Chapter One :Chapter 1

Ever wonder if you'll ever meet that one person that will flip your world upside down? Well I've been wondering for a while. I've been to dates, when we get to the kissing part there's no spark, chemistry, nothing. I want to meet someone exciting, passionate. Till that day comes, I'll get ready for the first day of college, I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher, I love kids so much.

"Sissy, mommy says to get your tush ready." She said making me laugh. This is my baby sis, April. she's four years old and a smart little cookie

"I'm ready." I said while giving her a hug, she giggled, this little person is very important to me.

"They grow up so fast." Mom sighed.

"True, no dating, no alcohol, no nothing." Dad said while raising an eyebrow. I just chuckled.

"Don't worry dad, I won't do anything stupid, I'll just get a tattoo on my arm." I grinned before leaving.

"Ooh can I get a tattoo." April asked. "Nope." They both answered

"Phooey." They just chuckled.


Once I arrived I went to my locker and was met by my two best friends.

"Hey, crazy girls." I waved.

"Hey, puta." Bree grinned.

"You need a new word." Joanie suggested. "Good luck with that, I think when she was born she looked at the doctor and said, puta." I said as they both laughed.

Seconds later Joanie and I looked at each other and then we attacked Bree.

"No hugs." She whined.

"Yes hugs." We said as she sighed.

"Alright, you're free." I chuckled.

"Everyday." She sighed.

"You love us, so stop being a drama queen." Joanie said as Bree rolled her eyes. Gotta love those two.

We walked to our class, I can't wait till I'm a graduate and teaching kids. We three are studying the same.

Classes went by and we had a free period.

"Hello, girls." Derek said sitting next to Bree and gave her a kiss.

"Finally a free period, I'm so hungry." Alec said sitting next to Joanie and gave her a kiss.

Alec and Derek are studying to become Doctors. "Aww, please don't be cheesy in front of me. I'm just a lonely soul." I sighed, they just chuckled. "Alright, no romantic stuff in front of Chloe." Bree said while pinching my cheeks.

"Hands off Missy." I said as they laughed. These are my crazy best friends since third grade. I love them.

Hours went by and classes were over, I went to this cool bakery.

"There's my favorite customer." Blaze said with a smile.

"And don't you forget it." I grinned causing him to laugh.

"Your brownies are packed and ready to go." He said while giving me my box of brownies. They're my favorite.

"Thank you so much." I said while hugging the bag, he just laughed. I gave him the money.

"See you around Blaze." I smiled before leaving.


I made it home and my little sister jumped on me making me fall. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, and I brought brownies." I said as she squealed. Yeah these are her favorites too. I went to hug mom, dad was working. We three went to watch TV while eating brownies. We're so cool.

An hour later I fell asleep with April on top of me. Mom chuckled and put a blanket on us. College life is exhausting, I already have projects, and it's just the first day. Good luck me.

After a two hour nap we woke up, April hugged me. Such a little cutie. I got up with her and went to my room and started to work on my projects, I didn't want for them to accumulate.

"Can I watch TV here?" She said while sitting on my bed, "Of course, enjoy." I smiled as I went back to my homework.


A month went by and college was good, except every time they would leave a new project. I swear I feel like high school all over again. I barely sleep. "Princess, it's late, go to bed." Dad said, I looked at the time and it was two am.

"I will, I'm just finishing this so I won't fall behind." I yawned.

"When is it due?"

"In two months." I said while yawning again. "Chloe, I get that you don't want to fall behind, but working this late is not healthy, go to bed now. It's an order." He said as I nodded. He was right I do need my sleep.

"Love you, dad."

"Love you too." He kissed my forehead then left, I hit my pillow and I was out, lucky tomorrow is Saturday.


I've been married for two years, when we got together with Katie, there was love and passion, but as time went by, things haven't been exactly romantic between us. She's either busy working or I come home late from work. We keep missing each other and we haven't been intimate for about three months. I feel like I'm not in a marriage. Katie is a sweet girl, just wish she would be a little more affectionate with me.

I decided to go out, Katie was staying over at her mom's since it was her parents anniversary. She said she was gonna stay there for a month. Her parents live in New York and are alone, so she decided to stay with them.

I went to a store to buy some junk food, it's been a while. I went to the chocolate section and saw someone grabbing lots of stuff.

"Either you're having a party, or you're just a chocolate lover." I said before she looked at me.

I've never seen anyone so beautiful, she was insanely gorgeous, those beautiful hazel eyes and those lips.

"Maybe both." She smiled as her dimples showed, she was actually adorable.