Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Mia , come ."

Sim , my sister she pulls me to the park .

We play on the mud and get all dirty .

" Mia you're very cute , my little sister " she pulls me and carries me .

After we get home , we always get scolding for being irresponsible and dirty .

Sim , Everytime tries to save me , her being the centre of getting scolding Everytime .

Dad and mom , love us alot .

" Sim , they love me more " I try annoying her .

" I also love you " Sim Everytime fails my plan of making her jealous.

" We are a happy family " mom always brags this to her friends .

Mom has a different circle of friends .

They don't care what goes on their family , all they need is parties and clubbing .

Sim and I grow up like this .

I'm 16 and Sim is 20 now.

There is a more stronger bonding between us .

" It's my 16th birthday " I jump and I'm very happy .

Sim is arranging things and calling guests .

She looks more excited.

I don't remember Sim's 16th been celebrated my way . Still she has planned to do things for me .

" I am really lucky " I think to myself .

" Im so excited for your birthday" mia stamps on my back .

Mia is my bestfriend, she loves me like Sim .

She is the most beautiful and popular girl in our school.

Guys stay in line , for Mia to wave them once.

She is taller than me .

She picks me up like I'm her favourite doll.

She goes to help Sim in the arrangements.

My birthday is in two days .

Sim has invited every guests .

" Mia " I call her .

" Yes my doll , what happened"

" Mia find out if Sim has called people from our school too "

" Ohhh my doll wants to know if Noah is invited "

I blush .

Mia knows Noah is my crush since my childhood. I know Noah has a crush on Mia but that doesn't affect me .

I like him and this fact can't be changed.

" Doll , yes Sim has invited some of our friends and Noah is also in the list "

I become excited.

" Mia we need to go shopping. I need to look the best in my birthday " I jump.

" Yes baby , you will look the best "

We go for shopping .

I buy a beautiful shimmery black gown and a pair of heels .

I'm not that short bit Definitely shorter than Mia .

We get home .

I show Sim my dress and she too becomes so excited.

" This is beautiful babygirl , you'll grab all the spotlight for sure "

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