Chapter One :Chapter 1

'This must be a dream…'

As the warm breath against her neck, Hope struggled to open her eyes and saw a masked man hovering above her.

'But who is he?'

The mask covered half of his face, leaving his full lips on display and two slits of his eyes, which were the color of dark charcoal. Staring at those beautiful dark eyes, Hope felt like she was under the spell.

“Who are…” Hope whispered, but before she could finish her question this mysterious man had leaned over and kissed her.

Her eyes widened at once, as she had never been kissed before. However, she didn’t dislike the feeling his lips pressed on hers.

And there was even a strong urge to let her close her eyes and savor this tingling feeling.

'This was a dream after all, so it couldn’t be counted as my first kiss, right?' She couldn’t think properly now as the man licked her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

'How could it feel so real?' Hope gasped, but the sound that came out of her lips was a whimper.

This mysterious masked man ran his cold fingers on her neck, up to her jawline and then down to her chest.

"Hmm." As he cupped her breast with one hand and gently squeezed, eliciting another shameful moan from her.

She felt so helpless under his touch, as heat began to simmer inside her.

“Mine…” the way he growled made Hope tremble, more so when she felt his hardness.

As he lifted the hem of her night gown, the cold wind caressed her bare skin, which forced her to stare directly into his dark eyes, which filled with desire.

“Mine…” he moaned roughly and without Hope realizing it, he had torn her undies easily, as if the fabric was made of tissue.

Everything was so dizzying and Hope was drunk with his touch and his winter like scent. She didn’t realize it when he positioned himself above her swiftly, as he sucked and nibbled on her neck.

The man slid a hand under her nightgown and his finger touched her pussy, which made Hope widen her eyes in shock.

No one ever touched her there.

“Please… don’t…” Hope was mortified when understanding finally dawned on her about what they were doing right now.

"Please..." Hope grasped his shoulder, as she pleaded with him to stop.

However, some part of her wanted to let him do whatever he wanted.

Before she could make sense, he promptly paired his hips to hers and a sharp pain radiated through her lower body.

“It… hurts…” She closed her eyes because of the pain and wanted to push him away, but his body weighed her down from breaking free.

Feeling him enter deeper, she scratched his arms and whimpered.

"Easy, little mate." The man peppered her with kisses, as if to ease the pain that she was suffering right now.

Only when Hope was a little bit relaxed, he moved rhythmically and each movement produced a sharp pain that drew a faint moan from her.

It was extremely painful for her at first, she felt like someone had just cut her into half, but the anguish didn’t last long.

However, it was not enough.

"Aah!" Hope felt the worst pain ever when the man buried his face on the crook of her shoulder and bit down on her neck.

His teeth tore tender skin on her neck, along with her release, the pain and pleasure overwhelmed her…


It was so exhausting.

Hope had never had that kind of dream before. It was surreal, even though she could still feel the way he touched her, which made her heart thump wildly.

"What is this?" looking at her own reflection in the mirror, she frowned.

There was a red mark on her neck, at the exact same spot where she was bitten.

"Well, it was just a dream." She convinced herself, letting her hair down and using some concealer. However, Hope was soon caught by her brother when she walked out of her bedroom.

"Tsk tsk, you look different today. Did someone eat the forbidden fruit after her 18th birthday party?" Daniel teased her with a wink, while stuffing a sandwich into his mouth.

"What nonsense are you talking about?!" Her face started burning as hearing his words. Daniel always liked making fun of her since their childhood.

She couldn't let him know that she had a sex dream, so real that her core would react when she recalled the dream details.

"Get your stuff ready and rush to work. No good to be late on your first day back in town." Hope rolled her eyes and warned Daniel.

She needed some time alone to figure out the situation.

"So, I got it right!" Daniel raised his eyebrow and continued, "Wow, who would the unlucky guy be..."

"Oh, god! Can you please keep quiet!" Hope cut his words while covering his mouth, worrying his crazy words would be heard by grandpa upstairs.

"OK, I'm going to work." Daniel raised his hands to surrender, "But, when I get back, tell me more details..."

Before his raging sister could kick him, Daniel quickly ran out.

Hope wished to chase him, however, her grandpa suddenly called her to his office room. And as she arrived at his study, she noticed the serious look of the old man.

It seemed to be something important.

“Hope, you have turned eighteen now,” grandfather spoke in a quiet tone, as he started.

He looked a little bit nervous and this only made Hope frowned, because this was not like her grandfather at all.

“What is it, grandfather, is there something bothering you?”

Hope had lost her parents when she was little and ever since then it was their grandfather, who took her and Daniel into his house and raised both of them.

“I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out,” grandfather sighed deeply again, as if to lessen the burden on his shoulders.

But at this point, Hope became worried.

“Grandpa?” Hope became nervous when she looked at his expression and extended her hands to grab him.

“What is it? I have never seen you so distraught like this, is it something really bad?” Hope furrowed her brows.

Hope had her mother’s eyes, a pair of beautiful blue eyes, as clear as the sky, which reminded grandfather of his daughter. People would often compliment her for it, which Hope got used to and didn’t think she was that beautiful if it was not for her eyes.

But the truth was; even without those beautiful bright blue eyes, Hope was gorgeous, she had this lovely feature and warm vibes, anyone would attract to get closer to her, to know her more.

This was her charm, though she didn’t really realize it yet…

“I don’t know how I should tell you about it,” grandfather looked down. He looked ashamed.

“Do you want me to call Daniel?” she asked carefully. Probably, with her older brother here, it would make it easier for grandfather to tell her his concern.

“No.” Grandfather immediately rejected the idea.

“He can not know about this.” He shook his head and looked at Hope seriously, the way he stared at her hardened the more he hesitated to say it.

“Someone will come for you.” After taking a deep breath, grandfather finally uttered these words.

“And he will be your future husband.”


Hope was completely taken aback, the news came as a shock. And her voice started trembling.

“Future husband? Grandpa, what do you mean with that?”

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