Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Realm Master! The three northwestern nations are eyeing us covetously. They've been coveting our Western Region for a long time. At times of crisis, you can't leave without a seal!"

Jiang Yang, dressed in a military uniform, knelt on one knee, his face full of anxiety.

Standing in front of him was a man with a determined look. He was not angry but dignified, but he was dressed in a stall. He was of no rank at all.

The man snorted and stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

"I've worked hard in the Western Region for five years and finally built a solid defensive line of the iron triangle. The advisor's headquarters made a stupid decision to bury my defensive line!"

"Aren't they afraid that I'll have too much power and threaten their status?"

"I'm a soldier, and it's my duty to obey orders. However, the headquarters of the Adviser Department, regardless of the safety of the Western Region, has lost the lives of 80,000 soldiers. Unless all of them kneel in front of the Yellow Sand Ridge and kneel for three days in front of my 80,000 soldiers, I'm sure I won't be able to return to the Western Region!"

"Before that, don't disturb me. Just let me be a good-for-nothing quietly!"

Luo Chen strode away, leaving Jiang Yang alone in a daze.

The Ye family was a third-rate family in Jingnan City. Five years ago, the third son of the Ye family, Ye Liuxing, was afraid that his cowardly elder brother's daughter, Ye Qingmei, was too outstanding and controlled the family business. Therefore, he encouraged the old master of the Ye family to recruit Ye Qingmei. Under the personal selection of Ye Liuxing, Luo Chen was selected and became Ye Qingmei's husband.

At that time, Luo Chen was just a homeless beggar who was wandering on the streets of Jingnan City.

The wedding at that time was very simple, but it also shocked the whole of Jingnan City. Everyone knew that Ye Qingmei married a good-for-nothing beggar, and Luo Chen and Ye Qingmei became the laughing stock of Jingnan City because of this!

After the wedding, Ye Qingmei's father, Ye Liuyun, could not bear to let his daughter live with this useless person for the rest of her life, so he made his own decision and asked Luo Chen to join the army in the Western Region. During the five years in the Western Region, Luo Chen had suffered a lot. However, God did not let down those who cared about him. In the end, he used his own efforts to become the supreme commander of the Western Region. He had a million strong army and was called the pillar of the Western Region, the God of War!

Except for the upper echelons of the Western Region and the upper echelons of Hua Xia, no one knew that the pillar of the Western Region was none other than Luo Chen.

Today was the Ye Family's old master, Ye Xinghe's 80th birthday. Luo Chen went out to buy a suit to show his seriousness.

When they arrived at the hotel for the birthday party, a beautiful figure had already stood at the door, looking annoyed.

This woman was Ye Qingmei, Luo Chen's wife.

She was extremely beautiful and highly talented. In the past, the people who courted her were the rich young men of the major families. As for Ye Liuxing, he was afraid that she would combine with the rich young men of the big families and raise his status as a big brother, so he married Luo Chen, who used to be a beggar, and made her a big joke.

"Qingmei, aren't you going in yet?"

Luo Chen came up to her and said kindly.

Ye Qingmei's eyes were filled with a hint of annoyance. If it weren't for this man, how could she have become like this, being laughed at by everyone?

However, Luo Chen was also a poor person. Before he got married, he was a beggar. After he got married, he was thrown out of the Western Region by his father and became a poor soldier guarding the border. In her heart, she also had a hint of sympathy for Luo Chen.

"I've prepared the gift for you. Besides, don't talk too much in case you get into trouble. In their opinion, if someone humiliates you, you'd better not talk back and don't make a big deal out of it," Ye Qingmei told him.

Luo Chen nodded. He did not care about these things at all. After all, with his current status, there was not a single benefit in competing with these people. Instead, he had lowered his status.

However, Ye Xiaoxi felt a little helpless. Looking at Luo Chen's indifferent look, she also felt a lot of pain in her heart. "Why is there such a man in this world who doesn't want to make progress and doesn't want to make progress?"

At the banquet.

As soon as Ye Qingmei and Luo Chen sat down, her third uncle's daughter, Ye Qingyan, stood up and said in a strange voice, "Hey, isn't this Luo Chen? He just came back from the Western Region for a few days, and he has put on a suit. Although he feels strange, he is indeed much better than the beggar you were five years ago when you married into the Ye Family!"

The crowd burst into laughter.

"Don't say that. I don't look like a beggar anymore. I do look like a soldier." Ye Qingyan's younger brother, Ye Qingyu, also laughed at him.

Ye Qingyi nodded. "Luo Chen, what kind of high-ranking official did you get after you retired this time?"

"Not yet," Luo Chen replied truthfully.

"What do you mean by not having it yet? Do you mean that you'll have it in the future?" Ye Qingyi laughed out loud. "Don't even dream about it. You're just like this. You'll be living off a woman in the future!"

"Well, it's better to eat soft food," Luo Chen said casually.

The crowd burst into laughter again.

"It's so funny. This person is really shameless."

At this time, the old master of the Ye Family, Ye Xinghe, was helped to come over and sat in the main seat.

He glanced at Luo Chen casually and said, "It's time for Qing Yan's fiance to come, isn't it? There are not enough seats on this table. Qing Mei, take Luo Chen to the table next to you."

At this moment, Ye Xiaoxi felt that her face was burning red, and at the same time, she felt extremely wronged. If it weren't for Luo Chen, why should she be so isolated from the family?

"Yes, Grandpa."

Ye Qingmei stood up. She ignored Luo Chen and went back.

Luo Chen quickly caught up with her and followed beside Ye Qingmei.

The people of the Ye Family began to laugh at him with interest.

"Look, the way you walk is so funny."

"He looks like a fool."

Ye Qingmei's parents were also sitting at the same table. At this time, their faces had already turned red, and they were so angry that they had no appetite.

Sitting on the table next to them were all members of the fourth generation of the Ye Family, most of whom were children of five or six years old.

As soon as Luo Chen and Ye Qingmei sat down, the group of children sneered at them.

"A beggar can't eat on the table."

"Yes, don't touch our food."

"You'd better sit away. I'm afraid you have the smell of a beggar."

The children said innocently and disgustedly.

Ye Xiaoxi looked at Luo Chen, who was next to her. It seemed that he didn't care, but she couldn't help it. She picked up her chopsticks and knocked on the table, shouting, "If you don't behave yourself and talk nonsense, I'll slap your mouth!"

Luo Chen looked at Ye Qingmei in shock. He didn't expect that Ye Qingmei would stand up for him.

At this time, an officer in a military uniform came from outside and said with a smile, "Qingmei, why do you still care about children?"

This man was Ye Qingyi's fiance, Hechi Ming.

He Chiming felt that he was very glorious, so he looked at Luo Chen again.

"Is this our eldest brother-in-law?"

"Brother-in-law, don't be so restrained. Although you used to be a beggar, you are now a soldier who has retired. Although you are just an ordinary soldier, you have to show our soldier's backbone, don't you?"

On the table next to him, Ye Qingyi grinned from ear to ear. She immediately came over and grabbed Hechi Ming's arm. "Dear, don't talk to a beggar. Hurry up and take out the gift you prepared for the old man."

A painting of the Songhui Sect's Eagle-commanding Drawing was unfolded slowly.

The crowd was amazed.

"This painting is so good. It's Song Huizong's authentic work. It's worth a lot of money, isn't it?"

"It's at least 10 million, isn't it? It's so rich!"

Ye Xinghe, the old master of the Ye family, was famous for collecting painting and calligraphy. At this moment, when he saw this picture, he was so obsessed that he couldn't move his eyes away.

He exclaimed, "Qing Yan, you really found a good husband. I really like this painting!"

At this moment, everyone's attention was focused on Hechi Ming. They were all amazed and forgot Luo Chen and Ye Qingmei, who were sitting on the table next to them.

Ye Qingmei sighed and felt a little helpless. In this kind of thing, she would never be able to compete with anyone else.

Next to him, Luo Chen looked at Ye Qingmei and whispered, "Are you feeling wronged?"

Ye Qingmei shook her head.

"Will you marry the wrong person if you marry me?" Luo Chen asked again.

Ye Xiaoxi didn't expect that Luo Chen would ask such a question. She wanted to nod and say yes, but when she thought about it, she felt that Luo Chen was pitiful. At this moment, he must have suffered a great blow, so she said absent-mindedly, "Don't think too much!"

At this moment, seven or eight military vehicles stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Then, more than 20 guards of honor got out of the vehicles. They lined up neatly, escorted a banner and a gift box, and walked toward the hotel.

At the hotel's birthday party, when everyone saw the group of soldiers walking towards them, they all widened their eyes.

They hadn't seen such a scene many times.

Especially on the banner at the head of the queue, there were eight words written on it—The Pillar of the Western Region, the State-protecting War God!

What a high evaluation! Who on earth did he give it to?

Everyone began to be confused.

At this moment, Luo Chen sighed and muttered to himself, "Do you really think that if you give me face like this, I will go back?"

The soldier at the head of the queue suddenly stopped, stood up straight and saluted. Then, he shouted powerfully, "The General Staff is here on behalf of the God of War of the Western Region to wish you a happy birthday, Old Master Ye!"

The soldiers bowed at the same time, without losing any momentum.

"Give me a silk banner, a pillar from the Western Region, and the God of War to protect the country!"

"Give me the national iron sword!"

"Give Song Hui Sect's Eagle-commanding Painting!"

This time, the scene was even more explosive. Hadn't Hechiming already sent away the Eagle-commanding Painting just now?

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