Chapter One :Chapter 1

Payal's POV

A ray of light is coming from the other side of the place. A figure is standing over there looking into my eyes. But I am not able to see the face of the person cause of the direct light falling on my face.

I am running towards a shadow while keeping my eyes fixed on the person standing over there trying to evaluate who the person is?

As soon as I reach there, I realise the person is none other than him.

A ray of hope emerge in my heart and a smile came on my face.

I raise my hand to touch his face and feel him, I was about to touch him, but the sound of a loud music enters into my ears and everything got blur in the air.

There is only darkness.

It took me sometime to wake up from my subconscious sense to realise I was lying on my bed, now fully awake looking at the ceiling.

Again the same dream. It’s been a week since I am seeing him in my dreams. What is happening with me, god. Why after so many years, the same thoughts are lingering in my mind.

Sound of repeat alarm interrupted my thoughts. I looked towards the wall clock & checked the time.

It’s 6:40 a.m.

Oh god, I will be late for the college. I turn towards other side of the bed.



, my sister was still sleeping. This girl sleeps like a dead person. No one can wake her up.

I shake my head and run towards the bathroom quickly to do morning chores.

After 15 minutes, I came out of the bathroom, fully dressed in my kurti and leggings. Standing in front of the mirror, i gaze at my figure.

Pale face, dark circles below my eyes are clearly visible. I took a cream from the dresser and put it on my face and hands. Then applied kohl into my eyes and a light pink colour lip gloss to complete my look. I tied my hairs into a ponytail.

After satisfying with my appearance, i turned towards bed to wake up our sleeping beauty.

"Amu" i called her name twice but this girl.


I am getting late and this girl is not even waking up. I have to do something.

I took the glass of water from the table and pour it on her.

"Aaaa, maaa" Amu screamed while sitting on the bed. After analysing what has happened.

She screamed "What is this sister, who do this early in the morning”

"It’s not early morning, going to be 7 soon. Now get up, else we will be late and be ready in half an hour. We have to leave for the college dear.

I have to drop you first at your college before going to my own." I said while adjusting the bedsheet.

"Yes sister" she said and went to the bathroom.

I came out of the room and walked into the kitchen where mother was already there.

I hugged her from behind and said "Good morning ma".

"Payal, how many times i have to tell you don’t give me heart attack by coming from behind" Ma said while clutching her heart.

"Sorry maa" i said sheepishly

"It’s okay child, now eat your sandwich and finish your milk as well. Meanwhile I am making your and amu's lunch for college" she said

"Okay make our lunch meanwhile i'll finish my breakfast and after that i'll pack our lunch" i said.

"Hmm, Whether our queen woke up or not?" Ma asked.

"Yes, just now only" I said inbetween munching my sandwich.

"Payu, i want to discuss something important with you" ma said in a low voice.

"Yes ma, tell me" although I asked but somehow i have an idea what she wants to discuss.



, our neighbour Mrs. Singh told me about this guy. He is a very good-looking guy, working in an MNC...

I cut her in the middle "ma please, i told you many times i don’t want to marry. And even if i agree, after knowing my past, this guy will also reject me like others"

"But we will not tell him your past" ma said

"Ma, what are you even saying. I don’t want to start my life with a lie. And please stop this topic, i don’t want to discuss this in the morning itself" I told her harshly. My mind is already preoccupied with my dreams and now this.

"But payu, we...."

"Morning mumma" Amu enters the kitchen interrupting our conversation which I am thankful for.

Mom first glance at amu and then at me, then again turn towards amu & told her to have her breakfast.

Thank god mom didn’t started again but i know from her looks the conversation is not over yet.


I completed my breakfast and packed mine and amu's lunch for college.

"Maa, we are leaving. Do take your medicine on time and don’t wait for us. Have your lunch on time. We will come back around 4'o clock" i instructed her while hugging.

I know i was rude to her and she is only worried for my future. But what to do I already have a lot in my plate. I don’t have time for marriage.

"Okay dear, take care" ma said pulling me out of my thoughts.

Amu also hugged ma while I unlocked the main door.

After coming out of the house i started my scooty while amu sit on the back seat.

We are living here in Delhi from the last 2 yrs. After what happened 3 years ago, we moved from Bangalore to Delhi, now we are not in contact of any relatives. We sold our house there & purchased a 3 room set here.

I applied for the lecturer job here in Management college. Luckily, i got selected and since then i am working as a professor in college.

And amu is doing her graduation from another college.

We reached at the gate of her college.

"Di, i will be free at 3:30 p.m. So, do pick me up on time" Amu informed.

"Okay, I’ll be on time" i told her.

I again started my journey and reached my college on time.

After reaching staff room and picking up the required books, I marched towards my first lecture which i really hate.

I entered the class only to hear something like this.

"Oye hoye, she is looking sexy today”

"when will we get an opportunity to be with her”

Yuck, disgusting boys.