Chapter One :Chapter 1


''What the fuck!'' I shout as loud as I can when I see the sight in front of me.

I decided to visit my boyfriend Jeremy before going to the company. My eyes widen in anger when I see him kissing his own co—worker just as I entered his office. I looked at him with disappointment, they two separating in panic as I barged in. You see, Jeremy—my boyfriend has been cheating on me for the past two years since we've both finish college. I gave him a second chance—wait no, I gave him exactly three chances but he just has to go around and ruin those chances.

''Athena, it's not what you think.'' He steps away from his co—worker as he walk toward me.

''Well fuck you Jeremy. You have been saying that for the past two years!'' I throw my hands up in the air. True though, every time I caught him cheating, he would be like Athena, it's not what you think. I wasted two years with him and I just realise that he's a piece of shit, useless and hopeless.

''Athena, wait. Let me explain.'' He grabs me by my arm but I pushes his hand away.

"No explanation. I believe I saw. I forgave you twice, and now no chance." I said coldly.

"No please, it's not what you see. Let me explain…" It sucked me as he grabbed my arm.

''Ew, don't touch me. Get lost Jeremy, we're over.'' But his grip only tighten which makes it harder for me to get away from him. I try smacking his chest but he won't budge.

''This is a mistake. She's nothing, you're everything to me.'' Jeremy smiles, trying to make my heart skip a beat but no, not anymore. That's not working because I feel disgusted by his touch.

''Look, asshole.'' I snap my fingers in front of him, ''That is exactly what I have been hearing for the past two years, can't you find a better punchline?'' Then with a kick on the groin, he let go of me before falling down on the ground.

"I really don't like her!" He still quibbled but I didn't want to listen.

I smirk at him before looking at his co—worker who has been sitting at the same spot.

She avoided my eye at all cost so I just decided to let it slip. I walk out of his office, I feel lightheaded as if every problem has been settled. I breathe in, trying to find a source of happiness through this break up. This is what I wanted right? For the past two years, this is what I have been waiting for. Well, I had the chance to break up with him at the past but... I still loved him back then.

I realise how my love was a waste.

You know I'm the only child and in my situation, my parents spoiled me. They feed me with silver spoons and treat me like a princess. I got everything I wanted and people at school used to envy me but I really don't care.

I just don't care what other people think. Up till now, I have been the same.

I pick up my phone as it keeps on ringing. Looking down at the caller ID, I roll my eyes knowing that Joanna is calling me, ''Yes, Joanna.'' I walk down the New York City street with people passing me. This has been my daily routine—walking to Jeremy's office every lunch hours so that we could have lunch together, looks like it's no longer included in my routine.

''I have news for you, Athena.'' She says from the other line.

''Oh, please reconsider if you are asking me to spy on Kim Kardashian because that's not going to happen again.'' I roll my eyes, ''We both know what happened before.'' I shiver at the thought of me being pushed to Kim's breasts, not only that but she wasn't wearing any bra at that moment so... let's just say I washed my face more than ten times but still feel disgusted.

Come on, she was sweating.

I hear her laughter from the other side, ''Good old times, Athena.''

''I swear if you were at my place, I would have clapped with joy.'' I say annoyingly, ''So what's the news, Joanna?''

''Do you perhaps know Alexander Herrera?''

Alexander Herrera, I thought to myself. ''No, who is he?''

''He's a footballer. He's from Spain but he was raised and educated in United States.'' She continues, ''There's something about him, something... odd.''

''Odd?'' I snort.

''Exactly, Athena.'' I hear something falling from the other line and I wouldn't bother asking because I know Joanna since she's my boss and she would end up breaking at least one glass a day, I don't even know, don't ask, ''Alexander has been single for the past three years. He's good looking, rich and he has done a few photo shoots to be at the front cover of the magazine but how come someone like him end up being single?''

I furrow my eyebrows, ''Maybe he has a few one night stands that you don't really know about.'' I mean, I work at Published—a publishing company and we tend to get different gossips from different celebrities every day. Joanna seems to be satisfied with her occupation now. She has no problem with spreading other people's gossips, whether they are right or wrong.

''If he has a few one night stands, we would have found out about it.'' She groans lightly.

''Maybe... just maybe... he's gay.'' I throw my hands up in the air in justice, thinking that was probably the right thing to say. ''No, he can't be.'' Joanna gasp in horror, ''He... can't be gay?''

''Joanna, how is this even a news for me?'' I arrive at Published and the receptionist smiles at me and I gladly return her smile before I head into the elevator.

''I thought you would want to volunteer and check him out for me.'' She said surely. I chuckle lightly, ''Not a chance. I'm not interested with some footballer.'' I walk out as I reach my floor, ''I'm here, by the way.''

"Really? Come to my office now. You'll change your mind." She smirked.

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