Chapter One :Chapter 1

#*Hello to all my readers. This is the first time I'm writing a novel so please forgive me for my mistakes and feel free to tell me how I can correct them.

Also this story is set in India, specifically Kerala so the language spoken in Kerala malayalam will be used in this book. I will add the meaning of the words in brackets.#*

*Sree's pov*

"I'm home" I scream to no one in particular. It's summer and I've decided to come as a surprise to my brother, Sanjay and my sister in law, Sandra.

After a few minutes, Sandra came out wiping her hands on the end of her saree. As soon as she looked up , shock and surprise was evident on her face. She was 5'7 with light caramel skin and hazel brown eyes that complimented her skin and her dark black hair. She was no just my sister in law but also one of my best friends.

As soon as she recovered from my surprise, she came running towards me and engulfed me in a hug.

"You're crushing me... can't breath..." I coughed. She immediately released me

" Serves you right. Why didn't you tell me you were coming home? I would have prepared everything." She huffed,annoyed. A scowl taking over her handsome face as she placed her hands on her hips.

"And this is exactly why I didn't tell you. You would have prepared food for a whole country and would have expected me to finish it all." I said while smiling.

"Hmff..." Her scowl deepened.

"Oh come on you can't stay mad at me forever.." I said while attempting to hug her.

"No, don't touch me I'm still angry at you." She said as she slapped my hand away. I feigned a hurt expression as I rubbed my arm.


meaning older brother in malayalam

I screamed.

"What?" He screamed from somewhere inside the house. My brother Sanjay was 6'1 and had broad chest with a 6 pack that complimented his tan body. He had sharp jawline and black hair that went well with his emerald green eyes.

"Come here. You're wife is assaulting me" I wined.

"Now,now Sreekutti. My wife is one of the sweetest and gentle person I know." He said wrapping his arm around her. Now it was my turn to scowl.

"I'm not a child." I said crossing my arms.

"I never said you are." He said, amusement clear in his tone.

"Yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes,you did. You called me kutti

meaning child in Malayalam

" I raised my voice annoyed. He burst out laughing, enjoying my annoyed expression. I hate being called a child or little one or baby.. anything like that. While others girls might like it I'm the type that despise people calling me those names.

"You should see your face. It's hella funny." He said tears coming out of his eyes.

"You should see your face ..." I mimicked him, annoyed.

"I do not sound like that." He said obviously annoyed. This lightened up my mood.

"Ya, you do."

"No, I don't."

"Ok enough bickering both of you. Honestly Sree just came home and you both are already bickering? You should know better Sanjay. You're older than Sree, can't you atleast behave as a mature adult? Sree, go and freshen up. Then come downstairs, I'll prepare some food. And you mister is going to behave." My sis in law said to my brother.

"You always take her side.... It's no fair..." He wined pitifully.

"That's what sisters are for." I replied as I went upstairs.

*Sandra's pov*

Im so happy that Sree came home, though I'm a little sad that she didn't tell me in advance. I wonder if Sanjay knew. I'll ask him later. I soon finished cooking and was washing all the plates when I felt to hands placing themselves on my waist. I instantly knew it was my hubby. I felt hot breath on my nech sending tingles down my spine.

"So, what type of help does my beautiful wife want?" He asked in a husky tone. As I was about to reply, his left hand went under my saree, making bear contact with stomach. I sucked in a breath as I felt him teasing me with hand. He knew it was a sentive spot. His other hand trailed to my neck and started drawing random patterns at the crook of my neck. Unable to control any longer, I moaned into his arm as I left the plate I was washing and turned to face him. Lust and desire filled his eyes. I placed my wet hands on his chest as his hands roamed my back slowly approaching my butt. I gripped his shoulders tightly as he continued his teasing.


nickname/shortname for Sanjay

... Stop.... Sree...." I tried to speak in an attempt to stop him, but I was trembling.

"Shh.... Sree is upstairs. She went to freshen up ... remember she's gonna take a while.." he cut in as he caressed my ear. I shiver at his touch. He came close to my face. "Meanwhile let me care for my wifey." I could smell the his minty breath as he came close and kissed my nose softly. Then he softly grazed my lips, teasingly. Unable to control anymore, I grabbed his face in my hand and kissed him with full force. He smiled against my lips in victory. I kissed him with more force, he tightened his grip on my waist holding my trembling form still. He bit my lip and asked for permission to enter my mouth. I let him, both of us fighting for dominance with our tongues. Our tongues dancing as I wrap my arms around his neck tightly, pulling him closer towards me.

" HELLO!!!"

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