Chapter One :Chapter 1

Jordy didn’t come back until the food already got cold.


He threw some divorce papers to Gloria.

Your cousin is already awake. I promised her that as long as she was alive, I wouldn’t marry any other


“Gloria, sign it. I want a divorce.”

Gloria had expected this since her cousin woke up.

She raised her eyes and said in a stiff voice, “You still don’t believe me?”

Jordy sneered, “You are such a vain woman. Why would I believe you?”


“Gloria, don’t make me repeat it. Sign it. I will give this villa to you. Just take your last dignity!”


A mocking look flashed across Gloria’s eyes.

He didn’t force her to give up all their joint property. So, he thought he was kind enough to her?

She picked up the divorce papers he threw to her. He had signed his name.

Gloria’s throat felt tight and her eyes stung.

But soon she regained her composure and looked up at him, “Will grandma agree?”

“You think she will back you up all your life?” Jordy looked at her with cold eyes, “You know why we got married better than I do. Gloria, don’t be greedy. It will only make me hate you more.”

Gloria sneered, “You already hate me enough, don’t you?”

Jordy’s expression was extremely stern, “Gloria!”

Gloria picked up the pen and said, “Fine, I’ll sign it.”

After her cousin woke up, she sent her countless intimate photos of her and Jordy. They were crazy about each other. What was the point of holding onto this failed marriage?

Gloria easily crossed out the villa he gave her and signed her name without any hesitation.

Their three-year marriage finally ended here.

From then on, she was free.

Gloria handed him the divorce papers and said in a calm voice, “I’ll pack up and leave in an hour.”

Jordy frowned, pursed his lips tightly, and stared at her, “You don’t have to leave. Just take the villa.”

“No, I think any place you live…” Gloria chuckled and said word by word, “Is disgusting.”


Gloria was servile and submissive, but at this time, she ignored Jordy who was angry behind her, and pushed him out of the room.

An hour later.

Gloria went downstairs. Jordy was already gone. She suddenly looked at the Casio men’s watch in her hand.

She specially prepared it as a gift for his coming birthday. At this time, she only found it offending to the eye.


She threw the million-dollar watch into the garbage can without hesitation

She took a light breath. Maybe the past three years were only a dream!

From now on, she would only live for herself!

After leaving the villa, Gloria hailed a taxi and went directly to her own villa.

She bought the villa several years ago, but she never came back here because she lived in the Collins’


Her sudden appearance shocked the servants. They quickly stood in a row and respectfully greeted her in unison, “Good morning, Mrs. Collins!”

Gloria put down her luggage, sat down on the sofa, rubbed her eyebrows and corrected them. There will be no Mrs. Collins but only Miss White.”

She once felt proud when she was called Mrs. Collins but she only felt that it was ironic now.

The servants didn’t dare to ask why but respectfully retreated.

Back in her room, Gloria called her assistant Irene, “How are you doing recently?”

Irene was surprised, “You actually call me? What a turn-up!”

“I’m divorced. You were right. I will focus on my career in the future.”

“What?” Irene was shocked.

“Did I hear that right? In the past three years, your all attention was on your husband and you even gave up your job and became a full-time wife. What’s wrong with you? You actually want a divorce? Are you kidding


Irene was Gloria’s assistant. Except for her and several people around Gloria, no one knew that Gloria had another identity. That was…

The Trump Lawyer Norma!

There was a popular saying on the Internet, Norma, the excellent lawyer of the elite lawyers.

Many lawyers would be terrified to hear her name.

Irene was still in shock, but Gloria continued, “Does anyone want to see me recently? Are there any interesting cases?”

Light flickered in Irene’s eyes, and she said with regret, “Yes, there is one. The pay is very good, but no one dares to take it, and you… can’t take it.”

“Huh?” Gloria said in an indifferent tone, but she suddenly sounded a little interested.

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