Chapter One :Chapter 1

Christopher’s POV

People do crazy things for love. Things you never thought you could do, not even in a million years, or in any alternate universe. But there I was in the penthouse suite with my fiance wearing only her lacy red lingerie—waiting for me to call the man who bought her for the night. Of course she didn’t know that was the case. And as I looked at her sitting on the bed, an image of pure perfection, I hoped to God, she would never find out my darkest secrets.

"What has gotten into you?" Ivyrose asked. I could hear the fear in her tone, but she was smiling.

"I told you. This has always been my wildest fantasy, but if you're having second thoughts then let's not do it. I don't want to force you into anything." I told her, sounding as confident as I could.

“No. It's okay. I do trust you. Just make sure you know what you're doing with these cuffs and remember where you're going put the keys. And absolutely no weird stuff!”

"What weird -"

“Nothing goes inside my butt!!!!!” She blurted out before I could finish my question. I laughed despite how pathetic I was feeling.

"Of course not, baby. All you have to do is to relax and let us pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams. And maybe pretend that I'm not your boyfriend and you're not Ivyrose, my beautiful fiancée. I could be a Mafia boss and you're the helpless widow of his mortal enemy."

I smiled and handed her the drink I prepared. "Here. Drink this."

She drank the brandy and licked her lips in the most tantalizing way. I took my gaze off her and looked around the lavish penthouse suite of the most expensive hotel in New York City. Someday soon I will be as rich as the owner of this hotel and I can finally give you the life that you deserve, my love.

"But are you really sure you want another man to have me? And why are you suddenly so interested in role playing? Are you bored with me already? Ivyrose said, disrupting my thoughts. She pouted and looked at me intently.

"Bored?! Exactly the opposite, babe. I want us to explore our sexual relationship. Next time you tell me your fantasies, okay?" I sat on the bed next to her, playfully tugging on her lacy bra.

“I don’t have any.”

“Come on, babe, everyone has a wild fantasy hidden somewhere at the pit of their mind.”

“Well, I guess…” she started, but then hid her face in her hands. I held them down and made her look at me. Her beautiful blue eyes made me want to stop my plans.

“Tell me. Please.” I said, hoping that whatever fantasy she will tell me might make me feel better about myself. Make me feel better about what I was about to do to her. To do our relationship.

“Well, maybe this is my fantasy too. I guess I’ve sometimes wondered, well, that is when you watch those porn videos, I’ve wondered what those women felt when two or more men fucked them.”

“Wow. Okay. So we're on the same page here. I really believe this will be good for us, Rose. After this you can fully trust that I'm never leaving you."

"But won't you regret it? What if you leave me because you'll blame me for agreeing to this?"

"See? There goes that hyperactive brain of yours again. Trust me. Please?"

Ivyrose kissed me and in my mind I prayed that what I was doing was really the right thing for us. My heart ached. A part of me wanted to tell her the truth, but instead I hurriedly covered her eyes with her black scarf. I kissed my fiancé before cuffing each of her arms and legs to the bed posts.

"Wait. Is the gag really neccessary?" She asked and I just told her to trust me. Trust me. Two words that will probably hunt me until I die.

“Just lay here and anticipate all the things we're going to do to you tonight, babe. I love you.”

“Iwavyoutoo.” she mumbled through her gagged mouth.

I sighed as I put the bluetooth earpods in her ears knowing the moaning sounds from those erotic movies would make her wet. I looked at her one more time before opening the door. She looked so gloriously sexy lying in the king size bed. Her curls covered a part of her face and fell onto her breasts. I held my tears and closed the door behind me.

Outside our bedroom suite, the man named Seb sat on the sofa with another man whom I assumed was his boss. The man who was about to pay me a fifty million dollars for a night with my fiancee.

"She's ready. Where's the money and the contract?" I couldn’t believe the words I just said. The contents of my stomach threatened to come up and betray me. I felt like I was suffocating and pulled the ring of my tshirt away from my neck.

"Check all the accounts I gave you." Seb said. He smiled and lit up a cigar. The man stood up and headed to the door without looking at me. Fifty million dollars. It was all there. All mine. All ours. I can finally face her father again.

“Wait.” I held the man’s arm. “Make sure to stick to the contract and don't you dare hurt her. Or I swear I’ll kill you.” I looked into his eyes and felt shivers run down my spine when I saw how much he was enjoying this.

“You can watch if you want. Hell, you can even go in first. And I'll watch you.” The man’s laugh echoed through the room.

“You are one sick asshole.” My fists were both clenched and it took all my self control to not punch him.

He started to twist the door knob open but stopped and looked back at me.

“Judge me and I’ll judge you, Christopher.”

“What if I just kill you right now, huh?” My blood boiled and I grabbed him by the collar, but I knew my words were as empty as how I felt.

“Then you'll be arrested and your fiancee will be mine. That is, if I will like the way she fucks me tonight.”

He shrugged before he removed my grip, his mocking look made me sick. The bastard went into the room where the love of my life was waiting. I ran as fast as I could out of the penthouse suite. Almost punching the elevator buttons, I tried to take deep breaths to force myself not to cry. Once the elevator door opened, I went in and puked what was left of my dinner.

The bar was almost empty when I got there minutes later. I sat on an empty stool next to a couple. They smiled at me, but I didn’t have an inch of energy to move my lips. I was still breathing, but deep inside I was dead.

"Tough night, son?" the bartender, who seemed to be too old for his job, said. He served me and Ivyrose earlier when we got a few drinks to relax ourselves before going up the room.

I only nodded because I knew replying to him with words would have resulted in me howling in tears.

"Vodka." I said, giving him a hundred bucks.

"Don't worry. Whatever your problem is, it'll pass." He gave me a glass, but I took the bottle from his hand and chugged it. The bartender chuckled while the woman next to me gasped.

He's right. This too shall pass. Only one night of pain. Tomorrow morning everything will be back to normal. Just get through this, dumb ass. I kept repeating these words to myself but then reality struck me and I realized I couldn't let this pass.

I put the bottle of vodka back on the table, half of its contents already in my veins. I ran out of the bar and into the elevator.

The moment I reached the penthouse suite, I shouted for him to stop, but Seb caught me before I could burst the bed room door open. He wrapped his arms around me and I tried to hit the side of his body with my right elbow.

"Stop it! I take it back! Don't touch her!" I shouted when Seb didn't budge from my attacks. He threw me on the wall, but I got up and Seb fell on the floor once my fist hit his jaws. I ran toward the bedroom door, but I was too late. The man came out shirtless and his jeans still unbuttoned. I fell on my knees as I heard Ivyrose shout for me. The man chuckled as he walked past me.

"She's all yours now, loser."