Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Why weren't you the one who died?"

The question of the man who sent her to prison four years ago was still haunting Pei Nian.

She stood at the gate of a female prison in the outskirts of the North City.

As the heavy iron door of the prison was opened, a few snowflakes floated in and scattered on her.

"Be a good person when you get out," The female prison guard said as she looked at the beautiful face in front of her, which was as fair as snow. The guard shook her head and sighed, "Keep moving forward, don't look back."

Pei Nian caught herself, nodded and went out of the gate. There was a saying that people who were released from prison couldn't look back and shouldn't return to where they came from.

The snow outside had accumulated a lot, and it was another cold winter.

She remembered that it was also winter when she was in prison. On that day, she sat in the police car and kept looking out of the window, but she saw nothing but a vast expanse of white.

That person didn't appear. She waited for a month, waiting for a divorce agreement.

Pei Nian's clothes were the same as she wore before she was thrown into prison four years ago. Her current figure was much thinner than before. Her clothes were loose making her look particularly delicate.

Although the weather was so cold, she was still gasping for fresh air. She had not smelled such air for six years.

Four years ago, she was the gorgeous eldest daughter of the Pei family. Four years later, the sun above her head became fierce.

Pei Nian had no money, so she was ready to walk down the rocky road.

The prison behind her was gradually leaving her sight. She finally got away from the nightmare-like place, and finally, she was free.

A black Land Rover stopped in front of her, and the door was opened. The man with glasses got out of the car and took the luggage bag from her hand. He said, "Ms. Pei, I'm here to pick you up. Come inside."

Four years ago, this man had been calling her Mrs. Lu. But now, this man had changed his address and called her Ms. Pei.

Pei Nian got in the car and said, "Ziqin, where is he?"

Gu Ziqin adjusted his glasses and said, "Mr. Lu has something to do, so he can't leave."

This simple sentence was used as an excuse to ignore her. She had already signed the divorce agreement and was no longer in a husband and wife relationship with him. It was already the greatest kindness to her that he was willing to send someone to pick her up in front of the prison.

There was a hint of sarcasm in Pei Nian's eyes.

"Ziqin, where is my daughter now? Who is taking care of her? Is she okay?" she asked.

Gu Ziqin turned his head and said, "The young lady is very good and very smart..."

"Jiajia..." Pei Nian said. "Can you let me see her now?" She asked. She had been in prison when she first gave birth to her. At that time, the child was still so young.

It had been four years, and she hadn't seen her for all this while.

Gu Ziqin looked a little troubled and said, "Ms. Pei, Mr. Lu said that when the time is suitable, then he will let you see her."

When would that be then?

Pei Nian eyelids fluttered shut, then looked out of the window at the snow outside. She asked, "Lu Shaoting, is he married?"

She knew that she was asking for her own humiliation. Lu Shaoting was the man she had got her hands on using whatever means. Back then, she had successfully broken up  the most enviable couple in North City, causing many people to despise her.

Now that she had even divorced Lu Shaoting, how could he not marry that woman...

"Mr. Lu is married," Ziqin answered.

The answer was within Pei Nian's expectations. The corners of her delicate mouth curled up slightly as she smiled. It was unknown whether she was smiling or something else. Then, she did not make a sound. The carriage was quiet.

Gu Ziqin parked the car in front of a small villa, got out of the car with Pei Nian's luggage, and opened the door. He said, "Ms. Pei, you can live here in the future."

Pei Nian looked at every corner of the house and then turned to look at Gu Ziqin. She said, "Is Lu Shaoting pitying me?"

There was still not much expression on Gu Ziqin's face. His tone was still respectful and appropriate, "Ms. Pei, don't think too much. Just stay here."

When Gu Ziqin walked to the door, he remembered something and turned back. He put a card on the coffee table and said, "Ms. Pei, Old Madam Pei is in the Rutherford Home."

After her parents died, her grandmother and Lu Jingjia were her only relatives in the world.


After Gu Ziqin came out, he stopped in front of a Bentley across the road. He greeted, "Mr. Lu."

When the door was open, one could vaguely see the man's handsome profile and tall and slender figure. But such a handsome man had a gloomy and cold look on his face and it made people shudder.

"Has she moved in?" he asked.

"I've already put Ms. Pei's luggage inside. She has no money. She can't go anywhere. She would live there," Gu Ziqin's tone was respectful.

"Where's the card?" Lu Shaoting asked and his voice was still very soft and cold.

"I also gave it to her. I wrote a password on the back," replied Ziqin.

Lu Shaoting's eyes flickered, "What else did she say?"

"Ms. Pei asked about the situation of Miss Jia Jia and if I could take her to see her," replied Ziqin.

"Don't let her meet Jiajia," Mr. Lu said.

Lu Shaoting's gaze swept past the small villa not far away. When the curtains were blown up by the wind, he seemed to see the slender and tall figure standing by the window.

"Pei Nian, I haven't seen you for four years. How have you been?" he said to himself.