Chapter One :Chapter 1

Areiza was sitting on the ground, inside her room with her eyes fixed on her laptop. A few days ago, she had sent her medical thesis to a prestigious medical journal for review and she was waiting for a response from them. At that moment, she was feeling very nervous.

She clasped her hands together and muttered slowly… “Please let my thesis get selected… please God… please…”

It has been three years since Areiza came abroad for studies. All these years, Areiza has been working very hard on this thesis.

If her thesis can pass the review and be published successfully, she will be famous in the medical world, and graduate successfully, the most important thing is that she can finally go back to her country.

A life where she stops hoping for the things that were not going to happen…

As Areiza felt that she was going to die from anxiety and nervousness, she received an e-mail from that medical journal. Looking at the e-mail on the screen, she clicked on it with one eye open and one close and read the content…

“Congratulations, Miss Kensley your thesis has passed the review and soon be published in our medical journal.”

After she finished reading the e-mail, she was so happy that she almost jumped twice on the spot. She looked at the e-mail again and again.

“My hard work finally gets selected…”

She jumped up and down with excitement, but when she calmed down, she realized that she couldn't find anyone to share her joy with, although she got married, in these three years, she and his husband met only once at the wedding, after that, her husband never called her again.

Before she left the country, her husband told her not to contact him unless it was urgent, and that his assistant would take care of her living expenses abroad.

Areiza knew her marriage to her husband was a done deal, he didn't love her, to be honest, he had a girl he loved before they got married, but his girlfriend gave up on marrying him because she had to follow her dreams of the opera and her husband, the Darren family, needed a wife and she was chosen.

She has to say yes, her mother is sick and needs medical bills, and Darren, who doesn't love her but encourages her to follow her dreams, comes to America to study medicine.

Areiza was sitting at her computer desk when suddenly her phone rang again. She looked at the caller ID on her phone and her eyes filled with shock and surprise…

It was a call from Darren. In their three years of marriage, it was the first time, that Darren had taken the initiative to call her. Looking at the caller ID on her phone, Areiza can’t be able to describe the emotions in her heart.

She was feeling happy and excited. It was like she had been walking in the darkness for a long time and suddenly she saw a ray of light…

Areiza picked up the call and said slowly, “Hello.”

“Have you received the e-mail?” On the other end of the phone, Darren’s cold voice came into her ears. He did not even greet her and went straight to the point.

Did he know about my thesis and medical journal? Did he have paid attention to my progress secretly all these years? Did my efforts over these years didn’t go in vain? He also cared about me, right? Even if it was only a bit… he cared about me. Areiza thought.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Areiza’s face, and she was about to reply when her eyes fell on another e-mail in her inbox.

Areiza saw that it was an e-mail from Darren’s lawyer and clicked on it. As soon as she did, the two-word “Divorce Agreement” came in front of her eyes…

Seeing these words, the happy smile on her face was replaced by a mocking smile.

Areiza Kensley, even after three years of pain, you still didn’t realize that you had no place in his heart. He did not care about you. How long are you going to be a fool like this? She scolded herself in her mind.

However, no matter how much she scolds herself, she still can't be able to stop the unbearable pain in her heart…

How big a fool you are Areiza? How can you even think that he would care about anything related to you? You have no importance in his life. She mocked herself in her heart.

“Areiza, after you read the agreement, I want you to come back as soon as possible so that we can get divorced. Hallie is not in good health, and I want to fulfill her wish…”

Hallie, the girl who abandoned him and came back again? Took over his whole heart again.

Hearing his words, Areiza clenched her fist and tried her best to control her emotions. However, her heart was in so much pain, as if someone stabbing a knife in her heart.

She knows that he did not love her and sooner or later this will happen… But she hadn't expected that the first time they'd spoken in three years would be about the divorce.

Areiza saw no reason to refuse, and she was in no position to do so, as she spoke calmly,

"Fine. I'll be back as soon as I can."


River City International Airport…

As soon as Areiza got off the plane and was about to take a taxi to their house in the country she looked up and saw the picture of her husband proposing to Hallie on the big airport screen.

Arreaza's grip on the car door tightened, She hadn't even signed the contract yet and Darren couldn't wait to propose to another woman and put it up in the airport, he knew she would see it but he didn't care about her heart.

Areiza felt her heart bleed, her marriage to Darren was only known to a few family members, so the public didn't know that the hero was married.

Areiza sat in her car, for three years now she had been expecting Darren to turn his heart to her, knowing that Darren's family didn't accept Hallie either, she thought she still had a chance.

But reality pierced her heart like a sharp arrow, she couldn't afford to have illusions anymore, she wouldn't allow herself to be trapped like a fool in her woven dreams, back to reality, if she got away from Darren then all she had to do was work hard to earn money and then continue to pay for her mother's medical bills.

The car chugged along for half an hour before finally arriving at a building she called home, She had only slept in it for one day on her wedding night and the next day she was out of the country, she was a stranger to the place. Still, it was neat as if it had never been inhabited before, it seemed Darren hadn't lived here either and he hadn't missed her for a second.

He didn't even want to see the only thing that had to do with her.

Areiza carried her suitcase, She didn't expect to see Darren today, she just wanted to get a good night's sleep and meet Darren tomorrow to sign the divorce papers.

Areiza was about to go upstairs when she saw the headlights of a car in front of the villa, her heart skipped a nervous beat, was Darren back?

Before she could react the door to the room was pushed open from outside and a tall figure walked in, it was Darren, his black shirt framed his majestic body, and the perfect creases on his suit pants showed how sharp he was as a person, his face was even more three dimensional under the glistening light, it was perfect like a heavenly god, as soon as he walked in even the morning was hidden by his radiance.

Areiza felt her heartbeat faster, but she still succumbed to his charisma, Time hadn't diminished it, but rather added a touch of mature steadiness to him.

Areiza stood still, forgetting to speak until Darren's icy voice rang out. "Sign, I've brought the divorce papers."

Areiza felt as if ice water had been poured on her when she saw the paper documents handed to her, she could not wait for the floor to suddenly crack open so she could crawl underneath and cover her shame.

Areiza quickly took the paper and fished the pen out of her pocket without question, but Darren snatched the paper away.

He frowned, "Aren't you going to read the agreement?"

Areiza pursed her lips and replied, "There's no need, I know you must have everything ready for me even if I don't need it."

Darren nodded. "That's right, this house is yours as well, including some other apartments and properties, and I'll make sure you live without any burdens."

How thoughtful, Areiza thought sarcastically, but he had no idea that thoughtless tenderness hurt the most, and she didn't allow herself to sink any lower as she grabbed the paper once more and signed it forcefully.

"Anything else?" Areiza asked suspiciously as she looked at Darren, who was still standing in the living room without leaving, for she knew that Darren didn't live there.

"Tomorrow, you have to meet Hallie," Darren said with a blank face.

"Why do I have to?" Areiza didn't understand his request.

"Hallie is a nice girl and her condition won't allow her to be hurt anymore, so you have to let Hallie know that you were the one who initiated the divorce with me."

Areiza felt like a dead body in a game, but Darren was still whipping her mercilessly as if he didn't want to hurt her.

Areiza felt like she didn't have the strength to stand in front of Darren anymore, she had to get away from him as soon as possible, she closed her eyes and agreed to Darren's request.

"Please don't worry, I won't let you down tomorrow." With that, Areiza went upstairs.

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