Chapter One :Chapter 1

Sophia's POV

New York City, the city that never sleeps. I fell in love with her when I first came here when I was 12 and it stuck like in my memory.

I've always said I'll be moving to New York when I'm 21 and I'm a year late but I'm still here enjoying the view of the Upper East Side from my apartment.

My eyes slide to my best friend, who can hardly believe that we really made it, which I can't blame her for. Because even though I've been here a few times, it's a whole different book to move here.

I grab a bottle of water and look at my phone, where my sister's name appears and sigh, I smile.

My older version, who moved here two years ago, is happier than me about my move and I'm happy to have her back with me. I grew up with her as my mother was gone from a very young age so we took care of each other.

After my little brother Roven was born, my mother just seemed completely overwhelmed and when he was three and I was five, one morning she just wasn't there. It took Roven and I a long time to understand that she was gone and my dad's multiple wives didn't really help with our mental health, but I think all three of us managed very well on our own.

Of course I wonder if my mum sees our gala performances or photoshoots and is proud of us, but then I remember my terrible childhood, the terrible stroke of fate when she wasn't there for me and I suddenly know why I don't have any have feelings for her.

I dial my sister's number and after only one ring her soft voice comes out excited.

"Welcome to New York City, Bambi!" she calls and I can literally see her big grin in front of my eyes.

"Thank you, my rose. We've arrived safely, when do you want to meet up?" I ask, running my fingers through my hair, grabbing a donut on the counter and biting down hungrily.

"It's best right away, do you want to come to my office?", "Can Kate come with me?"

I look into my beautiful best friend's blue eyes, but she just shakes her head.

"I have to clear out my last few boxes and then I'll go shopping, meet you up and we'll talk." she says and gives me a kiss on the cheek before walking upstairs.

"It's settled. Where is your office again?", "Just say Vance Industries Main Building and the taxi driver will take you there.", she replies and after I say goodbye, I go to my room to change.

Almost half an hour later, I'm standing in front of the huge building in a tight, blue crop top and black jeans with matching sneakers and am amazed. When I say huge, I mean more than 30 floors, at least. I enter the glass house and a nice lady tells me that someone has to confirm me as a guest, otherwise I won't be able to use the elevator. I'm saying my sister's name when a tall figure appears next to me and I suddenly seem intoxicated.

I don't even dare to look next to me, because the man, no matter who he may be, emanates an intense and also strong sexual radiation.

"Mrs Hamilton is expecting you," says the woman and smiles.

Totally lost in my thoughts, I say thank you and try to walk past Person's wall, but it seems impossible. A line forms behind him and next to him is a bodyguard who scares the shit out of me with his black glasses and tailored suit set to the perfect aggressive stance. In front of him is the information desk and I think for a moment before nervously tapping the man and I could have sworn my finger was on fire.

"May I go through for a moment?" I ask politely, but I don't look into his eyes.

"If you look me in the eye and ask again, then yes."

This was clearly nota please, but a strict but politely worded command.

His voice seems like that of a god. A bass so raw and deep it vibrates in the chest; she's just dripping with sex.

Whether he looks awful or not even my type, I'm going to find him hot because just his voice could make me cum.

I take a deep breath and raise my head, but I wish nothing more than to lower it again.

Green crystals take my breath away, look at me severely and dominantly. I can literally feel from his eyes how much power he has and I swallow the lump in my throat as best I can. I can actually feel my stomach clench and you could cut the sexual tension in the air.

It's just his attraction, I'm sure he doesn't find me half as attractive as I find him.

What am I even talking about? i want this man I want him with everything he has and everything he can give me. I want to be fucked hard and rough by him, want to hear his voice close to my ear and-

"Now you have to ask again." That beautiful voice sounds again and I immediately clear my throat. The blush hits my cheeks immediately and my gaze wanders to his full, curved lips. His nose matches his angular face perfectly and he has tied his blond hair back in a bun. The skin is tanned, bringing out those green crystals even more, making me even more willing.

"May I stop by?" I ask and startle when I hear how much my voice has suffered from the excitement that has spread through my body. I sound all hoarse and I could easily have been someone else.

"Of course," he replies, moving his six-foot-tall, muscle-bound body draped in a tailored dark blue suit to the side.

I stare tensely at the ground and try to walk past him without touching him.

How I would like to bury my hands in his hair and let him bring me to orgasm. Over and over and over again until I can't anymore.

As I get to the elevators, I feel my fingers trembling and the palms of my hands sweating.

The doors open and everyone leaves the elevator before I go in and lean against the cold elevator wall, more than overwhelmed with the last few minutes.

It's like I can still feel him near me and I'm trying to breathe but after seeing it it seems impossible.

I arrive at the twentieth floor and through the glass wall I can already see my sister's beautiful body, which is in a red Versace dress and radiates pure elegance just like herself.

I knock on the door when I see a young man, quite tall, with long brown hair and a charming smile in her office.

"It took you a long time, up to the twentieth floor." She laughs and hugs me tightly.

I notice how I slowly get myself together again and sigh loudly into the hollow of my sister's throat. This man turned my head and only by standing in front of me.

"I missed you.", "I missed you first.", says Flora and kisses my cheek before she stands next to me in her stillettos, which make her a head taller than me.

I look into green eyes and suddenly notice the resemblance to the crystals from just now, but something very specific is missing in them. The power that the crystals radiated is absent from these, making them more lovely and soulful; more comfortable and calmer.

"Sophia, this is Noah Vance, one of my bosses and favorite nuisance. Noah, this is Sophia, my little sister. She works in your mother's modeling agency.", says Flora with a grin and I give the attractive man my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Mr Vance," I say, smiling. "I'm happy too, Sophia. Call me Noah, Mr. Vance is my brother and Dr. Vance is my father.", he simply replies and gives me a crooked grin.

"I've already ordered something for us and if it's okay with you, Noah will eat with us." Flora says and leads me to the huge table in her office.

Flora has always been someone who was the best at everything. She was top of her class in high school for years and graduated from college with flying colors. I have no idea what she studied or what her job is in this company, but I know her bosses couldn't have and will not find a better one.

"Of course," I answer and sit down at the black table, which could accommodate a whole football team plus all referees and coaches.

"How are you, Bambi?" asks Flora, handing me a bottle of water and then tying her hair into a ponytail. "All right so far. I've fallen in love with New York again and I'm glad everything is as I remember it," I replied, toying with the lid.

"New York is just like Marilyn Monroe. You just have to fall in love. Glad you got on well. Have you spoken to Dad or Roven yet?" she continues, sitting down in front of me. "Dad was in a meeting when my plane landed and Roven was asleep, so no. How are you - you guys?" I ask now, looking into Noah's eyes.

"We're dazzling, thanks.", Flora replies for both of them. "Maybe I'm having a bad day??" Noah's voice sounds and my sister just rolls her eyes. "You'll survive.", she just sighs and there's a knock on the door.

The wonderful smell of Chinese food fills my nostrils and I only now realize how hungry I am.

After we've given everyone something, Flora strikes up a conversation about New York traffic and it couldn't be more amusing to watch the two argue.