Chapter One :Chapter 1

I adjusted my very tiny bikini against my rather large tits, wondering what monstrosity had led me to think that going to this new club opening would be fun.

I looked at the e—flier on my iPhone X one more time to be sure it's the right place I'm oh—so—sultry dressed for.

Dress code — Very revealing bikini or nothing at all.

It read.

It was the first nude club in this area and it was grand.

"Oh fuck it" I thought; as I had the ability to overthink and let me tell you, I'm a very indecisive person.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror one last time and dare I say, I looked banging hot.

The gold bikini I had on left almost nothing to the imagination. The top was almost too small but, doing a rather good job to hide my nipples and the panties, oh the panties! Made my already big ass look even bigger and better.

I knew I was going to get lucky tonight.

I grabbed my brown kimono and my purse after slipping on my black 3inches stilettos, luckily for me, the Uber I had ordered earlier was here already so, I locked my apartment and headed straight for my night of pure fun and pleasure.


The club was exactly as I had envisioned it to be, it was packed with a lot of beautiful women and men in all shapes, sizes and color, all dressed like me; dressed to kill.

I handed over my kimono to a guy at the entrance of the club, who's job was to collect the piece of clothing people used to cover their revealing bodies.

After successfully handing over my kimono, I strolled straight to the bar, I needed some alcohol in my system.

"Rum and coke" I ordered and the very built bartender nodded his head at me, not forgetting to look at my boobs before getting on with my drink. It didn't take long for me to get my drink and when it came, I downed it immediately, like a pro.

I turned around, looking at the packed dance floor, people grinding against each other as the dj played 'earned it'. From where I sat, I could even see a couple having sex on the dance floor; I guess they couldn't wait to go somewhere more private.

I moved to a set of cushions by the far left part of the club, the raging blue and green lights and people, making it hard to even get to the comfortable goodness but, I did.

There was this Arabian looking lady at the end of the cushion I sat on, she was too busy with her phone to even notice anyone was looking at her. She had a red bikini set against her tender porcelain skin, red is definitely her color; to her face, she clearly was blessed with good genes, and she knew it. I turned my face away from her because, staring is 'rude' and fished out my phone, then I heard a gasp by my side. It was the red goddess.

"Oh my days, are those real?" She asked, looking at my beautiful pair with a surprised look on her face.

I smiled and nodded. "Wow, they're pretty. Can I feel em?" She asked and I nodded again, she came closer and felt my boobs "awesome" she cooed, she looked awed.

"You have a nice pair too" I told her and she laughed, thanking me.

"Aliya" she said smiling

"Sewa" I told her, smiling also

From that moment, I felt a friendship rising.

"I love the accent, where are you from?" She asked me

"Nigeria, what about you?" I asked back

"I'm Russian" she said, her accent thick.

We talked about almost everything and everyone, then we had more drinks and went to the dance floor to dance and show all the guys our sultry moves which we got a lot of howling and wolf whistles for. By now, I was so sure I was drunk and I could tell Aliya was too. Tired, we found our way back to the cushion we met and sprawled ourselves on it. Her phone that she managed to fix in her bikini top, started vibrating, she pulled it out and answered lazily.

"Huh?" She said into the phone. "Ugh, alright fine" she said and hung up.

"Gotta go?" I asked and she turned to me "sadly, I also have to find a sexy gir—

Wait, you're real sexy, you should come home with me, I hope you don't mind a threesome?" She asked and I smiled "I don't mind at all" I told her.

"Okay good, because, this will be the only chance I'm gonna have to have those tits in my mouth" her vulgar words didn't faze me, it was her action that got me a little, she shifted my bikini top of my right boob aside, pinching my hard nipple, she flashed me a smile afterwards.

"Don't mind me, I'm straight" she felt the need to add "I wasn't judging. I am too" I told her and she grabbed my arm, pulling us both up.

"Last drink before we head out of here?" I asked and she nodded. We downed our drinks, collected our kimonos and left the club. Almost immediately though, a black car pulled up in front of us, I was too drunk to figure out the car type.

"Le Le" Aliya called, looking at the person in the car, he nodded at her and me then came out to help us get into the car. "Let me tell you about Antonio" Aliya said out of nowhere, holding unto my hands for dear life.

"He's super handsome and rich and also big and really hung" she giggled at the last part.

"He's not my boyfriend, I don't see myself ever dating him mostly because he was once my step brother, when our parents divorced, we became fuck buddies" she revealed and I felt like my eyes was going to pop out from it sockets. I was that surprised, I was.

"He'll like you though, you're sexy, he likes sexy" she said and smiled at me.

"We're almost there" she announced happily.

"I'll bet you 1 grand that, there are people having an orgy in that house and Antonio is just there watching them, he's a real weirdo" she said and I laughed, I can't wait to meet this Antonio guy already. Just then, I felt the car slowing down and then finally stop.

Aliya opened the door and literally dragged me out of the car into the house, it was a very large house, it looked old but still beautiful. The chandelier that greeted us with its magnificent light was hanging from a high ceiling and the path we were on was a long corridor that looked like it had no end, so we walked a bit and then found the living room.

"What's up? Bitches." Aliya yelled before I even saw people. Funny enough, she wasn't wrong about the orgy part, there where about ten people in the room, five ladies and men, all connected to each other in one way or the other, everyone moaning loudly, the sound of bodies slapping against each other, making my insides tighten, I could feel my panties dampen.

Aliya ran over to the group as they acknowledged her presence and stopped at a very hot dude who I originally thought was Antonio, he was getting a a blow job from this really sexy girl, who was getting fucked by a seemingly hot guy. When she got to him, she took out her left boob from her bikini and he bit her nipple, sucking gently.

"You should've given me your clit" the guy said and she laughed.

"Where's he?" She asked him, tucking her boob back in place.

"He just went to grab a drink" he told her, he's eyes darted to me, he gave me a once over, more like a million over, he let his eyes linger on my boobs and he didn't even care that I was watching him.

"Take your eyes off her, she's not yours, Phil" Aliya joked and he smiled.

"You always bring the best ones for him" this Phil said and Aliya rolled her eyes at him, pulling me away from the group of people having an orgy.

The way we were able to ignore them was beyond me, especially that Phil guy, he was literally getting a blow job and yet, he ran his mouth... and eyes.

"You weren't wrong about the orgy" I mentioned and she smiled "I know, they do this every Saturday" she let on and I nodded.

"Let's get an drink and then get fucked senseless" she yelled, leading me to the kitchen.

It was the biggest kitchen I had ever laid eyes on, painted white and had brown accessories. It was beautiful but I was too drunk to care.

Aliya served us tequila and we downed it immediately, letting the liquid burn every part it touched.

After our drinks, she grabbed my arm and led me to a flight of stairs that led to a hallway that had only one room, I'm guessing in there lies my fun for the night.

Aliya opened the door smiling, with me on her arm.

"I was thinking you'd never show" We heard a voice say, the room was dimly lit but, I could tell that there was a tall built man standing at the floor length mirror.

"Oh forgive me Anto, like you didn't run away when you heard the car come in" She mocked and he turned to us.

I think I died.

He was the most beautiful bearded person I had ever seen in my entire life, and he was watching me.

"Anto, this is Sewa and Sewa, this is the weirdo I told you about" she introduced informally and laughed.

"Let's have sex already, my pussy's yearning for some loving" I blurted out causing Aliya to laugh and Adonis Antonio give me an amused look.

"Come here" he motioned for me and before I could protest, my legs started moving to him.

He softly trailed his fingers from my shoulders down to my elbow, his face moved from mine to my boobs.

"Natural I see" he said, his voice thick with an accent, an Italian accent I suppose.

Aliya came from behind me, loosing my bikini top, letting my boobs free, while Antonio played with my nipples, making feel hot all over.

I grabbed Mr. Gorgeous' face, pulled it closer to mine and placed my lips on his, he tensed up at first before kissing me right back, gabbing my ass in the process and making me bite his lips.

Aliya discarded her bikini and pulled me away from Antonio, placing her lips on mine while I played with her nipples, I broke the kiss and placed my lips on her right nipple, bitting and sucking hard making her let out a moan.

"Bed" she moaned and we went to the bed. I was on top of her, sucking her left nipple and letting out small groans as I did.

I felt more pressure on the bed, meaning Antonio had joined us, he was behind me and before I knew what was happening, he tore my panties off me, immediately sliding a finger into my wet pussy.

I loved it.

I sneakily found Aliya's entrance and inserted my finger into her and she let out a loud moan.

Antonio lifted my his higher and set himself lower so he could gain more access to my throbbing core, I felt his tongue dancing around my pussy lips, biting and sucking gently as I had don't to Aliya's nipple and boy does he know how to eat pussy.

Our moans filled the room.

I peeled myself from Aliya, turning to Antonio who's now bare, I looked at his dick and smirked, Aliya was not joking at all.

"Like what you see?" He asked, smirking also and I nodded, wrapping my hand around his dick. He was huge.

I smiled and placed my lips on his tip, teasing him while Aliya sat on his face.

I sucked him like my life depended on it, putting my hand and saliva to use, after some time, I felt his dick twitch in my mouth and I sucked faster, causing him to groan into Aliya's pussy. Then he has his release I had an option to spit but, I swallowed, loving the way his cum tasted.

Aliya moaned loudly, panting with her eyes closed, she was close to having an orgasm.

"Oh fuck yes" she let out as she found her release.

Antonio looked at me approvingly and smirked.

"You've earned first place to get my dick tonight" he said, he walked to the bed side table and took a condom, putting it on, he laid down back and the same position and we I smiled, climbing on top of him, my pussy directly over his dick, he held my hips, guiding me slowly as his dick filled me, he was really big.

He started slowly before increasing his pace, thrusting deeper and harder into me, making me moan louder.

"What's my name?" he asked in between thrusts

"Antonio" I yelled loudly and he found my g—spot, he figured out he hit my g—spot and fucked me harder, harder than I have ever been fucked and I've been fucked plenty.

"Yes, mmmm" I let out, biting my lips and running my fingers through my body, grabbing my boobs and pinching my nipples.

At this point, I forgot Aliya was here with us, this guy's dick was just too magical and he knew how to cast spells.

Before I knew it, I groaned the loudest as I came.

That was the first orgasm of many more to come.