Chapter One :Chapter 1

In a presidential suite in Fonta Hotel. Steamy groans filled the dark room.

"It hurts… It hurts so much…"

Judith Cooper wondered if she was dreaming and why her body was so painful.

"It'll go away in a minute. Hang on for a little bit." A man's sexy, magnetic voice came near her ear. It was low and with somewhat suppressed pain.

Judith snorted in discomfort, but the discomfort, as the man said, was indeed relieved in a while.

That man's kisses were gentle but firm. They landed on Judith's neck, breasts and thighs like rain, and then lingered on the breast part.

Though his lips were a little cold, they ignited Judith's body like they were carrying magical sparkles.

Groans slipped out of Judith's lips. Her senses told her to dodge, but her body did the opposite. She leaned forward to let that man get easier access to her boobs.

That man's hands moved past every inch of Judith's body, almost burning her.

Her body tensed up more and more, and she crossed her legs like she wanted to stop the man's trespassing, yet her wet body told another story.

Her body was calling for him. He dug a hole in her body, and only he could fill the emptiness in her right now.

"Does it still hurt?" The man asked gently with heavy panting.

Judith didn't say anything, but tightened her legs around his waist as her answer.

The room was so dark that the man couldn't see Judith's face clearly, but he could smell her sweetness.

After a long while, the man finally stopped and let out a deep breath.

That man looked at Judith who had fainted beside him. His vision began to blur and he fainted too.

When Judith opened her eyes again, she felt pain all over, as if her entire body had been crushed by a wheel.

She sat up slowly and wondered where she was.

She remembered that she came to the fifth floor to get some files for her sister Sherly Cooper.


"Hello? What is the room number?"

"Room 503. Okay, I got it."

After Judith hung up, she found herself at the entrance of room 511.

When she was about to head towards Room 503, the lights around her suddenly went out, and she was dragged into a room by someone.


Judith caught a cold earlier and took a pill given by Sherly. Now she felt sleepy and dizzy.

After struggling for a long time, Judith gathered herself and felt someone beside her. Her eyes widened. The room was filled with a strange smell.

Shocked, Judith checked herself all over and figured out what had happened.

Judith was so scared that she was at a loss, and her whole body felt like on fire. Her mind went blank.

After sitting still for less than a minute, she quickly got off the bed and put on her clothes. It was said that one could hide his or her weakest moments in darkness.

Judith was trembling uncontrollably. She bit her lips tightly, and the intense pain calmed her down.

She groped for her bag and her phone in the dark. There were two items next to her phone. She didn't think too much and put them all in her bag. Then, she stumbled out of the door in pain.

Judith returned to the Cooper family's villa in Mayfield.

With some hazy light, she saw the hickeys on her body. She was so scared that she didn't know what to do.

Judith wanted to go into the villa quietly. She didn't want anyone to know what happened last night.

Just as she was about to open the door, a voice sounded from inside. Judith's hand stopped on the door handle. She didn't open the door. "Why did mom and Sherly wake up so early?" Sherly wondered.

"Mom, you raised Judith for so many years. Now she finally become useful. Mr. Kent is lustful. He only wants innocent virgins. Judith just happens to cater to his taste. I didn't expect her to be worth 2 million dollars." Sherly sounded like she was not talking about a human being, but an item for sale.

Her mother, Julissa, sneered, "I raised her till she graduated from college. All these years' efforts pay off today."

Sherly said, "If we meet people like Mr. Kent again, we can send Judith as a gift to them. She will definitely help boost the Cooper family's business. The pill I gave her last night wasn't strong enough. She only said that she had a cold, but it worked in time anyway."

Hearing the conversation, Judith was overwhelmed and devastated.

Julissa and Sherly were not her real mother and sister, and they had been trying to exploit her for all these years?

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