Chapter One :Chapter 1

Elizabeth’s POV

“Hi, baby. Happy birthday! I have a special present for you. You can do or take anything from me. I’m yours now.”

Standing in front of the mirror, I kept practicing the words that I’d tell my boyfriend David tonight. Even though I just talked to the mirror, I was blush when I thought of David.

As if David's hot eyes were gazing at my pussy and his deep and sexy whisper echoing in my ears, reminding me of his steamy hands rubbing my boobs when we kissed. I felt my pussy wet and hot.

I knew he'd been wanting me for a long time, and me too. I haven't had my wolf yet and I wasn’t sure if David was my mate, but today might be the day I expected.

Oh, I patted my hot cheeks, I could see a scene in David marked me, which made me happy to death; my wolf will turn up right on time as the clock strikes midnight, then I will offer myself to David, our howls going wild, claiming each other as mates.

Then we'll make out. I'll feel David's fire inside me. His strong sweat drops onto my boobs while telling me I am his.

David, is the best fighter in our pack except Delta, and he hasn't bullied or embarrassed me like everyone else, he always treats me like a treasure.

That's why I always get treated like crap at home, I've never thought of escaping from the pack.

David is my life, my hope.

I checked the clock, I need to find David before my pussy slop over more juice.

I sneaked out the back door, trying my best not to let my alpha dad or my stepsister, Ramona, catch on to what I was up to. Otherwise, it’s no doubt that I would receive a hard slap across my cheek.

As soon as I escaped safely from home, I started running full speed, I needed to get there by twelve o'clock.

David! I'm coming!

I stood at his apartment door, trying to keep my gasping down from running so fast, I wanted to show my love, not like a horny slut.

When I was about to bang on the white apartment door, it just flung open. Why did David leave the door wide open in the middle of the night? Was he gonna surprise me with something?

Confusedly and excited, I pushed the door open.

The scene behind the door made me feel like I had fallen into an ice cellar.

"Yes baby, harder."

"Oh, Ramona, you always know how to satisfy a man." David was naked and he was thrusting into Ramona's body.

"What about your fiancée?" Ramona smiled wildly.

"No, I've never fucked her, she's like a nun in church."

The chocolate cookies I specially made for David scattered on the ground. My legs turned into jelly, my heart was pounding so hard it felt like the air had left my throat.

I couldn't breathe. My worst bully. When I told David that Ramona had been torturing me like a dog, I distinctly remembered the hatred in his eyes. He promised he would be my shield!

Ironically, the scumbag who said he would always be there for me, David, had his cock inside the pussy of my worst bully, Ramona!

Ramona spotted me first, she rushed over and slapped me. "Dirty whore, what are you doing here?!"

Covering my burning cheek, I couldn't believe that David didn't even stop Ramona.

"What-what?" I turned to David, he was glaring at me as if blaming me for interrupting their make-out. No! I must have wronged him.

Again, I tried to reach out to David, but he dodged me, my hand hung in the air, and tears just kept streaming down my face.

I cried and looked at him. “Tell me this isn’t true, Dave. She’s been mistaken, hasn’t she? DAVID!”

But he didn’t even bother to look at me.

Ramona sneered louder. She snorted and looked at me mockingly. “You’re dreaming if you want to get David. Look at you, you hobo! You’re not even worthy to be my servant!”

David had one corner of his lips pulled up as if he also laughed at me right now.

Anger took over my mind, my lover had cheated on me with my bully, my sister Ramona, "Why are you doing this, David, you clearly know that what this bitch has done to me."

"Don’t use that word. Romona is beautiful, popular, rich , and she is alpha’s favored daughter. She is exactly what I want in a mate.As for you—look at you, Liz. You’re just a neglected alpha heir. No one loves you, not even your mom and dad. What can I expect from you?”

Oh, that sentence was so cruel. I was used to Dad, Mom, and Ramona’s inappropriate behavior, as well as almost all the pack members. I could put up with it all because I knew David was always on my side. But after knowing all this, I’m unsure if I can still live.

“What’s going on?”As I nearly collapsed to the floor, Dad's voice appeared.

Please… just once, take my side, Dad.

“ Why are you making so much noise,Liz. Don’t you know it’s still morning?” Dad’s baritone voice boomed throughout the room until it knocked me off my feet.

Father’s gaze was fixed on me. “What kind of mess are you causing, Liz?!”

“I-I… it’s not me! Ramona started the ruckus! She stole my boyfriend, Dad!” I pointed a finger at Ramona, hiding behind David’s back.

"No, Dad, David and I are mates. It was Liz who tried to go against the will of the moon goddess." Ramona hugged David's arm, and David greeted him politely, but then I saw he looking at me with disdainful eyes.

"Yes, Alpha. I think you need to deal with this ill-bred daughter first so that she doesn't cause any more trouble."

"David, how dare you?!" I yelled.

“Enough! Liz,Now David and Ramona are mate. Then let them be mates, and you can’t bother them.” Dad paused, and just as I was about to speak, he stepped in. “Where’s the problem?”

I’m wide-eyed at Dad’s words, which ignore my feelings.

“Why, Dad? Why do you always discriminate between us? I’m your daughter, too! I’m your child. But you always pay more attention to Ramona than to me. What did I do wrong? You’re so unfair!”

“ELIZABETH!” Dad raised his voice as he threw his hands in the air, about to hit me like he does all the time, whenever he wanted. “Because you’re nothing but a useless wolf! You don’t deserve to compare yourself to Ramona!”

My chest rumbled at his sentences. I, who had always withstood any form of torture and abuse, could no longer. However, even with my whole body trembling, I kept the tears from breaking out.

“Since Ramona already found her mate,”I didn’t dare wonder what else Dad would say, but as the sentence continued, I wished I’d never heard it.

“Alpha Raynox of the Black Blood Pack wants to marry one of my daughters,you are the one who will replace Ramona in marriage with Alpha Raynox”

My brain was buzzing and went blank, unable to hear the rest. Dad was still mumbling, but none of his words reached my ears.

Who hadn’t heard of that guy?

Alpha Raynox. An ugly and bloodthirsty monster. He doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who doesn’t conform to his will.

“So you’re going to marry Alpha Raynox!” Dad repeated his words, and this time, with tears in my eyes, I refused vehemently.

“I will never marry him. It’s my life!” I cried out.

They had withheld my rights as a child, and now they were trying to manage my life as if my life and death were in their hands.

“This is not a bargain, Liz. If you disagree, the dungeon awaits you. You only have to choose if you don’t want me to torture you until you agree!”

This wasn’t a choice; it was torture, and I could no longer hold back the tears that had been falling. I let go so quickly that I didn’t realize no one else was in the room but me.

“Liz ….” A voice in my mind made my crying stop. “I am Lana,your wolf. We’ll get through this. I promise. I’ll always be there with you. Nothing will happen to you.”