Chapter One :Chapter 1

Blaze never thought that his mate would betray him for a rogue.

But the scene before him forced him to admit that. His mate, also the Luna of the Blood Pack, was currently sitting on top of a rogue, wiggling her tits lustfully as if she had never been so comfortable being fucked before.

"That bitch! I'll kill her!" Blaze's wolf, Roz, tried to take over his thoughts, wanting to shift into his wolf form and tear these two bitches apart.

"Calm down, Roz," Blaze clenched his fist and tried to suppress his furious wolf. Before he killed them, he needed to know the reason why Alma was doing this.

Blaze stepped out from behind the large tree, startling the two who were immersed in the sex.

"Ah!" Alma saw him first and rolled off the rogue in fear, she hastily picked up the cloth that had been torn to pieces on the ground and tried to block her tits, but to no avail.

"Why?" Blaze spoke up, his voice so cold and frightening that even Alma, who was used to Blaze's strength, couldn't help but shiver now.

But her fear soon disappeared when she thought of the guy next to her, Falcon, the leader of the rogues. The reason she dared to cheat so recklessly on Blaze's territory was because Falcon, by now, was strong enough.

"You are asking me why?" Alma coldly snorted, her slender fingers teasing the bare chest of the man next to her while disdainfully saying, "Do I need a reason to cheat? Plus, I never loved you, and if it weren't for your alpha title, I wouldn't have accepted such a boring mate!"

Blaze looked at the strange Alma in front of him. Just a day ago, she was kissing him passionately before he went out for training, urging him to be careful not to get hurt.

And now, just after one night, she said she never loved him.

Was all the previous sweet moments an illusion?

"Are you sure you mean what you're saying now?" Blaze's eyes were as crimson as his name. It was obvious how angry he had been so far. He could accept his mate's rejection. He never forced a woman, even if she was the mate the moon goddess had arranged for him, he would still respect her choices.

But not in this way now, the way of betrayal.

They hit his bottom line!

"Hey man, did you hear that? Alma no longer has any feelings for you, you better behave and accept the reality, otherwise, the consequences are beyond your reach." Falcon put his arm around Alma and said provocatively.

Although he had heard how strong the Alpha of the Blood Pack was--the Alpha could exterminate a medium-sized pack alone, but if Blaze was formally rejected by Alma, his strength would immediately be weakened.

Then that was the right time for him to attack. Besides Falcon was not alone, his pack members had long ambushed and waited for his order.

As long as he sent the signal, his pack members would appear within seconds.

"Is that so? Just you guys?" Blaze now had no interest in the reason for Alma's lewdness; the fact was that this woman had betrayed him and humiliated him.

All he had to do now was to hunt down the two bitches in front of him.

Before that, he needed to cut the mate bond between Alma and him. He was aware that the dissolution of the mate bond would greatly weaken his strength, but he couldn't stand having such a filthy mate for any moment!

"I, the leader of the Blood Pack, Blaze, declare that from this moment on my matehood with Alma is completely severed, including the marriage relationship between us!

"You, Alma, henceforth no longer belong to the Blood Pack. From now on, you will become a rogue, and the creed of the Blood Pack is, to kill all rogues who enter our territory!"

Blaze finished those words and instantly felt a great pain, the bones of the whole body like being viciously broken. He gritted his teeth and stood up straight, so that in his territory, he could mind-link his Beta and informed him of his location when Alma and Falcon didn't notice.

The Beta will be here within half an hour.

Blaze took the initiative to let Roz dominate his mind as he quickly stripped off his clothes and shifted into a wolf, a giant gray wolf with shiny fur, which fully showed his alpha supremacy.

Alma and Falcon could not stop trembling inside when they saw Blaze's wolf, even if they were mentally prepared for it. The next moment, Falcon whistled and soon, 10 rogues emerged from the woods and surrounded Blaze.

"Blaze, I told you, be smart and just run away, but you still chose death. Well, I have no options but take your corpse as today's dinner."

Already driven by rage, Blaze didn't answer and quickly pounced on Falcon. However, the unmating slowed down his speed, making him pounce in vain and hit hard on the ground. The other ten rogues took advantage of it and quickly rushed to Blaze, yet they obviously underestimated his strength.

Blaze quickly fought back and bit the neck of one of the rogues, soon the wolf falling down. The smell of blood excited Blaze even more, as if he had been given a stimulant, allowing him to forget the pain of losing his mate for a short time.

Then the second rogue, the third, the fourth, until the last one! They all Fell Down!

Blaze stood in the middle of the rogues' corpses, his fur already red with blood. His eyes glanced menacingly at the shivering Alma and Falcon who was still trying to pretend to be calm. He gasped for breath and walked step by step to them. In a second, he was able to take their lives.

However, being physically exhausted, he felt a great dizziness and his vision blurred, and even his legs became feeble...

Just as he was about to hurt them, he suddenly collapsed to the ground... In the haze, he heard Falcon's voice, "I'm gonna kill him."

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