Chapter One :Chapter 1

  City A


caught in the act

  A woman in her twenties walked out of the mall, there was a gentle smile on her lips as she glanced at the report and cufflinks she got for her husband for their two years anniversary in her hands.

  She was so happy to give him the surprise of his life

  Savannah Clifford smiled. There was a rare happiness and shine in her eyes which were missing from the last one year after the doctor gave her the sad news that she couldn't get pregnant but now she was happy, the results then, was a mistake made by the hospital

  She could actually get pregnant,, she was so happy, she was gonna start a family with Ray, her husband, the love of her life.

  She walked toward the footpath and hailed a cab,, " Where to miss?!! " the driver asked looking at her with a weird expression on his face " Anderson's estate " she replied and got in beaming with smiles, she wanted to give him the surprise by making his favourite meal.

  Savannah smiled to herself.

  " We are here, " Taxi driver announced. It was just 10 miles away from the mall, she paid the fare before stepping out of the taxi. She made her way towards the mansion which stood proudly among the most expensive properties of Anderson's estate

  With slow and careful steps, she walked toward the main gate of the mansion, after pressing the codes, she entered.

  Once she was in she sighed and placed her stuffs on the couch in living room

  Meanwhile, she looked around the living room and caught sight of a woman's lingerie lying flat on the floor.

  She was at first shocked and surprised because it wasn't hers when she heard a loud voice coming from their matrimonial room

  Feeling alert due to the noises and groans,she made her way towards their matrimonial room which was located on the second floor

  In her way, she grabbed a vase to protect herself while the groans and clamping of skins/flesh continued.

  " Who could be in our room?!! " she thought and barged in only for her to freeze in shock upon seeing the scene in front of her,

  she rubbed her eyes not believing what she was seeing was true there in front of her, half sister and husband were getting intimate with one another

  Their moans acted like piercing wails in her ears

  Savannah couldn't believe what she was seeing, her face turned pale as she saw her half sister in the arms of her love. Big fat tears filled her eyes. Her whole body trembled and the vase in her hand fell down alerting the two people having sex on the bed

  " What are you doing here?! " Ray yelled, there was no remorse or guilt in his voice for cheating on her

  She was shocked and heartbroken

  " No,no,no this isn't reality, it's all a dream " she cried in her thoughts but No it wasn't a dream but a real fact she has to believe "

  She stared at the man she has always loved f*cking her half sister, the two were still f*cking themselves on the bed without caring about the heart broken lady

  Savannah was dumbfound, she remembered how Ray swore an unconditional love to her but all was just for…

  She broke into another round of tears as she witness the love of her life getting intimate with another woman, he didn't even seems to care if she was in the same room with him, which proves her doubts

  He never loved her.

  A big truth she seems not to accept

  The both were satisfied getting intimated; they looked at the very pale and white Savannah

  " Why are you still standing at the door, you dummy " Ray apart with disdain in his tone " You must be having a lot of questions in your mind and the truth is...

  I never loved or even liked you, you were the one clinging your cheap body to me. I have always loved and cherished her " he said, pointing towards the blushing Alicia

  " Lift your face and look at Alicia,she is such a beauty and you...Do you really think I will love an ugly duckling like you? Who always are nothing but baggy clothes "

  " No. You're lying. You love me " she cried, clenching her broken heart

  " I never loved and I will never feel a single pity for you, you're nothing but an innocent whore if not for my grandfather who forced me to marry a barren like you, I would have married the only woman I loved which is none other than Alicia Clifford " he spat without a single pity for the broken girl in front of him.

  Savannah could feel the ache in her heart as she stared at how lovingly Ray pecked Alicia

  " Baby, please take it easy on my sister can't you see she is heartbroken. I'm so sorry Savannah " Alicia muttered innocently

  " You don't have to apologize to an ingrate like her...Alicia is far more innocent and better than you " hearing what Ray said, Alicia his an evil smirk

  " Why will you do this to me? We are married and you promised to always love me "

  " We are already divorced... "

  To be continued...

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