you came to see me" she and made to hug me but I stopped her.

  "Don't you dare touch me with those cursed hands of yours" I said.

  "What have I done wrong and why are you insulting me?" She asked and I scoffed.

  "How dare you fight Christell?"I asked and she smirked.

  "So you are shouting at me because of that"she said and I raised my hand up to slap her but I held myself.

  "I will slap the hell out of you if you don't shut that mouth of yours" I said and a man who might be probably in his fifties approached us.

  "Please calm down my son" He said calmly

  He is humble unlike his proud daughter.

  "Good morning sir" I greeted and he nodded.

  "Please calm down and have a seat" he said and I looked at him for a while before sitting.

  He occupied the sit opposite mine.

  "I have being looking for an opportunity to meet you and it seems luck is on my side today" He said and I gave him a confused look.

  "It's about my daughter Jessica" he said and I understood where he was heading to.

  "Sir if it's about marrying your daughter then i'm not interested,I wish to take my leave now" I said standing up and he also did same.

  "Just think about it,if you get married to my daughter you will have a lot to gain. I am already getting old and I will need someone to take over my companies, houses and other properties and if you marry my daughter you will inherit all this.

  Think wisely my son,you won't get anything if you marry that orphan called Christell.

  Grab the chance of becoming rich over night." He said and walked away leaving I and Jessica who kept smiling sheepishly.

  I gave her a hard glare before walking away.

  Writer's POV

  Michael went by home and was bothered.

  What Jessica's father told him kept flashing through his mind and he decided to give it a thought.

  Michael's POV

  "Jessica's father is right,I will have a lot to gain if I marry Jessica but in the other hand if I get married to Christell I will remain poor for the rest of my life. I better act fast and end things up with Christell" I said to myself.

  I picked up my phone and messaged Christell to meet me tomorrow at our usual spot.


  "Baby you called for me" Christell said hugging me but I didn't hug her back and I'm sure she noticed that.

  "What's wrong and why are you sifted like this?" She asked but I kept mute.

  "Honey if there is any problem please share it and I believe that we will solve it together." She said and I stood up,backing her.

  After some minutes of silence I decided to drop to bomb.

  "Let's break up" I said and she let out a little laugh.

  "You're not serious right? See I love this joke of yours but it's not funny again so stop it" She said.

  "See Christell I love you and I know that you love me too but we can't be together" I said facing her.

  "See I want you to get married to a man and live happily while I marry Jessica since her dad is rich" I said.

  Christell's POV

  I stood there watching him until he said the last statement which got me really angry and I landed a slap on his cheek.

  "Can you hear yourself talk Michael? Are you drunk or what?" I said as tears flow freely down my cheeks.

  "Slap me as much as you wish I won't complain but can't you see that I have no future with you?If I marry you I will remain poor" He said.

  "Tell me you are joking" I said holding his hands.

  "He is not" Jessica's voice came in.

  "What are you doing here Jessica now get out" I said gesturing her to leave with my hand.

  "I came to see my husband" She said

  "Which husband?" I asked even though I knew who she was referring to.

  "Michael here is my husband to be" she said in a mockery tone.

  "Michael please don't allow this girl here to come between us" I said.

  "I'm sorry but we are not meant to be together let's go Jessica" He said and Jessica held his as they turned to leave.

  "Michael i'm pregnant for you please don't do this" I pleaded and he stopped walking.

  "It's just a trap to be you back to her don't get convinced by her lies" Jessica said and they left.

  I watched them till they were of my sight and I fell on the ground since my legs were too heavy to hold me.

  Authoress's POV

  Few weeks after the incident,Michael and Jessica got married and immediately after the wedding was concluded Christell showed up.

  "Christell?" Michael called with a surprise look on his face.

  "So Michael you've got the guts to abandon me for this thing" Christell said with visible anger in her voice

  "I beg your pardon" Jessica chipped in.

  "Don't beg my pardon cause you won't get it when I come for you"Christell replied pointing a finger at Jessica.

  "Christell what is the meaning if all this are you insane?" Michael asked.

  "Yes I am insane and I will make sure I show you and your so called wife. I will make sure that I avenge every single tear you both made me drop. It doesn't matter how long it will take but I will surely come back for you both" She and left leaving everyone confused.