Chapter One :Chapter 1

At Maternity and Paediatric Hospital's Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, in Mento City.

Briley Luna stared at her feet with lifeless eyes. Her heart wavered as she gently placed a hand on her flat abdomen.

Must she abort this child?

While she closed her eyes, her mind involuntarily wandered back to that night from two months ago...

She still clearly remembered how her younger sister, Jade Luna, had called saying that she was drunk at a bar and wanted Briley to fetch her personally.

She didn't think too much about it at that time and immediately hailed a taxi to the bar.

However, as soon as she arrived, Jade's evil group of friends forced her to drink and refused to let her leave until she did so. Hence, she unwillingly finished one glass, but unexpectedly, that one glass made her drunk!

After that, she only remembered clinging onto a male stranger and refusing to let him go...

When she regained consciousness later, she found that she was laying naked in a room of a high-end hotel...

The ache she felt in her body and the hickey marks all over her skin told her that she had lost her virginity while she was inebriated!

She didn't even know who the man she had slept with was or what he looked like.

She had thought that her drunken misadventure that night was depressing enough, but what's worse was that she had gotten pregnant from it!

Briley shut her eyes feebly.

Crumpling the bill in her hand, she glanced up wanting to check the time.

Her parents definitely wouldn't be able to accept that she was pregnant with a stranger's child and her fiancé, Ryan Thomson, certainly wouldn't be happy about the news that he was going to be a father.

"I'm sorry, child, but you can't come into this world. Please forgive me." She apologised to her unborn child in her heart.

She had made her decision.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice not far away from her.

"Oh Ryan, I'm so happy. Our baby must be very cute, right?"

Briley frowned and subconsciously turned her head towards the other end of the corridor.

When she saw the happy couple standing not far away, she felt as though she had been punched in the gut, the blood in her body flowed backwards, and there was a buzzing sound in her brain.

The man and woman embracing each other were her younger sister, Jade, and her fiancé, Ryan!

The corner of Briley's mouth twitched; she wasn't a fool, she understood what was going on.

Seeing that the two of them were about to walk past her, her expression changed drastically. She quickly faced her body away from them and lowered her head.

Jade and Ryan's conversation gradually became clearer as they approached.

"Now that you have our baby in your belly, Jade, you must take good care of it. Don't mess around outside anymore."

"I know. But when are you going to come clean to Briley? It won't be long before my belly starts showing."

"Don't worry, I'll find a chance to show my hand to Briley in the next few days... Your sister only knows how to labour over her rundown flower shop, and she doesn't even allow me to touch her even though we've gotten engaged... I've long had no feelings for her!"

The two of them continued conversing as they passed her by, not even noticing her.

Staring at their backs as they left, Briley's eyes were filled with a deep chill...

When the matchmaker introduced Ryan, she had boasted that there was no one who was as honest and loyal as him. He had also pretended to be dependable and earnest in front of her for the one year that they were involved with each other, so she never expected that it was all an act!

Briley laughed ironically to herself. "It's a pity that Ryan doesn't want to be an actor when he has such good skills!

"Oh Briley, you are really blind to have wasted one of your best years on such a bastard!" she said to herself."


"Briley Luna? Is there a Briley Luna here?"

Briley broke out of her daze when a chubby nurse called for her thrice from a doorway.

Her expression changed slightly and then struggled to rise to her feet, feeling extremely embarrassed. "Here."

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