Chapter One :Chapter 1

There were many sects and races in the Firmament World. Hundreds of millions of people practiced martial arts, and they were extremely powerful martial artists.

Martial Arts could connect to the gods, and masters of martial arts could travel in the void, calculate the secrets of heaven, and tear through the void.

In the back mountain of the Luo family in Changsheng County, Qin Kingdom.


The young man opened his mouth and spat out a stream of white Spiritual Qi. His handsome face was full of excitement. "Three months of hard work has finally broken through the peak of the ninth level of Qi Condensation."

The young man's name was Luo Chen, and he was the adopted son of Luo Tian Ba, the master of the Luo family. Although he was just an adopted son, Luo Chen's status in the Luo family was higher than that of the direct descendants, and even higher than Luo Tian Ba's. However, no one was dissatisfied because Luo Chen was a real genius.

Luo Chen opened his dantian at the age of six, condensed a whirlpool of Spiritual Power, and became a martial artist at the first level of Qi Condensation. At the age of seventeen, he was already at the peak of the ninth level of Qi Condensation, breaking the record of the eighth level of Qi Condensation in the Everlasting Commandery. He was one of the best geniuses in the whole Qin Kingdom. There was once a warrior in the Sky Realm who said that Luo Chen had the hope of becoming a martial artist in the Cicada Realm before he was 20, and he was the third martial artist in the history of Qin Kingdom to break through to the Cicada Realm before he was 20. It should be known that the first two had later become earth-shattering adults and cultivated into the Gold Core Realm.

In addition, Luo Chen had another secret. He was born with the Kunlun Sacred Body. The Kunlun Sacred Body was one of the ten strongest physiques. From ancient times until now, any warrior who possessed the Kunlun Sacred Body had become a 'God' and stood at the peak of the continent. This was because Luo Chen had already been recruited by the most powerful sect in the Qin Kingdom, the Luo Spirit Sect. The experts of the Luo Spirit Sect would arrive tomorrow and take him to the Luo Spirit Sect to cultivate.

"Brother Chen, the Master is looking for you." At this time, a clear and moving voice came from a distance. A girl in a green floral skirt with two ponytails appeared in front of Luo Chen.

After seeing the girl, Luo Chen smiled. "Today is the day of my adulthood. My adoptive father must have asked me to attend the Coming of Age ceremony. But thanks for your hard work, Qing'er. The back mountain is so dangerous that it's not easy to come up."

The girl's name was Luo Qing. She was the granddaughter of an elder of the Luo family and enjoyed a prominent status. At the age of 16, she was already a martial artist at the fourth level of Qi Condensation. She and Luo Chen grew up together and the two of them liked each other. Luo Tianba had mentioned more than once that they would get married when Luo Chen grew up.

"Brother Chen, you look down on me. I'm also a martial artist. A little cliff won't be a problem for me." Luo Qing waved his fist.

"Good, good, good. My Qing'er is the best. She can't even be compared to Brother Chen." Luo Chen placed his hands on Luo Qing's little head and rubbed it.

Luo Qing's little face instantly turned red, and his voice was as soft as a mosquito's. "Who is yours?"

"Your grandfather has promised to marry you to me. You won't be able to run away." Luo Chen laughed out loud and ran out before Luo Qing could react.

Luo Qing's face was full of happiness, and then he also went down the mountain.

The back mountain was steep and steep, but there was no obstacle at the feet of Luo Chen, who was at the peak of the ninth level of the Qi-condensing Realm.

After going down the mountain, Luo Chen ran his body and soon arrived at the main hall of the Luo family. He saw his foster father, Luo Tianba, and his foster mother, Shangguan Hongyan, sitting on the side. There were also five old men with white hair and beard sitting on the other two sides. They were the five Great Elders of the Luo family.

"Greetings, foster father, foster mother, and five other elders." Luo Chen bowed in turn. "It's just an Coming of Age ceremony. Why do I have to trouble foster father, foster mother, and other elders? Chen'er feels ashamed."

"Luo Chen, you came to my Luo family when you were three years old. I saw you as my own son and gave you clothes to help you with your cultivation. Today is the time for you to repay me." Luo Tian Ba's expression changed from his usual loving expression to a ferocious one.

Luo Chen thought to himself that something was wrong. The other party did not come to give him a Coming of Age gift, but had another purpose. Not only was he a rare genius in cultivation, but he was also very smart. He was not a fool who only knew how to cultivate. When he realized that things were not going well, he turned around and fled.

Luo Tian Ba invited the five great elders over. His purpose was clear, so how could he leave?


Luo Chen was sent flying by the five Great Elders. Blood appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his blood was boiling in his body. He only felt that his limbs were about to break, and the spiritual power vortex in his dantian was almost torn apart.

"Little bastard, you still want to leave?" The one who spoke was Shangguan Hongyan. This adopted mother of Luo Chen had always appeared with a loving face. Today, things were different. Perhaps this was the true face of the other party.

Luo Tian Ba looked at the five elders and growled, "Let's do it!"


The five elders were all practitioners of the Cicada Mortal Realm. How could Luo Chen, who was at the ninth level of Qi Condensation, be a match for them? He was quickly defeated.

Luo Chen's eyes widened. He did not understand why his family members wanted to kill him.

"Sky-breaking Fist!"


The nine punches were aimed at the five elders, Luo Yuanba and Shangguan Hongyan.

"You've practiced the Sky-breaking Fist to the level of nine fist forces. You deserve to be a genius with the Holy Body of Kunlun, but you still have to die today." Luo Tian Ba moved his hands, easily tore apart the fist force, and then grabbed Luo Chen.

"Heavenly Son, come out quickly!" Shangguan Hongyan was overjoyed and shouted at the back of the main hall.

Immediately, a young man in a white robe walked out with a cold face. This man was Luo Tianba's son, Luo Tianjiao. Seeing Luo Tianjiao appear, Luo Chen already knew what was going to happen next.

Luo Tian Ba's eyes flashed with madness. He moved his left hand and tore a hole in Luo Chen's back. Then, Luo Chen felt that his Saintly Being was about to be taken away.

"It is indeed the Holy Body of Kunlun! But I didn't raise this little bastard for nothing." Luo Tian Ba laughed and tore Luo Tianjiao's back. "Be patient, the Holy Son. As long as you inherit the Holy Body of Kunlun, your future as a warrior will be a smooth road and reach the peak."

"I know, Dad!" Luo Tianjiao endured the pain, and his eyes were filled with madness.

On the other side, Luo Chen, who was removing his Kunlun Divine Body, was in so much pain that he could no longer feel it. The pain in his body could still be endured, but the pain in his heart was like a cheek in his bones. He might stay in his heart for the rest of his life.

"Why? Why do you treat me like this? Have you never treated me as your family?" Luo Chen glared at them with his blood-red eyes.

Luo Tian Ba snorted coldly and ignored Luo Chen. However, Shangguan Hongyan's tone was sarcastic. "Little bastard, do you only know now? We are only using you. If it weren't for the fact that you possess the Kunlun Divine Body, do you think we would let a lowly slave's son marry into our Luo family?"

"We treat you well. We give you cultivation resources just to let you reach the ninth level of the Qi Condensation Realm as soon as possible. Only in this way can your Saintly Being be stripped away. We have been using you all the time. It's a pity that you, a fool, can't see it at all."

Luo Chen had never thought that a person's heart could be so vicious. He would do anything to achieve his goal. He closed his eyes in despair.


Not long after, Luo Chen felt that something was missing in his body. He knew that his Kunlun Divine Body had been stripped away. Luo Chen, who had become a good-for-nothing, was thrown heavily on the ground. It could be imagined that Luo Tianjiao, who had inherited the Kunlun Divine Body, would become the new genius of the Luo family, and he would become a good-for-nothing.

Not long ago, he still had the Holy Body of Kunlun, the peak of the ninth level of the Qi Condensation Realm. The genius who was about to enter Luo Shenzong's cultivation had become a good-for-nothing without any cultivation.

"How do you feel, Chosen One?" Shangguan Hongyan looked at her son with concern.

"I feel very good. Kunlun's Saintly Being is indeed powerful." Luo Tianjiao was full of smiles. He walked up to Luo Chen and stepped on his chest, causing Luo Chen, who was already very weak, to cough up blood again.

"Boy, aren't you very arrogant? Didn't you always put pressure on me? I don't want to see how you will live without your cultivation and the Saintly Being."

From being a genius to being a good-for-nothing, the admiration in the past, the awe in his eyes changed, and his situation changed dramatically.

"Patriarch, since this kid is no longer useful, then let's just kill him. We must get rid of him completely." The Third Elder of the five Great Elders said. He was Luo Qing's grandfather. Not long ago, he had been chatting and laughing with Luo Chen and was about to marry Luo Qing off to him. However, he was now going to kill Luo Chen. This showed how vicious he was.

"Kid, you want to marry Qing'er? In your dreams. My granddaughter's future husband must be a strong martial artist. Who do you think you are?"

"Old thing, when my Saintly Being was still around, how dare you talk to me like that? You've only cultivated for a lifetime and you're only one step away from the mortal world. I can kill you one-on-one." Luo Chen's face was full of disdain.

"Little bastard, you're still so stubborn even when you're about to die." The Third Elder was furious. He struck out with his palm and almost killed Luo Chen.

Luo Chen struggled to stand up, and his cold eyes swept over everyone present. "Kill me? Do you dare? The experts of the Luo God Sect will come to pick me up tomorrow. If you don't see me at that time, let's see how you will explain it. If the Luo God Sect gets angry, none of you will be able to escape, and the whole Luo family will suffer."

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Tian Ba laughed. "Little bastard, do you really think you are a genius? What Luo Shenzong wants is just the Kunlun Genius. As for who the owner of the Kunlun Genius is, it doesn't matter."

"To tell you the truth, the Chosen One will replace you to enter the Luoshen Sect tomorrow. As for you and me, we have changed our minds. I will let you live and use your Saintly Being to become a strong person. I will take everything that belongs to you."

Luo Chen did not expect things to turn out like this. He was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Glancing at Luo Chen, who was in a coma, Luo Tian Ba's face was cold. "Guards, lock this little beast up in the woodshed."

Two servants entered the back hall. Their eyes were cold. They glanced at Luo Chen, who was lying on the ground on the verge of death, and dragged him away.