Chapter One :Chapter 1

There was a mysterious place in the Tianyuan Continent, the Secret Land of the Wastelands!

It was said that there were countless powerful ancient demon gods buried there. Their fate souls were very powerful and could merge with people and undergo a huge transformation. They had a terrifying power that could destroy heaven and earth.

When the secret realm was opened, all the major sects and well-known families would send their young talents into it to look for opportunities.

At this moment, under the altar leading to the Secret Land of the Wastelands, many young cultivators from various sects were lined up in an orderly manner, waiting for the opening of the Secret Land.

"Hey, look, the good-for-nothing of the Lu family is here!"

A handsome young man came from the distance. He was about 13 or 14 years old and looked weak. However, as soon as he appeared, he caused quite a stir, and many people looked at him.

"It's really him. Tsk, tsk. He killed his parents and still has the face to come out and meet others!"

"That's right. I heard that on the first day of the Lu family's marriage, Lu Yuanfeng and his wife, in order to save this good-for-nothing son, don't know whether they are dead or alive. The old man of the Lu family is also so angry that he can't get up."

The young man, Lu Xuan, regarded all the contempt and sarcasm in his eyes as the wind in his ear.

His face was full of determination, and his eyes were determined. He stared at the opening passage of the secret region on the altar.

The Secret Land of the Wastelands was only opened once every ten years. Only young men and women under the age of eighteen could enter with special Soul-protecting Charms.

Only by fusing with the fate soul of the ancient demon clan could one become a true cultivator of the Tianyuan Continent.

"I must enter the secret realm, find the fate soul of the ancient demon god, and successfully merge it!" Lu Xuan clenched his fists tightly. His nails dug into the flesh, and a lot of blood flowed out, but he was unaware of it.

There was only a raging flame of hatred burning in his heart. He wholeheartedly entered the secret realm, found the fate soul of the ancient great demon, and obtained great power to avenge his parents!

On the Tianyuan Continent, cultivators could be divided into several levels, namely the Spiritual Meridian, the Treasured Body, the Divine Palace, the Heavenly Meridian, the Life Soul, the Divine Sense, and the Flying Immortal. Each realm could be divided into ten small realms.

There were ten Spiritual Meridians in a person's body. Only by opening these Spiritual Meridians could one absorb Spiritual Qi and begin to practice, becoming a real cultivator.

The more Spiritual Meridians he opened, the higher his talent would be.

In this world where the strong were respected, he was born unable to cultivate. He was already fourteen years old and was still struggling in the First Heaven of the Spiritual Meridian.

An ordinary person would be able to open two or three Spiritual Meridians before the age of fourteen and cultivate them to the fifth level of the Spiritual Meridian.

Lu Xuan was born with a wasted body. He had only opened his first Spiritual Meridian three years ago. Half a year ago, he barely reached the First Heaven of the Spiritual Meridian. He was not even as good as an eight-year-old child. That was why he had the "beautiful reputation" of the top loser in Hidden Dragon City.

His father, Lu Yuanfeng, was a heaven warping genius. He was famous at such a young age and had become the most amazing talent on the continent.

With such an outstanding father, Lu Xuan, who lived under his halo, was even more useless and ridiculed by others.

In order to take care of his self-esteem, his parents took him away from home and planned to conceal his identity. Unexpectedly, he met his enemy on the way. In order to protect him, his father fought bloody battles and was beaten into the abyss. His mother was also taken away by the masters of the Dongfang Family, and her whereabouts were unknown.

Old Master Lu lost his beloved son. He was in a heavy mood and in a trance. When he fought with others, he was beaten into a heavy body. His meridians were broken and he became a semi-cripple. The prosperous Lu Family fell into a disastrous situation.

In the past few months, without the protection of his parents, he had deeply experienced the cruelty of human relationships and reality. Lu Xuan's determination to become stronger was once again burning.

Humans were bullied, and horses were ridden. If one wanted to not be bullied and seek revenge, one could only obtain great power!

After entering the Secret Land of the Wastelands to find a powerful demonic soul, Lu Xuan had a chance to get rid of the useless body, reopen the Spiritual Meridian, and truly embark on the road of cultivation.

This was his only chance to change his life!

"Why are you here?" A big man with a beard and a handsome face looked unhappy when he saw Lu Xuan.

"Lu Xuan, go back quickly! This is not the place where you should come." Another pretty young woman looked at Lu Xuan coldly with a cold face. She was Lu Xuan's aunt, but she was not kind to him at all.

"Third Uncle, Little Aunt, I want to enter the secret realm!" Lu Xuan looked at the two people with no expression, but his heart was bleeding. He didn't care about the sarcasm of outsiders, but the contempt and indifferent attitude of his closest relatives made his heart turn to ashes.

"You good-for-nothing, are you stupid? You want to enter the secret realm without the soul-protecting token. Do you want to live too long?" A young man with a long green robe and a jade-like face stood out. He looked down at Lu Xuan with disdain and ridicule in his eyes.

"Third Brother is right. Lu Xuan, you can't enter the secret region without the token. The soul-protecting token is too precious. There are only a few of them in the Lu Family. It's impossible to waste them on such a low-quality person. Go back quickly. If anything happens, Grandpa will be more sad." A young girl said with a cold face.

Her tone was calm but it was hard to hide her contempt. The words "the person with such low aptitude" were like a knife stabbing straight into Lu Xuan's heart.

This was Lu Xuan's cousin, Lu Xiaoyu, but she did not want to call him brother, because she was a beautiful girl of heaven, while Lu Xuan was a good-for-nothing who was looked down upon by everyone.

"How can you do this?" Lu Xuan did not speak, but a girl in white in the distance could not bear to see Lu Xuan being bullied. She ran over angrily, pointed at the crowd, and scolded, "Anyway, Brother Xuan is also a member of your Lu Family. It's okay that outsiders look down on him, but you are his closest relatives. How can you help outsiders bully him? You have no human nature at all!"

The girl was about 12 years old, but she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her white clothes were as white as snow, and her temperament was like an orchid. She was not like a fairy who ate the fairy fire of the human world. As soon as she appeared, she attracted everyone's attention.

"Little girl from the Xiao family, don't meddle in other people's business!" The young woman raised her eyebrows and asked angrily with her almond-shaped eyes.

"Bingyu, don't be angry with them because of me. It's not worth it." Lu Xuan stopped her. He was very moved. Now, except for his grandfather, only the kind-hearted girl, who grew up with him, was still willing to stand up for him.

However, Xiao Bingyu was a member of the Xiao family. This was their family's internal affair. Xiao Bingyu's actions would only cause conflict between the two families. It was only then that Lu Xuan stopped her.

"Brother Xuan, they didn't mean to treat you like that at all." Xiao Bingyu's eyes were slightly red as she felt wronged for him.

Xiao Bingyu wanted to continue, but a 15-year-old beautiful girl in purple came over gracefully. She put one hand on her shoulder and sighed softly, "Bingyu, this is the Lu family's business. Don't meddle in it."

With this, he pulled the reluctant Xiao Bingyu back to his own camp. Xiao Bingyu silently looked at Lu Xuan with reluctance. He gave her a reassuring smile and nodded his head, indicating that he would be fine.

Lu Xuan said to the people of the Lu Family, "My father left a soul-protecting talisman for me. Grandpa has been keeping it for me. Today, it is handed over to me. So I won't ask the Lu Family to spend a lot of money to buy a few soul-protecting talisman. You don't have to worry."

Lu Xuan knew that they didn't want him to enter the secret region because they were afraid of wasting the precious soul-protecting talisman, not worrying about his safety. This made his heart bleed. The person closest to him was so indifferent!

"So you have another Soul-protecting Talisman on you?" When Third Uncle Lu Xuan heard this, he flew into a rage and said, "It's all because of you that the Lu Family has declined to such a state. In order to revive the prestige of the Lu Family, we spent a lot of effort to cultivate the next generation's heroes to get seven Soul-protecting Charms. Unexpectedly, my father hid his money for a good-for-nothing like you. It really makes us and our children feel bitterly disappointed!"

"Third Brother is right. Lu Xuan, hand over the Soul-protecting Talisman!" Lu Xuan's little aunt approached him and threatened him with a cold face.

The other young and outstanding disciples of the Lu family, who did not have the Soul-protecting Charm, were moved by his words. If they forced Lu Xuan to hand over the token, one of them could enter the secret region and become a real cultivator!

Everyone gathered around and stared at Lu Xuan with an unfriendly look.