Chapter One :Chapter 1

Yong was in her room dressing up to go to college, when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is there?" Yong asked, combing her.

"Alice, my lady" Alice replied.

Yong told her to come in, when Alice entered she bowed her head.

"My lady, your dad and mom are waiting for you at the dinning" Alice said and glanced at her.

"Okay...I will soon come downstairs" Yong said, putting on her shoe.

"Okay, my lady" Alice said with a bow then she left.

A minute later, Yong was going downstairs when she bumped into her younger sister whose name is Mee then she apologised to her but Mee glared at her.

"Oh! I am sorry sis" Yong apologised again then Mee walked away.

When Yong got downstairs, she met her dad and mom at the dinning, when the maids saw her they bowed their heads then Yong greeted her parents, they replied.

"Where is your sister?" Mr Joon asked, sipping his juice.

"I'm here dad" Mee said, climbing the stairs down.

Mr Joon nodded his head.

They were eating when Mr Joon raised his head and glanced at Yong and Mee.

"What's wrong dad?" Yong asked, chewing her food.

"Yong, I bought you a new car" Mr Joon said then Yong smiled.

"Thank you dad" Yong said with a smile.

Mee frowned at her dad then she glared at Yong.

"Dad, what about me?" Mee asked and smirked.

"Keep quiet and eat your food" Mrs Joon said and glared at her.

Mee hissed and smirked, then she stood up and left the dining room.

Yong glanced at her mom and dad.

"Dad, why don't you give Mee the car" Yong said then they took a glanced at her.

"Are you serious at all, you are older than her" Mr Joon said then Yong took a glance at him.

"Okay...bye, I have to go now" Yong said carrying her backpack, then she left the Mansion.

I'm so sorry for not introducing name is Yong Chaul, am 18 years old, i am attending Dwaigt high school, I have a younger sister name Mee, she hate me so much but I still love her, my dad Mr Bong Chaul is a politician, he want to be a president but there are some politician who doesn't want him to become the president because he loves the people more than himself and they know he will do anything for the citizens, I love my family so much, I have a boyfriend called Ronnie... I have to go now.


"I hate my parents so much and that Yong they called sister. I hate them all. Why is it that mom and dad love Yong so much? Am I not also their daughter? I hate them all, I think I'm ready to do the job which Mr Jun Pyo gave me to do" Mee thought''.

"I will kill my parents and Yong so that all the properties would be mine" Mee said with a smile.

She entered her car and drove off.

Two minutes later, she got to Mr Jun pyo's mansion, she met him on a phone call.

She greeted Mr Jun Pyo then he nodded his head, he told her to have a seat.

Thirty seconds later, Mr Jun Pyo hung up and smiled at her.

"Mee, have you thought about the job....To kill your parents is not a big deal" Mr Jun Pyo said with a smirk then Mee nodded her head.

"I'm ready to kill them sir" Mee said, then Mr Jun Pyo took a glance at her.

"Really!!!" he said with a smile then she nodded her head.

Mr Jun Pyo was in his thoughts when Mee tapped him.

"Sorry...You will go with the assassins to kill them and I promise you when I become the president, I will do anything you want" Mr Jun Pyo said.

She faked a smile at him.

"Do you know how to shoot a gun?" Mr Jun Pyo asked, sipping his juice.

"Yes sir" Mee replied.

"Okay, you can leave and don't forget that you will do the job tonight" Mr Jun Pyo said then she nodded her head, she left.


Mr Jun Pyo was so happy when Mee told him that she is ready to kill her family then he gulped his drink and laughed evilly.

A minute later he was in his thoughts when his friends came in then they sat down beside him.

"Jun Pyo, what are you thinking?" Dae asked, sitting down.

"Man, Joon will die today" Mr Jun Pyo said with a smile.

His friend glanced at him then they burst out laughing.

"How will you kill him?" Dae asked and collected his drink then he gulped it.

"You know he has many bodyguards" Hyun-ki said, gazing at Mr Jun Pyo.

"His daughter Mee would be the one to kill him" Mr Jun Pyo said then they smiled.

"I hope she can keep it a secret" Chin said.

"Don't worry, when she is done with the job, we will kill her. Mr Jun Pyo said with a smile.

"That's good" Dong said, then they burst out laughing.


An hour later, Yong got to school, she met Ronnie at the front of the gate waiting for her.

"Hey" Yong said, getting down from the car.

"Yong" Ronnie called with a frown then Yong grabbed his hand.

"I'm sorry that I was late" Yong said with a pout then Ronnie chuckled.

Ronnie hugged her then he kissed her.

"Let's go to class" Yong said, holding his hand.

"Okay...Jin and Mi-Cha asked about you" Ronnie said and touched my cheek.

Yong nodded her head.

"What's wrong Yong?" Ronnie asked.

"Nothing" Yong said with a smile.

When they got to the class, they met Jin and Mi-Cha laughing.

"Oh! some people are gisting without me" Yong said with a roll.

"Yong" Jin and Mi-Cha called, then they hugged her then Jin pinched Yong.

"That is for coming late" Jin said.

"Ouch...Sorry girls" Yong said with a smile.

"Let me excuse you girls" Ronnie said.

Ronnie was walking away when Yong called him then she pointed her hand on her cheek.

"Sorry babe" Ronnie said and pecked her on her cheek then he left.

"Awwn,that was romantic" Mi-Cha said then Yong blushed.

A minute later, Mee entered the class, when she saw Yong, she hissed then she went to her seat.

"What's wrong with your sister?" Jin asked.

"Your witch sister has a problem" Mi-Cha said then Yong glared at her.

"Sorry" Yong said with a pout.

"Let's forget about her, I am not in the mood to talk about her" Yong said, resting her head on the table.

Mi-Cha glanced at Jin then she rolled her eyes.