Chapter One :Chapter 1

In City Z, Country E.

The scorching sun in July cooked the earth.

In the Gabriels family. 

"Dad, what did you say? You want me to get married? Are you so poor that you need to sell your daughter off? Aren't you afraid of being scorned by the world for doing that?"

Jaylee Gabriels had just finished her exams and returned home for the holidays when she received this not-so-funny joke.

She shot her questions at her father. 

Well, who on earth had lost his mind? Why would he marry such a person as her? 

Mrs. Gabriels patted Jaylee's shoulder. "Mind your words, Jaylee. And that's why I've called you home this time to discuss this matter with you." 

Jaylee pointed to the pile of gifts on the ground and said, "Mom, then why have you received all these betrothal gifts before you even discuss this matter with me?"

She was just a sophomore at a university. Before she could even have any fun during this summer vacation, Mrs. Gabriels called, telling her that someone was interested in her and wanted to propose marriage. 

Who exactly was that?! 

It was none other than the Benson family in Country N. 

After learning that it was the Benson family, Jaylee was so shocked that she sat down on the sofa as if she had been struck by lightning and couldn't move. 

Her parents looked at each other and then at Jaylee with concern. 

"Tomorrow, our two families will have a meal together. You..." 

"Mom, please let me be alone." 

In a daze, Jaylee got up and returned to her room. If it was any other people in Country E, she would have already turned down their proposals. But, things were completely opposite when it came to the Benson family. 

Even the most fearless tycoons out there knew that the Benson family was a line that they could not cross.

 The Benson family, famous and wealthy in City Z, Country E, had been in the business for generations.

The Benson family had the power to influence the economy of Country E.

Everyone knew all too well the consequences of offending such a powerful and influential family.

Jaylee propped her face up in her hands. "What am I going to do? This supposedly happy news is about to crush me to death."

"Should I feel happy about it? But, this is a nightmare to me." Jaylee fretted with a heavy heart, unsure of what her future held.

The following day arrived.

The two families met, and she joined them.

Her delicate face was dotted with countless red marks.

When she spoke, the foul odor emanating from her mouth was almost unbearable. And to make matters worse, she even had missing teeth!

She wore an ill-fitting yellow scarf on her head, and her lipstick was the color of blue. Her fingernails were painted in ten colors – one red, one pink, one purple, and so on.

In short, Jaylee's appearance was nauseating and beyond unattractive. To say she was just plain, fat, and ugly would be an understatement. She was downright repulsive at the moment! 

Todd Gabriels pointed at Jaylee and introduced her to Ronnie Benson. "Ronnie, this is my daughter, Jaylee," he said. 


Was it really her?

As Ronnie looked at the grotesque figure before him, he couldn't help but wonder if this was really the same girl he had seen in the photo.

The girl in the photo had delicate features, with curved eyebrows and a sweet, pretty face. But how did this charming girl turn into someone standing in front of her with greasy hair, a flushed face, and a strange smell? She looked just like a person even ghosts would detest now. 

It was fortunate that his second son, Bryson Benson had not come. If he had, he would certainly not have agreed to this marriage.

"Why is she different from the photos?"

Jaylee reined in her emotions while putting on a timid and inferior attitude as she answered, "The photos were heavily edited. This is my true appearance."

Todd hesitated for a moment.

Seeing the expression on Todd's face, Jaylee was secretly delighted. She knew that the Benson family would not accept her.

In an instant, both Mr. and Mrs. Gabriels felt that their daughter's move was a smart one.

On that day, the Benson family showed up unannounced at their doorstep to propose marriage. Their words carried threats and oppression, leaving the Gabriels family with no chance to refuse.

Todd decided to break the silence. "Master Benson, we were in the wrong to deceive you with the photo. How about we call off the engagement and have the betrothal gifts sent back to the Benson Residence?"

"No, I like Jaylee."


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