Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Harris, I'm going to divorce you. If you're a man, you can come and settle the formalities now!"

His wife Hanna's aggressive voice came from the other end of the phone. The quality of the phone was not good, and it could be heard by other people. Instantly, the office quieted down.

Taking a deep breath, Harris calmly said, "Okay."

After that, he stood up and walked out of the office. After asking for leave with Director Zhou next door, he picked up his bag and went out.

The moment the door was closed, there was a burst of comments in the office.

"A divorce again? How many times has it been proposed?"

"Harris is really unlucky to find such a wife. He has served his family for more than ten years, but she still doesn't like him."

"These days, what's the use of being honest? It's wrong to do anything without money."

"In fact, Harris is fine. He sends more than 10,000 yuan a month to his wife and rides a small electric bicycle every day. He can't even afford to drive a car."

"What's the use of saving money? I heard that his wife, Hanna, has thousands of cosmetics a month, and his ignorant and incompetent brother-in-law. It's said that he lost more than 200,000 yuan in gambling on the Internet. It's all Harris's debts to settle finally."

"Hey, I've heard that his wife's house is about to be demolished by the government. I'm afraid she doesn't want Harris to get the compensation, so she asked for the divorce."

"All right, all right. Don't inquire too much about other people's affairs."

"It's a pity that Harris is honest."


Harris didn't hear the discussion behind him. Even if he did, he wouldn't care.

Ever since they got married, it had been sixteen years. His wife, Hanna, had always been cold to him. She didn't have the slightest bit of enthusiasm.

Every time he thought of the beginning of the two people, Harris's heart would twitch.

He had thought that it was God's blessing for the campus belle to take the initiative to fall in love with him. Later, he learned that she was just playing outside and wanted to find an honest person to live a good life.

Harris was the " honest person" in everyone's eyes.

For the past sixteen years, Harris had endured countless looks of disdain, mockery, and even insults from Hanna's family. However, for the sake of his daughter, he had endured them all.

His daughter, Kara, was his only spiritual pillar. In order to give her a complete home, Harris endured the humiliation and didn't fight. He endured until now.

Until last night, his daughter handed him the university admission notice. She gently hugged him and said, "Dad, you should divorce my mom. Don't worry about me. I've grown up."

In the past 16 years, Harris, who had suffered countless grievances and never shed a drop of tears, burst into tears at that moment.

It turned out that her daughter understood everything.

His daughter's words made him feel that all the grievances and injustices he had suffered in the past 16 years were worth it.

After crying for a while, Harris completely put it down.

In the past two days, Harris had a hunch that Hanna might want to divorce him again. The reason was that their old house was about to be demolished. Hanna, who was about to become a rich woman, just looked down on him, who was a good-for-nothing.

There was another reason that Harris couldn't say it out loud.

Before the wedding, Jacob, who once had a relationship with Hanna, had just divorced a few days ago.

For so many years, Hanna had not been completely cut off from him. For the sake of his child, Harris had always turned a blind eye to it.

Hanna thought her acting was flawless, but in Harris's eyes, it was so ridiculous.

Double-class university students were both online with high IQ and EQ. How could he miss Hanna's tricks?

However, his heart was completely cold and he didn't care.

Riding on a battery bicycle that had been fixed countless times, and had long lost the color of paint, he passed through several streets and came to the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

At a glance, he saw the silver A4L car at home. This car had been bought for more than six years. In addition to a few times when Hanna was drunk and asked him to drive her home, Harris had driven it only a few times.

The car door opened, and Hanna, dressed in fashionable clothes, got out of the car. She was carrying a handbag with a new design from last week, which cost his annual bonus.

"Have you thought it through? Are you willing to leave?"

Hanna walked up to Harris and looked at the man who had lived with her for 16 years.

He looked ordinary, with a beard and a fat figure. His clothes were wrinkled, and she did not like him no matter how she looked at him.

She didn't even know how she, the campus belle, spent 16 years with such a man!

If it weren't for the fact that she had drunk too much from the break-up and that she had a child with this guy, she wouldn't have married this man!

"I've thought it through. Let's do it."

Harris's voice was extremely calm.

"Okay, then let's do what we said before. All the property in the family belongs to me. You can get out of the house and your daughter belongs to you." Hanna repeated her condition again. After that, she stared at Harris as if she was afraid that he would go back on his word.


This time, Harris's answer was simpler. There was only one word.

The woman in front of him had already exhausted all his enthusiasm and energy, and he couldn't be bothered to say another word.

"Okay, since you've made up your mind, then... let's go through the formalities."

Seeing that Harris had agreed so decisively and didn't try to persuade her to stay like before, Hanna, who was supposed to be happy, actually felt a little uncomfortable.

Perhaps she felt that an honest man like Harris was nothing when he left her. He should have shown a painful and embarrassed expression. However, when she saw that Harris was calm and did not see what she wanted to see, she was a little surprised.

Of course, Hanna didn't know how Harris felt. The house that he had supported with a salary of more than ten years was originally a very depressing cage for him. Now that he was free, how could it be painful?

The two entered the Civil Affairs Bureau one after another. In less than half an hour, all the procedures were completed, and they had a red divorce certificate in their hands.

The moment he walked out of the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Harris took a deep breath, as if an invisible shackle had finally been opened. He felt more relaxed than ever.

"There are still some of your belongings at home. When are you going to pack them up?"

Before getting in the car, facing Harris, who didn't say a word, Hanna felt a little guilty. She couldn't help but ask him a question. But as soon as she said it, she felt a little regretful. She had already divorced this man. So what was the point?

"There's no need. Just throw it away." Harris waved his hand and walked to his bicycle without looking back.

Hanna felt a surge of anger for no reason when she saw how carefree he was. She thought to herself, "Harris, you're just a useless country bumpkin. What are you trying to do? You're nothing without me!"

Gritting her teeth, she turned around and got into the car. She called her good friend Zelda and said happily, "Zelda, I am finally free today. Stay with me at the bar all night. I won't go back until I get drunk!"

On the other end of the phone, Zelda, who was doing a spa, was stunned.

That honest man actually agreed to a divorce with Hanna...

It was really surprising.

However, she finally found someone to accompany her. Thinking about it, she felt quite happy.

On the phone, she happily agreed. She lay back on the massage bed and continued, enjoying the careful care of her amazing mountains, but Zelda's eyes were a little gloomy.

She had the capital to be attractive, but she couldn't get the rich man she liked. Her ex-husband was a liar and he was poor. When she thought of this, she felt upset.

Hanna's honest husband was not bad. He had a good temper. But unfortunately, he earned too little money.

Hanna always said that Harris was not good-looking, but Zelda felt that he was very pleasing, although he was a little fat. Zelda thought that he should be very handsome when he was young, otherwise Hanna would not like him.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? Your best friend has just divorced but you are thinking about her husband. You're really..."

Feeling a little funny, Zelda shook her head and continued to enjoy the massage.

Harris didn't know that as soon as his ex-wife finished the formalities, she had an appointment with her best friend to celebrate, but what she was doing now had nothing to do with him.

Finally, he walked out of the home that he had fought for 16 years. Although he had nothing at the moment, he had freedom!

At this moment, Harris felt more relaxed than ever.

Looking up at the blue sky, he saw the future for the first time.

"Harris, congratulations on regaining your new life!"

Standing next to the shabby electric cart, Harris closed his eyes, looked up at the sky, and whispered to himself.

"Congratulations on obtaining freedom and binding the rich and powerful life system!"

"The novice fund, 100 million yuan, has been issued!"

The sudden sound startled Harris!

"What's going on? Could it be that he was too happy and had an illusion?"

Thinking of the warning he just heard, Harris was stunned.

"Beep, beep!" There was a vibration on the phone.

Harris took out his mobile phone and looked at the text message on the screen. His eyes widened in an instant.

Harris opened the text message with trembling fingers and his breathing suddenly became rapid.

One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, ten million, a hundred million!

Harris's bank card, which had never more than 15,000 yuan, got a balance of one hundred million yuan!

"Am I also a human being?"

This could be achieved so easily...

Could it be that God pitied him and finally helped him?

Looking at the phone screen that had been broken into pieces, Harris felt as if he had fallen into a dream!

"Hey, are you leaving or not?" A man's impatient voice pulled Harris back to reality.

Harris looked at the man who was riding a bicycle Obviously, he had taken a fancy to somehow of this and he stopped in the way of others. He quickly put his mobile phone back into his pocket and pushed out his electric bicycle.

During this process, Harris gradually calmed down and accepted the reality that he got the money.

After all, he was a mature middle-aged man. In the face of such an incredible thing, although Harris was shocked and ecstatic, he did not lose his composure in public.

However, his eyes were full of passion!

From this moment on, he wanted to say goodbye to the ordinary and bitter past and live a wonderful life!