Chapter One :Chapter 1

The Forest of Demonic Beasts was a boundless forest filled with ancient trees and demonic beasts. The strong smell of blood drifted in the wind, making people shudder.

This was a Forbidden Land of Death. In the Forest of Demonic Beasts, not only would they face powerful Demonic Beasts at any time, they would also have to be wary of those who were training. If they were careless, they would definitely die.

On the surface, human martial artists came to the Forest of Demonic Beasts to hunt down demonic beasts, earn wealth, buy cultivation resources, and improve their strength. In fact, it was not rare for martial artists to kill people and steal goods.

After all, some talented and powerful martial artists, who came from poor families, could not afford expensive cultivation resources at all, so plundering them was undoubtedly a shortcut.

In this case, one could imagine how dangerous the Forest of Demonic Beasts was.

Wang Xiao leaned against the tree, closed his eyes, and concentrated. He seemed to be resting, but in fact, he had already released a strong soul force, covering dozens of meters around him. He knew everything clearly.

It had been a year since he came to the Forest of Demonic Beasts. It had been 365 days. Wang Xiao lived a bloody life every day. He had experienced many dangers, but he was still alive and full of vigor.

At his feet, there was a silver ape. It looked like it was only one meter tall. Obviously, it was still a baby. However, this ape belonged to a first-level demonic beast. It had thick mane on its neck, scales all over its body, and a pair of wings on its ribs. No matter how you looked at it, it was weird.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Suddenly, the sound of wind came from the front of Wang Xiao's clothes. He frowned and opened his eyes. His two sharp eyes seemed to be drawn out of the sheath. They were cold and frightening.

The voice suddenly came from far away and near. It was so fast that it was as fast as a flash. With a strong sense of danger, it was like a group of hungry wolves hunting for food.

"It seems that someone has found me, and there are four masters."

With a murmur, Wang Xiao showed no fear, and his fighting spirit was as strong as fire. He made a grab with his big hand and directly pulled out the saber hanging on his waist.

This was a family heirloom, five feet long, wide and thick. It was shaped like a ghost head knife or a horse-slaying knife. Its whole body was dark red, as if it was soaked in blood. There was a character "Overlord" carved on the handle of the knife. It was endless and exuded unparalleled aggressiveness, which made people feel frightened and creepy.

Holding a knife in his hand, Wang Xiaojing stood still like a mountain. He looked like an experienced hunter, with blood-red light in his eyes, waiting for his prey to appear.

After a few breaths, the four young men rushed over with powerful momentum. Each of them held a sharp sword in their hands, like an executioner. They were murderous and frightening.

They stared at Wang Xiao, their eyes full of cruel killing intent.

"Kid, if you hand over your wealth, I can spare your life. Otherwise, the Forest of Demonic Beasts will be your burial ground." One of the tall young men sneered, and then, like a wolf or a tiger, he went straight to Wang Xiao.

The other three didn't want to show weakness. They waved their swords and rushed to Wang Xiao.

"A seventh level Martial Arts realm expert at the true qi realm does have some strength."

Wang Xiao snorted coldly. He was invincible and domineering. At a glance, he could see that the four young men who suddenly rushed over were all experts in the seventh level of the Martial Arts Realm, and their comprehensive strength was very powerful.

If Wang Xiao had met an expert of this level a year ago, he would have definitely escaped. However, after cultivating in the Forest of Demonic Beasts for 365 days, his strength had soared by leaps and bounds. He was also at the seventh level of the Martial Arts Realm, true qi realm.

It was said that martial arts were divided into the Mortal Martial Arts Realm, the Real Martial Arts Realm, the Dharma Martial Arts Realm, and so on. Each realm was divided into nine levels, such as the Mortal Martial Arts Realm, the first level of health preservation, the second level of body refining, the third level of strong tendons, the fourth level of strong bones, the fifth level of soul force, the sixth level of bravery, the seventh level of true qi, the eighth level of softness, and the ninth level of illusion.

They were all at the seventh level of the Mortal Martial Arts Realm. Wang Xiao was not afraid of the four strong enemies at all. He sneered and suddenly slashed out.


Wang Xiao didn't move, and as soon as he moved, lightning struck. He brandished his blade like lightning, and when he attacked, he was the first to arrive. The bloody blade radiance pierced through the void, and it was incomparably fierce. That type of unstoppable domineering aura was unstoppable.


The sound of King Kong breaking was heard. The tall young man, who was the first to kill Wang Xiao, felt his arm shake, and then found that the long saber in his hand had been broken into two pieces.

Not only that, he staggered backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

On the other hand, Wang Xiao's expression was cold and unperturbed. As if nothing had happened, he once again brandished his family's tyrannical blade and swept out.


A blood-curdling scream sounded. The tall young man, who had been killed, felt a flash of blood, and then blood gushed out of his neck like a spring, and his head fell to the ground.

He was shocked and terrified.

The eyes of the other three young men almost flew out. It was too horrible. The young man in front of them actually killed a master of the same level with one strike. His strength was so strong that he was unparalleled in the world.

"Brothers, this man's sword is sharp and fast. If we fight him one-on-one, we will be in great danger. But if we fight him together, it will be easy to kill him."

Although they were shocked, the three young men were full of strength and confidence. They instantly calmed down and continued to attack Wang Xiao fiercely.


Wang Xiao let out a long roar and swung his blood-red saber. Each of his moves was deadly and extremely fierce.

Unfortunately, two fists couldn't defeat four hands, and a hero couldn't hold up against many people.

No matter how powerful Wang Xiao was and how fast his knife was, at this moment, with him as the core, the three masters at the same level were desperate to kill him, which immediately caused him a fatal crisis.


In the fierce battle, a sharp long sword pierced through Wang Xiao's left shoulder. He felt a sharp pain in his heart. He couldn't help but narrow his eyes and stab out with his backhand.

In an instant, hot blood rushed into the sky. The master who severely injured Wang Xiao was stabbed in the heart and died on the spot.

Although Wang Xiao did not see this bloody scene, he was full of confidence in the power of his family's saber and the speed of his own saber.

They fought in blood, brave and fearless.

Although Wang Xiao had been injured, he was calm and domineering. He fought a bloody battle with the two powerful enemies, but he still attacked more and defended less.

"Heart-piercing Sword!"

"The blade passed without a trace!"

The remaining two young men had long been killed red-eyed. They spared no effort to kill. Layers of saber radiance and sword shadows swept over, which was thrilling and shocking.

"Come on, none of you can leave alive today."

The more Wang Xiao fought, the braver he became. He stared at the two young men, and the saber in his hand pierced into the throat of one of the young men like thunder and lightning.


At the same time as he killed the strong enemy in one move, the long sword in Wang Xiao's hand was also stabbed in the abdomen. Although the injury was not fatal enough, blood splashed and the pain was unbearable.

"I'll take your life while you're ill. Boy, give me your life." The last young man saw that Wang Xiao was seriously injured and immediately sneered. He slashed at Wang Xiao with his sword. His fierce and vigorous posture was like an eagle flying in the sky.

After being injured twice, Wang Xiao's vision darkened and he was mentally weak. However, he could feel the last young man charging at him. He had used his family's Tyrannical Saber as a hidden weapon.

A bloody light flashed in the void, and the sharp saber stabbed exactly on the chest of the last young man. The powerful force drove the young man to fly backward and nailed him to a big tree.


Just then, something strange happened.

The saber, which was soaked in blood, suddenly trembled as if it had life. It emitted a bloody brilliance, like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, which was shocking.

What was even more incredible was that the blood-red broadsword shook more and more violently. In the end, it shattered the trunk and drilled into the depths of Wang Xiao's mind.

"Killing Blade!"

"The Knife of Fear!"

"Blade of Despair!"


At this moment, a vast space appeared in Wang Xiao's mind. A scarlet-robed man stood among them. He held a long saber in his hand and fought alone. He looked down upon everyone.

This person was slender and had a delicate face. His long hair was dark red. Two blood-red eyebrows on his wide forehead slanted into his temples. His deep eyes were like a sea of blood. No matter who looked at him, they would never forget him.

The red-robed man's figure and appearance were very similar to Wang Xiao's, but his whole body exuded an invincible domineering aura, covering heaven and earth and wreaking havoc in the sky.

He was like an invincible God of War. The scarlet-robed man waved his bloody knife, splitting heaven and earth, and swept across all directions. He madly slaughtered countless masters. It was really a life-and-death strike, and he was invincible in the world.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With the sounds of explosions, the man in blood-red clothes fought against heaven and earth, killing gods and devils. The sharp knife light was like a divine punishment from the Ninth Heaven, overwhelming and unstoppable.

Looking at the black-clad masters around, each of them exuded an earth-shaking aura, like a god or a saint, majestic and inviolable. However, countless masters surrounded the man in blood-red clothes and retreated one by one, with heavy casualties.

"Is this a battle between the Demon Gods?"

Wang Xiao was extremely shocked. Although he could not see the strength of the scarlet-robed man and those masters who were being slaughtered, he felt that only the legendary gods and devils could be so powerful.


In the blink of an eye, all the masters were wiped out, leaving only the scarlet-robed man alone.

"I am the ancestor of the Wang Clan, the Domineering Saint—the remnant soul of the Lord of the Wang Clan. I was sealed in the Domineering Saber, waiting for the future generation of disciples to inherit the Domineering Heaven Saber technique. Unfortunately, for the past three thousand years, my soul has been nourished with blood, but I have not awakened. Now that my merit has been fulfilled, the descendants of the Wang Clan must lead the family to regain the invincible majesty of the Domineering Saint Sect..."

A voice that sounded like the roar of a tiger and a dragon came out of the scarlet-robed man's mouth. Then, his body shook and exploded, turning into a large number of words.

Countless characters merged into Wang Xiao's memory and formed a cultivation method, the Supreme Sky Saber.

There were ten moves in this skill: Slaughter Saber, Fear Saber, and Despair Saber...

Among the ten saber techniques, each was more powerful than the last. Although Wang Xiao could not comprehend them in a short time, he could not help but feel excited and excited when he saw the mighty power of the scarlet-robed man.