Chapter One :Chapter 1

Lucia Balstone was reborn.

She was reborn at 22 years old, ten years before her death.

She still remembered the scene before she died. Kelvin Calshaw, her beloved husband, stabbed her heart with a dagger. He said, "Lucia, I've never loved you. I'm even fed up with your body. Do you know? Daisy is more seductive and fascinating in bed, and you're disgusting like a dead body."

Disgusting like a dead body?!

Lucia didn't cry or make a fuss. Her well-educated background made her endure the heart-wrenching pain with all her might.

"Don't you love me very much? Then you should sacrifice your life to complete Daisy and me. I'll be grateful to you!"

Accompanied by his sinister voice, he pulled the sharp dagger out of her heart.

Instantly blood splashed on his gentle and handsome face, showing his cruelty to the fullest. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth... It was as if what he was facing was his sworn enemy, not his wife, who had wholeheartedly loved him for ten years.

Lucia kept her eyes open when she drew her last breath. It seemed that she was vowing to engrave all the cruelty of this man deep into her soul!

They had been married for ten years.

The two of them were childhood sweethearts and well-matched in social status.

Lucia lived brilliant and talented since she was a child. After marrying Kelvin at 22 years old, she hid all her talents and performed her duty as a wife. She tried her best to assist him from a rich family to a respected noble family.

She had never expected that Kelvin would kill her with his own hands and use the extermination of the Balstone family as a dowry for his beloved!

She hated him.

She hated him to the core.

"Fortunately, God is never blind to people's tears!"

This car accident gave her a miracle to be reborn and brought her back to the year before she married.

Lucia bit her lip.

She fixed her eyes on the man who had hit her car. He was Alonso Callen, the third young master of the Callen family, the head of the four influential families in Bernille!

His stunning face matched the perfect sculpture like 1.88 meters figure making him the most handsome man in Parkland.

Despite his distinguished family background, he was a well-known black sheep in Parkland. He was a serial womanizer. His messy sexual relationship with women and his decadent life were beyond words. However, in Lucia's previous life, no matter how hard Kelvin tried, Alonso was the rival he could not surpass!

"Ms. Balstone, are you fancy me?" Being stared at for quite some time, Alonso teased her with a glance.

His husky voice had a unique charm. It was teasing, but it sounded inexplicably pleasant from his mouth.

"Yes." She came back to her senses and suddenly admitted it without a thought.

As soon as she finished speaking.

It was not Alonso who had a strong reaction, but her best friend, Melanie Cais. She shouted furiously, "Lucia, are you insane?"

An imperceptible trace of affection appeared in Alonso's eyes, but a faint smile was shown instead.

"Do you know this evil man? Do you know he is a scum?" Melanie looked at Lucia. "He's good for nothing except for his beautiful face and skills to deal with women tactfully. How dare you say that you fancy him! Are you blind all of a sudden?"

She was indeed blind to fall in love with that sinister hypocrite Kelvin Calshaw!

Early this morning, they went to Pantoran Mount to pray for blessings. On their way down the mountain, they bumped into a red sports car. Fortunately, the driver of the sports car was quick-witted. He had a quick turn to avoid the frontal impact, but the minor crash was unavoidable.

The two cars were slightly damaged, and no one was injured.

And because of this accident, she was reborn!

Lucia didn't answer Melanie. She just asked Alonso a question,

"Do you dare to steal the bride?"

"Lucia!" Melanie was no longer calm. Although Alonso was very handsome, Lucia shouldn't give up her marriage for a sc*mbag!

"My wedding is on the 18th of next month. Do you dare to come?" Lucia said it word by word, very clearly.

Alonso spent a few seconds analyzing Lucia's words.

Slowly, he said indifferently, "Ms. Balstone, I would recommend you to the hospital for a brain examination."

As he spoke...

He casually took out a credit card from his black trousers, clamped it with his slender fingers, and handed it to her with an unruly look. "I'll pay for the damage."

Lucia glanced at the super VIP Black Card.

Everyone knew that Alonso of the Callen family was generous, and his women had received good money from him.

Lucia took the Black Card from Alonso.

There was a flash of surprise in Alonso's eyes.

Everyone in Parkland knew Lucia was virtuous, educated, sensible, and self-disciplined. She had never had any connection with rich playboys like him. Her only dream was to marry Kelvin and become his wife and devoted mother.

Lucia said, "It would be treated as dowry."

Melanie was stunned by Lucia's abnormal behavior.

Alonso gently pursed his perfect lips and pulled out a meaningful smile. At that moment, he only chose to be silent, and no emotions were shown on his face.

Therefore, no one could tell whether he accepted it or... just watched it.

"As long as you come on the wedding day, I'll go with you," Lucia said.

In fact, it was an answer to what he had once said.

In her previous life, on the night before her wedding, she was so excited that she couldn't sleep.

At four o'clock in the morning, she received a strange call.

"I'm going to steal the bride tomorrow. Will you come with me?" the man asked.

Lucia frowned. "Who are you?"

"Kelvin is not an ideal partner," he said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm not a good one either."

Then, the phone was hung up.

Lucia thought it was a prank, and from the tone of his voice, it was clear that he was drunk, so she didn't take it to heart. But then, she accidentally knew that this phone number belonged to Alonso. She was annoyed and had contempt for a playboy like him. Furthermore, she had never had any connection with Alonso.

Until the day she was reborn, she then realized vaguely what he was trying to express in his previous phone call. 

However, Alonso did not attend her and Kelvin's wedding ceremony.

Therefore, she was uncertain whether what he said back then was trustworthy.

However, in this life...

It didn't matter at all whether Alonso would come or not. She would never marry Kelvin again!

But Alonso's attendance at the wedding would make the revenge more thorough!

She turned around and left.

Melanie quickly followed Lucia and returned to their car.

Alonso looked at the car in front of him.

He stared for quite some time, and finally, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

All the men in Parkland dreamed of marrying this lady of the Balstone family. What an attractive lady!


In the car that had left.

Melanie couldn't stand it anymore. "Were you out of your mind just now? That's why you asked that scumbag Alonso to steal the bride at your wedding?"

"No, I'm very clear-headed." Lucia drove the car with a calm face.

She was heartless..

One had to know.

The second before the car accident, she was tortured cruelly by Kelvin.  

"Then... what about Kelvin? You two are the best couple in the country. Many people envy you, but now you want to cheat on him before marriage? What do you think he is?" Melanie couldn't imagine at all.

What was the big deal about having an affair before marriage?

Lucia sneered.

She had seen Kelvin have sex with another woman in the bed in front of her.

She gritted her teeth and said, "I regard Kelvin Calshaw as a beast!"

He didn't deserve to be a human being!