Chapter One :Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Saving Him


Claire Harper participated in the practical training in the countryside organized by the school this time. There are more than 20 medical students in the same batch of practical training, and the camp is located in the village under the mountain.

After a day of collecting medicine in the mountains, Claire heard a loud explosion and she encountered this crashed helicopter. In order to move the man out of the cockpit, she used all her physical strength. As an intern doctor, she instinctively pounced on the man and used the last bit of strength to save him. Then suddenly, she started to weaken.

The powerful wave of the explosion came crashing in, and before she passed out, she thought she was bound to die. Then suddenly she felt like there was an air pushing in and out her chest, and a soft, cold thing pressed into her lips.

As it was the man's strange and hot breath wrapped tightly around her.

A moment later, the night at the top of the mountain started to blow chilly air, making the sleeping Claire woke up. She groaned when she felt the ache in her body. In addition to her tired body, there is also an inexplicable strangeness. She pushed herself up and frowned when her palm touched a bouncy chest. Suddenly she realized something. She then looked down.

She saw a man beside her. Even though she can’t clearly see his face because of the barely light coming out from the peaking moon beneath the clouds, she could portray the man’s body.

Then the man suddenly opened his eyes and said, “You saved me, and I will marry you,” before he closes his eyes. Too weak to talk once more.

Claire was surprised and then suddenly cursed out inside her head, thinking that the man is insane. She was stunned and calmly suppressed the emotions that were surging in her heart.

She then reached for the man’s hand and check his pulse, and her other hand started to examine his body. Soon, she found a wound on the man’s thigh. No wonder she always felt that there was a strong smell of blood in the air, it has such a long opening and a lot of blood.

If he is not saved, he will surely lose blood and die.

Save him?

Claire got dressed, trembled, and climbed up. She walked forward without turning her head. But after taking a few steps, she stopped again and fell silent. As a doctor, it is her duty to cure diseases and save people, and it is the noblest faith in her heart. In the eyes of doctors, there are only patients, no enemies.

Claire looked up at the starry sky and sighed. When she turned to look at the dying man again, her eyes firmed up. Picking up the medical kit and cell phone, she returned to the man with a cold face. With the light of her mobile phone, she quickly helped him stitch up the wound, and then grabbed the anti-inflammatory and bleeding herbs and crushed them on his wound. Her gaze shifted and he landed on the man's lower abdomen.

A fierce look flashed in her eyes, and she took out a set of tools from the bottom of the medical kit expressionlessly. It was a silver needle passed down to her by her grandmother. She studied clinical surgery in medical school and inherited her grandmother's acupuncture techniques.

"Ugh!" The unconscious man let out a muffled hum.

Claire coldly tickled her lips and put things away. Before leaving, something suddenly came to her mind. She moved the phone light toward the man's face and was about to turn the man's face in her direction when the lights were off. The phone shuts down automatically as it loses its battery charge.

At this time, the moonlight was also obscured by dark clouds.

Claire’s brows furrowed, but she didn't tangle for too long. Anyway, the world is so big, they may not be able to meet again in the future.

When she gets back to their camp, thinking of tonight's encounter, she couldn't sleep.

After going back tomorrow, how should she open her mouth and open about what had happened to her boyfriend, James? Will she inform him about it? She sighed and shook her head. It’s just a small matter and it’s her duty. Thinking like this, she slept soundly.


In the dark mountains, a figure with disheveled clothes stumbled and ran into the forest. After making sure that no one was chasing her, she finally slowed down, wiped her face, and cursed, “Damn it! How could they play with me?”

And why did she think of visiting her relative? Now, she was played by those jerks in the street. And to survive, she entered the forest and ran as fast as she could.

Mira Walter cursed once again when suddenly, she kicked something. She frowned and took out her phone. She opened its flashlight and she gasped when saw a man lying on the ground next to her. She leaned closer and uttered in surprise. “What a handsome man!”