Chapter One :Chapter 1

In the night the stars twinkled above the dark canopy.


In the Imperial Capital International Hotel, brilliant lights illuminated the lobby as bright as day.


Yang Shuting stood outside the door of a guest room, her thin body trembling slightly, her delicate little face flashing with a trace of pain. Three days ago, her mother was diagnosed with a critical illness, and the $200, 000 operation cost forced her to come here and sell herself to a strange man!


She took a deep breath and pushed open the door. In the dimly lit room, only the wall lamp gave off a faint glow. The man wasn\'t there yet.


She went to the bathroom first and took a shower.


After washing, Yang Shuting wrapped her body in a bath towel and walked out of the bathroom, only to find that there was still a man in the room!


In the dim light, the man sat on the sofa, one slender leg idly crossed over the other, a black suit wrapped around his body, even in a sitting position he could not hide his large physique.


The man was hidden in darkness, only the beautiful lines of the polished jaw exposed to the light, indicating the man\'s extraordinary appearance.


He has a unique aura, noble yet cold, so one would not dare to approach him lightly.


Yang Shuting didn\'t dare to move forward until she heard a soft command,


\"Come here.\"


She shuddered slightly and slowly walked over. A pair of long, slender jade legs revealed to her eye! She stopped in front of the man, looked into his face hidden in the darkness and said in a trembling voice,


\"Sir, I ......\"


Suddenly the man grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms!


His big, hot hands kneaded her slender waist, and he laughed coldly.


Yang Shuting bit her lips, leaning against the man\'s broad, firm chest, not daring to move. His pleasant scent, accompanied by the faint smell of smoke emanating from his body, made her even more nervous. The man\'s wicked lips tightened, suddenly he grabbed her jaw, lowered his head and kissed her fiercely!


Yang Shuting bit her lips and lowered her gaze in embarrassment.


The man grinned, pulled out a handkerchief, and carefully wiped his fingers.


The man\'s voice was like a needle piercing into the heart of Yang Shuting, \"A slut, what kind of pure girl are you pretending to be?\"


Yang Shuting\'s face instantly turned white!


\"This is really disgusting!\" The man coldly snorted, slowly stood up, put his hands in his pockets, and coldly said, \"Disappear , now.\"


\"No! I ......\" Yang Shuting jerked her head up.


The man\'s face was finally exposed to the light. The deep and graceful silhouette is as beautiful as a Greek god, a pair of narrow eyes lifted upwards, smiling, even if his gaze is as sharp as a knife, his white nose is upright and towering, indicating the arrogant and fierce character of this man.


Yang Shuting\'s heart was broken...


The man mockingly hooked his lips and stood up, she gasped again and walked forward,


\"Sir, no! Please ......\"


The man dropped his long lashes, his eyes resting on her jade white fingers, then he slowly raised his eyes, his cold gaze lingering on her face like a sharp sword, his fingers hooking her jaw,


\"Do you think yourself also worth half a million?\"


Yang Shuting looked at him pleadingly,


\"Sir, as long as you give me money, I can do anything!\"The man\'s smile became even more mocking, but a hint of interest slowly rose in his eyes,


\"Do anything?\"


The rough tips of his fingers brushed her pathetic white lips.


He lifted her head...


A trace of cold mockery flashed in the man\'s narrow eyes, and he stretched out his fingers, coldly commanding, \"Take off your clothes!\"


Yang Shuting\'s face turned pale, her trembling fingers clawed at the edge of the bath towel!


The white bath towel fluttered to the ground like a butterfly!


The man\'s pupils constricted, the fire of desire glowed from the depths of his eyes, he did not move, narrowing his eyes, pacing to her side!


Then he released her with a slack hand and said indifferently,


\"Get dressed, you can leave now.\"


Yang Shuting\'s face changed greatly, she stepped forward and grabbed the man\'s arm, \"No! Please help me!\" The man was unmoved, his handsome face flashed with a hint of interest, he pursed his lips, \"What do you want from me? You\'re so ......\"


Yang Shuting gritted her teeth.


The man\'s dark eyes lowered, then he grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall!


His hands slowly moved down, landing on her beautiful toes, the delicate skin.


\"Please don\'t... I beg you, be lighter ... please ... don\'t do it!\"


The man\'s strength was surprisingly strong, he enclosed her whole body.


Tears slid down her alabaster face, she wept silently.


Her struggle and tears are undoubtedly the best aphrodisiac for a man, his hot thin lips pressed down on hers, then down, into her snow white skin!


Yang Shuting let out a scream, but her hands were tied to his head, she could no longer fight off his intrusion.


His one hand clasped her curves, the other wandered down, fingertips slowly wandering ... The next second, without warning, his fingers thrust violently into her! \"That hurts.\"


\"It hurts? This is just the beginning!\"


Yang Shuting blushed, \"No ... Not ......\"


The man pursed his lips coldly, accelerating the movement of his fingertips.


Yang Shuting leaned helplessly into his arms ...


A tingle of pleasure rising, she pleaded softly, \"Ah ... en ... please ... lighter ... ...\"


A trace of iciness flashed in the man\'s eyes, and his dark voice sounded like Satan\'s, \"Are you worthy of making me gentle?\"


Yang Shuting\'s small face turned white.


The man was ready to launch an even fiercer attack against her body, Yang Shuting\'s little face rolled back hot and desperate!


The man laughed viciously, and his large hand grabbed her wrist \"... no ... Don\'t ......\" Yang Shuting shook her head from side to side, trying to avoid his movements, the man\'s hand clamped her jaw, his narrowed eyes were cold.


\"What, you don\'t want the money?\"


She was stiff, did not dare to move.


Yang Shuting closed her eyes, tears of humiliation sliding down her alabaster face.


\"Ah ... Let me go, let me go ... Don\'t!\"


Yang Shuting struggled to push the man away, but he was heavy.


The man caught her, grabbed her lower jaw and pulled her to him,


He didn\'t wait for her to cry out her next words, his thin lips sealed them.


This time the kiss was more fierce.


As if he wanted to devour her entire being!


\" Don\'t, don\'t ......,\" the painful pleasure made Yang Shuting wince in perplexity. Startled eyes widened, tears streaming down.


The man stopped, flashing a seductive smile,


\"Don\'t? Don\'t what?\"


Yang Shuting looked at his beautiful, stunning face, wanted to scream out loud, but she understood that no one came to save her!


The air in the room grew hotter.


The man landed his gazes on Yang Shuting\'s legs, the unfamiliar touch made her face white, and his head is still buried in her body.

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