Chapter One :Chapter 1

Jefferson's POV

"Marry her and you will have all my shares in the company," Dad told me. I was furious. He knew I had a girlfriend and yet he wanted me to marry someone else.

Ever since, Dad has never bothered himself with me. He always said he trusted my decisions and would never meddle in my personal affairs. Now, here he is, singing different tunes.

"If I did not agree?" I asked him. I knew that he had no choice but to hand me the company. It's not because I'm his only son, but because I know that he knew that I was capable.

"Then I am going to offer it to Noris." Shocking was an understatement. How could he? Is he willing to give his shares to that b****** just to marry that woman, whoever she is?

"You've got to be kidding me. You knew he'd grabbed the opportunity at once. " I told him.

"Yes, that's why I am offering it to you first, because I already knew the answer I would be getting from him." He answered. I didn't want you to tell me. After that, I didn't let you know about it or blame me for not telling you, so here I am, informing you. " He added.

So he was just informing me and not asking me? Do I have to thank him for that? I sighed in exasperation and looked at him. He was sitting comfortably on his couch.

If I had known that he would tell me this now, I would not have come here. "Dad, you know that I worked hard for the company. I gave everything and devoted myself to it, " I told him.

"I know, that's why I am offering you this first. But you don't have to worry. If Noris agrees to marry Celina, I will tell him to let you stay at the company as the vice president," he said.

Did I hear him correctly? Vice President? Noris was going to be the Chairman, and I would be the Vice President. "Not even a president, dad? A vice president? Is that how little you think of me? " I asked him.

"Of course, I think highly of you! Don't think otherwise. Vice President is the only position I can give you because Celina will be the president. I know how much Noris could handle, so I will put Celina in charge of the operation. " he replied, and I started having the thought that Noris was his legitimate son and not me. I mean, how could he do this to me? He is his son too, but the company was built by my mother and she was there when dad was struggling.

"You can leave." He said.

"What?" I asked him. Is that how he dismisses me?

"Your brother is coming. I am going to talk to him. " He said as he closed his eyes and massaged his temples.

I was losing it. The thought of having to follow that b****** infuriates me. I would never follow him in this lifetime.

"Fine. I agree with you. " I told him, and he looked shocked.

"What? You never expected me to agree? " After you told me that you'd handed the company to your b******, you'd expect me to let it happen? " I asked him continuously and angrily. I never thought that he was going to do this to me. Mom will come out of her grave if I let that son of his manage the company they both work hard for, and then me.

"Think before you agree. It is a marriage that we are talking about," he said.

"You're telling me that now? Isn't this what you wanted? " What, are you worried about me now? " I asked him angrily.

"Don't call him my b******, he has a name and he is your older brother. He does nothing to hurt you, so be respectful to him. You don't need to be smart to learn this thing." he said, "And no, I am not worried about you or Noris in this marriage. I was worried about Celina. I'm afraid that she'd get hurt no matter who between you and Noris accepted this offer. " "If only I could just give her everything, but I knew that both you and your brother wouldn't let her slide and would accuse her of everything," he said.

"Just go home first and think about it. If you promised me that you'd never hurt her in any way, I mean anyway, and to protect her at all cost, then we have a deal. " He added, "You know where to find me if you make up your mind." He said and got up from the couch.

I was left behind to think about what Dad had said. He was worried about the woman more than me or Noris. Who is that woman?

It was a little after lunch, and I decided to go back to the office. When my dad called me earlier, I was in a meeting, and I decided to end it, thinking he had important things to say.

My assistant Daria welcomed me with documents that required my attention. I'm glad she gave me something I could work on, so I will have my mind occupied.

I had been spending my entire time with the files that Daria had handed me when my girlfriend Wendy called me. I thought for a moment about if I was going to talk to her or not, and decided that I had to.

"Hi, babe..." she said as soon as I answered her call. I wanted to go to the mall to buy a gown for the charity event I was going to attend. "Can you come with me?" She asked me

"I'm sorry, but I have important things to do right now and I need to finish this," I told her. She always takes me with her, and I like that about her.

"Ok, babe. I will just cancel it. " She said I felt guilty, so I told her. "You don't have to cancel it; you can go without me."

"But, I don't have money to buy the gown," she said. I was stunned for a moment and realized that whenever we went out, I was the one who paid for everything she'd bought. When there's something she wanted, she would call me out and have me pay for everything. I am not a stingy person and she's my girlfriend, so spending money on her was not an issue with me.

"OK, I will have Daria attend to your needs. Just tell me how much and Daria will settle it. " I told her.

"OK babe, tell her to be at Allaine's at 5. "Goodbye." She said and ended the call.

My eyes stayed on the phone that I was holding. I just realized now that I had never been to any of the occasions that Wendy had attended, but I was always with her whenever she bought something for herself.

I tried to think about if I was ever available on those occasions, but I knew there were times that I was free.

I told Daria to go to Allaine's to assist Wendy and saw her sad face. I understand that it wasn't her job, but did she have to do that? "Don't you want to do it?" I asked her.

"It's nothing like that, Sir. I just... I just don't like her. " She said.

"Just do as I say," I told her and she nodded before leaving my office.

I looked at her retreating figure. I never once heard her complain, about her work or anything. She was good at her job.

As for Wendy, I decided to break up with her and marry the woman my dad wanted.

Office hours were almost over, and I decided to go to see Wendy as well. I have to break up with her soon so I won't have problems with her in the future.

I drove to Allaine's and found Daria's car parked not too far away. I parked beside hers and went inside.

I found Wendy saying hurtful words to Daria, threatening to fire her after we got married. Now I know why she didn't like her. I stayed where I was and listened to her bragging. I didn't know that she had been that kind of woman all these years.

Daria acted as if nothing happened and did not bother or even mind Wendy. I admire her for that. I went back to my car and waited until Daria came to get her car. I think she was shocked to find me there.

She greeted me, and I told her she could go home, and she left. I took my phone and called Wendy. "Hi, babe." She said sweetly. It was as though she was a different person from the one I saw earlier.

"I'm in the parking lot. Can you come here? "

"OK, babe, I'm done here as well. " She said, and I ended the call. I saw her car beside the store and thought about who she was with. As far as I know, she didn't drive by herself.

After a few minutes, I saw her approaching my car, smiling. I unlocked the car door and let her in.

"Let's break up," I said, as soon as she got into the car.

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