Chapter One :Chapter 1


"Oops, sorry." Britney, the pack and school sl**, said mockingly after she intentionally hit me when she passed by behind me as I was getting my school things from my locker. I looked at her after I was done controlling my anger and was thankful that my wolf agreed not to lose our cool.

I looked down and tried to pass her but she didn't let me. Instead, she tripped me and when I fell down, she laughed along with the others.

'Keep your cool, Frey.' My wolf reminded me as she tried to calm me. I closed my eyes and heaved a deep breath before I got up. I don't know why Pi, my wolf, was calmer than me. Normally, our wolves were the ones who lose their cool immediately and would act irrationally and it was really strange that my wolf was very sensible, totally my opposite.

"Oh, I'm so sorry again." Britney said, laughing along with her minions. I get up and walk away from them because I know that they are not going to stop as long as they see me.

Just as I made a turn for my next class, I accidentally bumped into a hard chest and regretted it when I looked up to see who owns it. Joric, the next or rather, future Alpha, was smirking at me.

He is another bully just like Britney, who thinks highly of himself just because he is the next alpha. Strength wise, he is nothing compared to his future beta and gamma. The only thing that made him qualified to become an alpha is the fact that he is the son of the current one.

"How can I be so lucky to finally find you!" he exclaimed animatedly. He was with his minions too and I was glad that his future beta and gamma was nowhere near him. They were both responsible. That may be the reason why they weren't friends at all.

"I am going to my next class." I told him with my head down. He likes it when I, or anyone in the pack does that. He feels superior that way and boosts his ego.

"You don't have to do that, I can tell your teacher to pass you if you give me a bl** job," he said, and looked at his minions who were now laughing with him. I would rather fail than do that to him. But I couldn't tell him that, so I just told him,

"I didn't want to get on Britney's bad side, she had given me enough hard times already." I told him. I know that they weren't mates but Britney was still all over him and wanted him for herself.

"You're here," Clay said, when Joric was about to reply. "I have been looking for you, let's go." he said, and took my hand. We both look at the future alpha before we turn our backs on them and find him glaring at Clay. Joric couldn't do anything about Clay because he knew that he couldn't beat his future beta.

We walked away and I sighed in relief, thankful that Clay came just in time. "You really have had good luck from crossing the path with the jerk and the wh***." Clay said, chuckling.

"Yeah, I already know that. I don't know if I have this scent that made them go wherever I was." I replied,

"I also want to believe that they are the only ones who can smell your scent, which was absent from our noses." he added, and we both laughed.

Clay is a friend to me and I hope that he is my mate. And of course he's not, because I already found mine and I didn't want to think about him. Back to the future beta who was walking with me now, he is only 17 but thinks like an adult and was focused on the pack's and members' well-being along with the future gamma, Alec.

Just like what he said, I had no scent. That's why none of them knew that I already had my wolf. I wanted to tell him and Alec about it, but I changed my mind. I didn't want them to think that I was not normal because of the fact that my scent was absent. Every wolf has its own unique scent. Not having one only means that you are either a human or another species. But no matter what kind of creature I am, I should still have a scent. I want to worry about that as well, but my wolf tells me that we are unique. That's why.

"Could it be possible?" I asked Clay and he raised a brow at me. I laughed at his reaction because I knew that those two were both id***s and knew very well that there was no way that they had the ability to smell the scent of someone which others can't.

"If that was even true, then I would be happy. At least there's something that the future alpha holds to be worthy of the position in the future." he replied, "Anyway, I looked for you because I want you to know that the lycan prince is going to visit the school," he said, which made me stiff.

"Why, what's wrong?" he asked, maybe he felt my reaction, "Don't be scared of him, you're not doing anything wrong and we both know that the lycans, especially the royals, only wanted us to follow the rules." he added.

I am not scared of the lycans or any royals. It was because of the lycan prince himself, who happened to be my mate. Yes, I was mated to a lycan prince and a future king. Being mated with a Lycan was already hard. How much more to a prince who would be king? I had been suffering from chest pain due to his infidelity, ever since I found out that he was mine.

"Freya, are you alright?" he asked and then I smelled him, I sniff and it was really, my mate. He was on his way to our location and the first thing I wanted to do was run. I had to run away and I was about to do that but I was too late. I already see him and his future beta as well as the woman whose arms were around him.

I wanted to tell him that he is mine, but how can I do that when he can't even smell me? Clay was holding my arm as he bowed his head. I already had my head down because I didn't want to meet his eyes in fear that my wolf would pounce on him and cause us both to lose our lives.

'I want him, Frey." Pi said, and I wanted to tell her that I wanted him too, but Clay held my hand and greeted them,

"His highness," I was still looking down and I could see his hand intertwined with the female lycan. A surge of anger arose in me and Clay must have felt it too. "Hey, Frey, are you alright?" he asked, sounding worried. That made me wake up from my anger, so I looked at him, smiling.

"I'm sorry, I just remembered something." I replied with my head back down.

"What do you remember that aroused your anger? I can feel it, it was as though you wanted to kill someone." my mate said,

"She sometimes feels that way whenever she remembers her bullies. She doesn't have her wolf yet, so everyone was looking down at her." Clay answered for me.

"Pathetic," the female lycan said, which made me clench my teeth, but Pi soothed me in my mind.

"Eunice!!" the lycan prince yelled, which made everyone bare their necks at him, but not me. I just hope no one noticed that as I still had my head down. "She's in the pack and deserves treatment just like anyone else," he said. I feel happy that he is not like the others, but the fact that that female lycan was caressing his arms infuriated me.

"We will go to our class now, his highness." Clay said, and he pulled me away after he granted us his permission.

"Thank you, Clay." I told him and rested my head on his chest. I was feeling nervous and angry at the same time. My mate's presence has made me uneasy ever since I found out that he is mine.