Chapter One :Chapter 1


Mother Left and Never Came Back, Who was she to Blame it's Because of Dad it's all Because of Dad, He Does nothing but put the Family in Jeopardy.

Everyone has Left Him, They Stopped Handing him Money Afraid he would Squander it, no more money to go to College it was Dad's Fault it was all Dad's Fault.

Mom Left Tired of The Gossips, Everyone Shut him out except for her She Knew Her Father was still in there somewhere so she Stayed, Cooked For Him, Provide for Him Left School to Look After Him what Did she get in Return he Changed from Bad to Worse like this Corrupt System and Started Gambling all the Money she Worked hard For that could have Paid their Rent and Probably Built a Tiny Cottage for Both to Stay, it was now her Fault for Putting Faith in Him, She Didn't Trust him with Money Anymore, She Decided to save up for College making up her Mind to Leave her Dad until she was Kidnapped



I Jerked up awake at the loud awakening of my alarm clock, I got up from my bed and stretched after that sleep my back still aches like I'm 40, why won't it ache when I do a three days Job to make ends meet while my Dad Sits around drinking and sleeping his ass out, while I do all the damn work.

"Another Stressful Day" I Sigh to myself I need to be at my first shift by 07:00 am it's 06:15, great I have less than an hour to go to work, struggling to out of my messy room and heading to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I made my way to the bathroom downstairs as I try to open the door but it wouldn't open, I tried to pushing past the door only to see bottles of different kinds of Beer on the Floor as I try to make a clear path to the other side of the Bathroom.

"Another To—do list" I Cursed out on the thought I have to clean up after my Dad like he was some Kid, Speaking of him where is He? I just ignore the bottles as I took of my Towel and Took a quick shower and Toweled myself and head to my Room and picked up my Phone.

I went to my Contacts and Smashed Penny's number with my towel on trying to pick out a less godamn outfit to wear today.

"Sup Goldilocks... " I sighed at her attempt to nickname me.

"Morning to you too, please.... " She cuts me off

"Don't worry I'll cover up for you But make sure you get your ass in here" I heaved a sigh relieved she already knew what I wanted before I even asked.

"Thanks so much I'll be there soon.." I said as I cut the call and threw my phone on the bed and wore the least dreaded outfit and went to the kitchen which was exactly the same place with the dinning room and the living room but at one cubicle of the room.

I head to the kitchen, the cupboards are all empty leaving only a box of used pancake mix, I just remembered I was so tired yesterday I forgot to restock the kitchen.

I pulled out the box as I sighed.

"Guess I'm not having breakfast... " I sighed again trying to make breakfast for my Dad why do I do it even when what he does all day is Listen to the Radio on his favorite channel sitting and drinking his ass all day and waits for his 19 year old daughter to take care of him instead of me to be in medical school studying medicine, it's because he's has AD, a mental disorder I guess and everyone left him, even mom and all our relatives turned on him it isn't his fault he didn't ask to me mentally disordered and so I stayed, took care of him but it's gotten nothing but worse, not a single improvement sometimes I say to myself


I can't leave him now he needs me and if bringing my dad back to the man he was, to escape this abnormality I'll Stay.

I'm done making pancakes as I spott my Dad making his way back to his recliner and channeling his radio listening to his radio,

you know what???

what the heck does he listen to.

I dropped his breakfast on his stool as he tries to search for my face.

"Good morning dad... " I said as he just only nods sometimes I wonder if he Thinks I'm His Daughter or some nanny assigned to take care of him he never even Say thank you, I head back up to my room and checked out once again if my outfit is appropriate and pick up my phone.

I widened my eyes in shock as I picked up my purse.

"Goodbye Dad I'm off to Work. " I half yelled as he nods almost done with his pancake as I slammed the door against me heading to work as fast as my heels could carry me.


"Welcome to Mordecai Modern Inn, You are Late..." Miss Mordecai said Disappointed as I tried to come up with a reasonable excuse.

"I.... I.... I woke up late...." I think I heard my heart Slap my brain what was I thinking using the old waking up late excuse I'm so fired.