Chapter One :Chapter 1

Midnight, in the quiet southeastern outskirts of New York, Vivi Brown’s seductive giggling was heard from a brand new shiny BMW Z4.

Alaia grabbed her bag and exited her old Mazda cautiously. The sports car's headlights dazzled her eyes as she quickly stepped forward, closing the distance toward the vehicle. She hid behind a big tree and lifted her camera. Vivi Brown was one of the most popular actresses in the entire States. Alaia had been following after the BMW for almost an hour and forty-five minutes.

Inside the car, a man unzipped his pants. Then he took Vivi Brown's dress off and tore her panties, pulling her completely naked body to sit on top of him.

Finally! Finally, I have something! Alaia happily grinned, secretly photographing the sex scenes unfolding in front of her. She was on Vivi’s tail for days now, following her every step. When Vivi left her building this evening and entered the unknown man's car, Alaia knew she was on something. Maybe Vivi just started dating someone. She expected them to go to a restaurant and have dinner.

But this, she didn't expect to find.

Vivi began riding the unknown man shamelessly, clutching his shoulders and groaning loudly.

So far, Vivi Brown's reputation was clean-cut. Nobody knew anything about her private life. This would taint the actress's image for sure.

Alaia already came up with the title for this news.

"Vivi Brown Having A Wild Car Sex With A Mystical Man." The scoop would bring huge exposure and massive profits to her employer, the G&G magazine.

Alaia couldn't stop giggling inside her mind, knowing she would be able to pay her mother's hospital bills with the earnings from all these photos.

Tomorrow the story would hit the headlines.

After excitedly checking out the pictures, she picked up her bag, getting ready to leave. Her car was left not too far away. Alaia turned around and started to move toward her Mazda when she suddenly bumped into something.

She raised her head, surprisingly finding two men blocking her way. Their bodies were like mountains, heavy, rock-hard, and tall.

The sight made Alaia freeze on the spot instantly. She got busted.

They gripped her hands before she could react, lifting them side by side. Two men walked her backward toward the roadster car.

"Hey! Let me go!" Alaia screamed, struggling hard to free herself from their hold. But it was to no avail. They were too strong, and there was nobody here who could hear her.

When they reached the red BMW, the men pushed Alaia roughly, throwing her over to the ground.

The red roadster car opened, and a pair of black Italian leather shoes stepped out in a level with Alaia's eyes. Alaia raised her eyes, seeing a man getting out unhurriedly. The same man who just minutes ago had sex with Vivi Brown.

He was tall and handsome. Very handsome, Alaia admitted to herself. She quickly stood up, observing him as he walked toward her.

His haircut was short, army style. He wore a white t-shirt, clinging tight to his lean, muscular body, and a black leather jacket unbuttoned over it.

The black ink tattoo peaked under his t-shirt and spread up, over, and around his neck.

Alaia couldn't tell the color of his eyes, but she was sure it was light, either blue, green, or gray. His skin was on the darker side. It was medium olive-toned, only accentuating his bright eyes.

There was some cold, threatening aura around the man, making her shiver.

His slow, like a panther, motions only pointed it out, tensing the already tense atmosphere his appearance created inside Alaia's mind.

This man was dangerous, Alaia sensed undoubtedly. As he was approaching, she moved backward equally slow. As if she didn't want to provoke the deadly beast.

"Are you satisfied with the show?" The man finally spoke. His voice was husky, his tone aggressive, almost sounding over-domineering. Alaia somehow emboldened herself and pushed her fears and nervousness away.

"I don't know what you mean," she retorted proudly back, not believing how unshaken her voice appeared.

"Sure you don't." He said with no hint of a smile, clearly showing he didn't buy her act. Not once did he take his eyes off Alaia. Then he ordered, with his voice louder and more commanding. "Delete the photos!"

Alaia clutched her camera tighter, adamant not to let him intimidate her.

"What photos? I only took pictures of the trees and that lake," she pointed to the small lake behind his BMW.

The man averted his eyes. It seemed he was about to turn around and glance at the lake. He didn't even notice the lake, Alaia thought for a second. But all of a sudden the man bluffed, fixing his sight at Alaia again.

And this time, she saw a clear trail of anger in his eyes. Danger alert, Alaia realized just in time as he leaped forward.

Straight toward her.

His hands gripped her forearms, carrying her toward the car. Alaia's feet dangled in the air, only the tips of her shoes touching the ground.

“You’re bad at lying.” The man said in a teasing tone. Very next second, he pinned Alaia down against the car hood, his body landing flat on top of her.

Alaia’s palms pressed against his chest, trying to push him away. But his hold was too strong, her attempts failing.

"Wha...?" She opened her mouth to protest, but that attempt failed too. Her lips got attacked. The man's mouth roughly rubbed her edges. Alaia felt the tip of his tongue, parting her lips. She couldn't stop him.

His wet, warm, slippery tongue slid between her lips and plunged inside her mouth. Her eyes widened.

It wasn't how she imagined it, her first kiss to be taken by force. Alaia was in complete shock. She fought back, but it was all for nothing. This arrogant man was kissing her wildly, forcibly, cruising with his tongue deep inside her mouth and with his mouth stroking her soft lips coarsely.

And then his hands started to move all around her body, groping her everywhere. He touched and squeezed her breasts, her ass, and thighs.

She cursed herself for dressing in that stupid skirt when he pulled the hem up to her waist, his fingers touching and tugging at her panties.

And then the two slid under it.

Alaia moaned into his mouth. She was never kissed before by a man, nonetheless touched down there. She felt tears swelling in her eyes, shame overwhelming her senses as he found her clit. She shouldn't like it. His fingers circled and pressed it hard. And then came fear. She feared getting raped.

But luckily, that didn't happen. The man suddenly stopped, breaking the kiss and taking his fingers out of her underwear.

Alaia kept her eyes shut, trying to push him again. But the asshole didn't move one bit, motionlessly lying on top of her.

Instead, he grabbed her wrists, bringing them over her head.

"Want more? Want me to continue?" Hearing the bastard ask, she opened her eyes and faced him.

"No!" Alaia screamed. "Get off me! You asshole!" She wanted to slap his face, only if her hands were free! She didn't want it the first time. Of course, she didn't want more. Then he freed her hands with a smirk, and she finally pushed him away furiously.

Or better said, he let her go.

Immediately, she jumped off the hood to her feet, fixing her blouse and skirt. The man didn't need to repeat a thing. Alaia grabbed her camera and unwillingly deleted the photos as he requested, not wanting to provoke the dangerous beast again. She almost got raped for these damn photos!

“All were deleted!” Alaia exclaimed, showing the man her camera. But the bastard didn’t move an inch. Instead, he took the camera from her hands, not having any intention to give it back to her.

“Hey! What’re you doing? I already deleted the photos.” Alaia protested.

It was the only camera Alaia had. The one she made her living with, working as a paparazzi. She had no money to buy a new one.

Plus, she had other photos inside that one.

The man read her mind. He was seemingly well aware of what that camera meant to her.

"If you want it, come to 21 McCain Road. Be there at 10 pm sharp tonight!" He told her before he turned on his heels.

"Fuck you! I'll call the police!" Alaia angrily shouted after him, remembering that outrageous thing he did to her just minutes earlier.

The asshole turned around, offering her a wide mocking grin and showing off his perfectly white teeth.

"Well, well, I'm so scared." He sneered. "Just do it!" Then he snapped.

What a lunatic! Alaia thought, running toward him. She tried to snatch the camera from the mad man's hands, but he caught her wrist in the air.

"Don't play with fire, Alaia Jones!" He told her before disappearing inside his car. It sounded like a warning. The last thing Alaia saw was his hand around Vivi Brown's waist. Then the car door shut, and the red BMW passed by her, speeding high.

Wait! He called me Alaia Jones! How the hell does he know who I am? Alaia thought out loud, with her eyes widened in another shock.

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