Chapter One :Chapter 1

As his body swayed slightly, Kong Chen opened his eyes. The radio started to broadcast an announcement, "Attention passengers, we are arriving at our final station, Rong City. Please remember to take all your luggage and take turns while leaving the train. We hope to see you onboard again. May you have a great time in Rong City,"

After the train came to a halt, Kong Chen picked up his baggage from the sleeping bunk, and lined up to leave the train.

The crowd moved hurriedly in a rush. People who got out of the train were squashed together with their shoulders touching, while their hands were full of luggage. Everyone was heading toward the exit. 

"Get out of the way, move away please."

A sharp and high-pitched voice was heard from behind. There was a lady dressed in extravagant clothes, her face caked with a heavy layer of foundation. She pushed and barged forward, ignoring people who threw angry glances at her.

Kong Chen was standing at a place that the lady had to walk through. When she passed by Kong Chen, she lost her balance. Her body swayed sideways, and both of their shoulders collided, knocking into each other. 

The woman felt like she had crashed into an iron wall and almost fell to the ground in pain. She glanced at him, but Kong Chen seemed to be unbothered and continued to follow the crowd. 

"Stop right there, you b*stard!"

When the pedestrians heard the angry roar of the lady, all of them backed away immediately. They wanted to avoid trouble.

As a result, a spacious gap suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd, leaving only the lady and Kong Chen in it. Only then did the lady get a chance to observe Kong Chen's appearance.

Kong Chen's outfit was weird. He was wearing a shabby, mud-colored T-shirt and a pair of battered jeans. Saddled over his shoulder was a stick wrapped in a cloth, and there was a dangling baggage as big as a basketball. It was obvious that he dressed like an old-fashioned countryman who was visiting the city.

Kong Chen turned around and looked at the woman in confusion. He did not know who she was.

"Smelly beggar," the lady said as she looked at Kong Chen's ragged clothes. The sight of it boosted her ego, so she started feeling a sense of pride and superiority. "Did you know that you ran into me?"

"I don't know," answered Kong Chen.

"You didn't know? I almost fractured my shoulder because of you. You need to pay for my medical expenses!" the lady said.

Some of the tourists at the back heard her and started criticizing. This lady was the one who started shoving and pushing in the first place, and now she wanted someone to compensate her. 

Kong Chen's eyebrows turned into a scrunch. "I don't have any money,"

The lady glared at the crowd of onlookers, and they were silenced almost immediately. She then looked at Kong Chen in disdain, "It looks like I can't get a penny out of you after all. Now, I want you to bow to me and apologize instead."

"I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I apologize?"

"If I say you're wrong, then you're wrong! I'm telling you, my husband is waiting for me outside. He's a director of the Ruyun Group. If I tell him about this, you'll die!"

The onlookers gasped in realization. No wonder this lady was so arrogant. She had the Ruyun Group to back her up. Initially, they wanted to defend Kong Chen, but all of them held back when they heard what the lady said. All of them began to walk away, and the crowd drifted away while shaking their heads in dismay. Some sighed in secret and thought that Kong Chen was really unlucky. 

Kong Chen couldn't help but sneer. Since he went up to Sky Mountain, no one dared to talk to him like this. He had just stepped foot into society life, and did not want to get into any trouble. But this lady in front of him tried to pressure him into a corner, and he could not avoid her anymore. 

The lady watched as Kong Chen's face gradually turned colder. She started to back away. "W-what are you trying to do? My husband is outside."

"Do you think you're pretty?"

The lady was stunned and did not know what he meant. But right at that moment, she saw him moving towards her slowly. He raised his dirty hand, and wiped her face with it, but she could not move an inch of her body.

Kong Chen looked at his palm in disgust, and then blew on it gently, causing a cloud of powder to appear. "No wonder you need to apply so much powder on your face. This texture, quite similar to pig's skin."

The lady was extremely petrified. She did not know why she could not defend herself just now, but for some peculiar reason, she was glued to the ground. As soon as she realized she could move again, she screamed and cried with her hands over her face, and ran out immediately, dragging her suitcase with her. 

The onlookers suddenly applauded and cheered. But when they thought of what the lady said moments ago, they began to worry for Kong Chen again.

If the lady was not lying, then the big problem would be the man outside, who was her husband. A few people reminded him kindly, but Kong Chen merely thanked them with a smile. He did not seem to be worried or fazed at all. 

At the exit of the train station, there were many people holding signs with names on them. They were squeezed together, trying to pick people up, which created an illusion that the place was crammed and packed. 

In the middle of the crowd, there was an area that was particularly eye-catching. There was an empty space of several square meters with police around to protect it. People thought that some big shot was waiting there, but this 'big shot' was just like everybody else. He was holding a sign in his hands as he looked over the exit...

Wang Wei was very excited that day. He took a day off from his work and went to pick up his wife who came back from her parents' house. He thought that the odds were in his favor, because he happened to meet the boss of his company, Liu Ruyun. 

The name "Liu Ruyun" might have been unheard of in some places. But among the upper-class society in Rong City, this name was well-known.

This man was a famous person in the business world. He dominated every single industry in Rong City. He was one of the pioneers of entrepreneurship and managed to maintain a close relationship with the upper-class society. 

Wang Wei did not want to let go of this one-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity. He immediately went up to him and said, "Mr. Liu, what a coincidence! You're here too."

Liu Ruyun took a look at him and asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is Wang Wei. I am the director of our company's sales department. I gave you a toast before at the year-end party."

With rolling eyeballs, Liu Ruyun tried his best to search for this person in his mind, but he really could not find any memories about him. He did not want to embarrass the man, so he just said, "Oh, hi, Wang Wei."

Wang Wei felt extremely honored that Liu Ruyun actually remembered him. He proceeded to continue the conversation with the hope of building a connection. 

Wang Wei's bright and energetic responses to Liu Ruyun were in sharp contrast to Liu Ruyun's half-hearted response. However, Wang Wei was still happy about continuing the conversation. When he asked who Liu Ruyun was waiting for, Liu Ruyun's facial expression turned serious and he did not give him a reply. Wang Wei read through the lines, and stopped the one-sided conversation. 

"They are out!" someone in the crowd shouted.

All the people who had been waiting anxiously stood up, raised the signs in their hands, and shouted the respective names from time to time.

Liu Ruyun was also a little excited. He observed everyone who came out carefully, and compared them to a picture on his mobile phone.

At that moment, a woman dressed in gorgeous clothes came out. Tears streamed down her face, as if someone had placed her in great suffering. She was particularly easy to spot despite the huge crowd. 

When she saw the familiar figure in the crowd, her tears started to gush with extreme exaggeration, like an incoming flood. She cried out at the same time, "Honey!"

Wang Wei was very happy to see his wife, but when he noticed that she was crying so sadly, a fire started to flare up in his chest.

He went up to her and asked, "What's the matter, Honey? Did someone bully you?"

"A smelly beggar, he touched my face, and even said that my face is like pig skin! Boohoo..."

"That f*cker, how dare he? Is he out yet? Tell me who he is, I'll chop his hand off."

Meanwhile, Wang Wei smiled apologetically at Liu Ruyun.

Liu Ruyun looked at that lady in front of Wang Wei. Her tears had already ruined her makeup. She looked extremely ugly and disgusting. But he did not want to say these things out loud, so he just responded with a fake smile.

"Honey, it's him, that person who is hanging his baggage with a 'stick'."

Wang Wei saw his target, "F*ck!" His face immediately darkened, and he rushed over angrily.

When he was about three steps away from his target, Wang Wei aimed to kick. He was not sure whether the opponent reacted quickly, or he did not aim properly, but the two of them missed each other perfectly.

Wang Wei staggered and almost fell. Humiliation fueled his anger, "You punk, I'll kill you!"