Chapter One :Chapter 1


“Call off all of my meetings, for the rest of the evening,” I said to my assistant. She looks horrified to hear this.

“But ma’am we have already scheduled a crucial meeting with the Italians and we cannot afford to miss it if we cancel it now, we cannot schedule another one for at least 3 months”

I know this meeting is important but nothing is above my husband. I go to the grocery store on my own after years. I bought all the ingredients for the dinner. I gave the chef the day off. I want to do everything by my hand. I got home early planning to surprise Anthony my husband of 3 years.

It has been a long time since I cooked for him. I used to do it in our first year of marriage but he was never impressed so I stopped doing it. I am so excited we are barely spending time with each other as both of us are so busy with our companies. We could not even celebrate our marriage anniversary properly.

I parked my car in the garage. The front door is ajar Is Anthony home? I did not see his car parked in the garage. Faint noises are coming from the first floor. I go near to hear clearly. Muffled voices are coming from upstairs. I climbed up the stairs to check what is going on. Chanel’s annoying voice enters my ears.

"Anthony I am pregnant. It is our child. The child we made, the symbol of our love"

I heard Chanel Anthony’s Ex-girlfriend. I cannot believe it. He told me he has broken off things with her but instead, he went ahead and knocked her up!

I have been begging him to have a child of our own for years but he turned me down each time saying he did not like children and even forced me to take the birth control pills which resulted in some complications and ended up making me sterile for life. Stupid me did everything he wanted without asking questions.

Rage is burning in my veins hearing Chanel’s confession. Anthony’s arms are wrapped around Chanel and her head is lying on his shoulder. He never once held me like this in 3 years. I am seeing red.

I furiously stomped inside and grabbed Anthony's collar splitting him from Chanel

"You got this bitch pregnant after everything I have done for you? Wasn't my love enough for you? I saved your company from going bankrupt. If it wasn’t for me, you would have been living on the road. You would have lost everything. Your house Your luxuries each and everything you boast about. This is your way of repaying me by not only cheating on me but getting another girl pregnant! The pills you forced me to take made me sterile I can never have children on my own and it is your fault"

Tears are streaming down my face my voice has become hoarse due to constant shouting. My vocal cords are burning they are begging me to stop.

Anthony does not even look a tad bit ashamed of what he did instead he obnoxiously replied

"I never loved you I only married you just for the sake of my company and you have also known that you are just refusing to acknowledge it. I only love Chanel; I have always loved her. Marrying you was a compulsion, not a choice. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t even spend a second with you. The only feeling I have towards you is hate and nothing else I despise you".

He shouted in my face. Each of his words hit like a dagger piercing my heart.

He used me he took advantage of me for financial gain. He has been pretending to be the nice guy for the past 3 years. Now that his company is stable, he has taken off the good guy mask because he doesn't need me anymore. How naive am I? Here I was planning to make him dinner, canceling an important meeting just for his sake and he on the other hand is busy fucking another girl. I am so angry my limbs have begun to shake.

"Rosalyn I get what you feel. I know how hard it is for you but you need to understand us too we tried to stay away from each other but we could not. I even left the country but his love pulled back. We just love each other way too much and cannot live without each other. Please don't be angry"

The snake chimed in. But I know her true nature she may have fooled Anthony but she cannot fool me I know exactly what is lurking behind her innocent face.

"You just shut up this is between Anthony and I, so take your sorry face somewhere else. You think I do not how you are spending my money on expensive handbags and trips" Chanel is offered now by my remarks.

Now time for the crocodile tears to come. Anthony rushed to comfort her sending a glare down my way. "Oh, comfort your princess all I said is true she does not have a comeback so she is using her tears. Very good Chanel, I will give you nine out of ten for this Oscar-worthy performance although you can do some little work on your acting seeing that it is still not believable"

"Enough Rosalyn" Anthony shouted. "Why should I keep quiet? Are you forgetting this is my house? You should get out wait I will kick this snake out by myself" I am going to teach her a lesson today that she is not going to forget for her life.

I gripped Chanel's wrist, her cries becoming louder giving me a headache. Suddenly my grip on Chanel loosens and I felt a tingling sensation on my cheek before my brain could even comprehend it. My feet slipped. I let out a throaty scream.

I am falling down the stairs. My head hit the staircase. I felt something behind my head I checked it and my hand got drenched in blood. I am beginning to lose consciousness with each passing second black dots have started to appear in my vision.

I think I am dying.

Memories are rushing in the first time I saw Anthony the time we got married. How big of a mistake it was because he may just have been the reason for my death. The last thing I see is Anthony panicked face as I am drifted off to darkness.