Chapter One :Chapter 1

Sheryl Taylor was dead.

But the pain coursing through her body jolted her awake.

The moment she opened her eyes, her eyes met Frederick Lance's...

Frederick's eyes were gloomy, filled with anger, lust, and the desire to keep her to himself forever.

He was beside her, holding her intimately in his arms.

They were...

doing the unspeakable act between a man and a woman!

What, what was happening?!

Sheryl's mind was immediately filled with swear words and a thousand questions.

Didn't she get poisoned to death in prison? She still remembered lying on the ground, her whole body burning with pain...

She had broken up with Frederick a long time ago.

How, how could something like this happen right now?

She wanted answers immediately. Her hands instinctively went on Frederick's shoulders and pushed him away with all her strength. She anxiously asked, "Where is this? Why am I with you?"

Frederick's body was tall and firm, her push didn't move him at all.

He looked at her and the corners of his mouth curled into a mocking smile, "Sheryl, what kind of tricks are you playing? I warn you, no matter what you do, I will not break off the engagement, and I will certainly not let you get together with William Gates!"

What did this have to do with their engagement, or William Gates?

She closed her eyes, her mind was in a mess.

The engagement between Sheryl and Frederick had been arranged by her parents. At that time, she had mistakenly thought that he was involved in illegal organisations and that he was a vicious villain, so she avoided him and was constantly afraid of him.

On the night of their engagement, she confessed to Frederick that she liked her high school classmate. William Gates, and that she wanted to save her virginity for William.

Frederick was enraged by this and raped her.

That was her first time...

Suddenly, her mind became clear and she understood something!

She opened her eyes wide. She hesitated but couldn't hide her excitement, she asked him, "Frederick, have we... we just gotten engaged?"

He threw a glance at her but ignored her question.

But she understood.

He thought to himself, "What an unnecessary question."

"She must be playing tricks."

He wouldn't let her stop their plans for the night.

Sheryl was so happy that she burst into tears! She put her arms around his neck and sobbed. Although she had misunderstood him in the beginning, she would come to know how good he was and how much he loved her...

But alas, he was already heartbroken by her.

Now, heaven gave her another chance, and she must cherish it!

Currently, it was back to the time that she had just been engaged to Frederick.

Yes, it was seven years ago...

Sheryl had been reborn...

When he heard her crying, he slowed down a little. He hesitated for a moment, as if he was about to say something.

She suddenly let go of him and fell asleep.

Exhaustion from her two lives overwhelmed her, she was really tired.

The next morning, she was woken up by a series of knocks on her door.

She looked to her side and saw that Frederick had already left. However, when she thought of how he had returned to her side again, her lips curled up into a smile.

"Knock, knock." The sound of knocking on the door was heard again.

Who was it knocking so early in the morning? They were at a hotel, so there shouldn't be any chambermaid serving the room so early. Sheryl's heart was filled with displeasure. She put on her clothes and prepared to get out of bed and open the door, but something flashed through her mind.

She remembered.

She was also woken up by such knocking, in her past life, and the person who had knocked on the door was none other than Julia Simons.

Her best friend.

And the person who had killed her in her last life.

Sheryl unknowingly clenched her right fist.