Chapter One :Chapter 1

City of Casset, Jin family villa.

In the third-floor bedroom, Maureen Qiao was waited on by several maids as she stepped out of the bathroom.

"Mr.Jin will be here soon, Miss Qiao please wait for a minute."

After the maids finished whispering, they left the room, leaving Maureen Qiao alone, sitting uneasily on the edge of the bed, her delicate fingers clenched into fists.

Today, it was her 'wedding night'.

In order to save the Qiao family and fill the financial hole of the Qiao family, she sells herself with a deed!

Sold to Jin's group's successor for '30 million'!

She has never met this so-called successor of Jin's group, only heard that he is a notorious philanderer. ......

Thinking about it, Maureen Qiao felt her heart was cold to the bone.

Just then, the door of the room was opened with a 'creak' and a tall figure walked in slowly.

Each step was resounding and heavy, as if he was stepping on her heart.

"Heh ...... 30 million, only bought a thing like Miss Qiao, I think it's a loss for Jin family."

A bitterly cold breath came from afar, and the moment he opened his mouth, Maureen Qiao's body suddenly tensed up.

And every word that the man spat out made her body colder.

Maureen Qiao raised her eyebrows and looked up, and when she saw who was coming, she was struck by lightning and her face turned pale instantly.

"Baron Lu?" she said, unable to believe her eyes.

Looking at the man in front of her, Maureen Qiao reacted with hindsight and spoke in a trembling voice: "You ...... you are Benson Jin?"

The successor of Jin family who is so horrible is actually her first boyfriend Baron Lu?

Benson Jin was wearing a black Italian handmade suit, his hard features were a bit hostile, and under his short, sharp hair, his eyes seemed to penetrate her body, stripping her inch by inch.

The next second, her shoulders were clasped and her was lifted up.

"Otherwise, who do you think would be willing to pay for you as a mistress?" The man was upright, and his eyebrows were full of indifference.

The cold tone of the man's voice made the last trace of blood fade from Maureen Qiao's face.

Yes, Baron, Benson Jin, why didn't she think of the connection between the two names?

"What, are you regretting it?" He raised his hand and cupped Maureen Qiao's jaw, forcing her to meet his deep, cold eyes, "Even if you regret it, it's already too late!

Four years ago, he enrolled at Cassetts University and met Maureen Qiao, the oldest daughter of the Qiao family in City of Cassetts , at an orientation session.

At that time, because of his mother's death, he was so disgusted with his father that he found it unbearable even to have the same last name as him.

That's why he went out with Maureen Qiao under the alias Baron Lu.

She had asked him about his family and he had only mentioned that his parents were dead and he was alone.

Instead of resenting him, Maureen Qiao encouraged him and told him not to feel inferior because of his family background.

He once thought that she was the true love of his life, and even planned an elaborate proposal to reveal his true identity to her, but on that very day, she told him to break up!

He ran to the Qiao family to look for her, only to be insulted by the maids until he stood in the rain all night, only to receive a tiny bit of pity from her, "Because you don't deserve me."

To this day, Benson Jin clearly remembers Maureen Qiao's disgusted expression, "After all, I am the oldest daughter of the Qiao family, how could I be together with such a mediocre person like you?"

The dusty unpleasant memories made cold air spill out all around him.

Benson Jin narrowed his eyes a little, and the disgust in his eyes was even more undisguised, "Maureen Qiao, didn't you think you were the oldest daughter of the Qiao family back then, so high and mighty? Now you are just my pet! I would like to see how can you be proud like you was before!"

Maureen Qiao was forced to look up when her hair was grabbed by his fierce grip, but she met Benson Jin's beady eyes.

With his other hand, he pulled off the towel covering her body without mercy.

Maureen Qiao's eyes widened in fear and she tried to curl up.

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