Chapter One :Chapter 1

Somewhere in Arcadia City.

The location was a VIP suite in Hilton Hotel, a famous five-star hotel in the city.

"Who are you?"

Celeste was waiting inside the VIP suite when a man suddenly entered. She frowned as soon as she saw him and posed that question to him.

'Why isn't mom here yet? Didn't she text me to say that she'd be waiting for me to discuss something with me in person...' thought Celeste.

"Hello, beautiful lady. It's me, your lover for the night!"

As he said this, Director Cameron rushed directly towards Celeste with open arms.

When she saw him running towards her, Celeste immediately stood up and shrank away from the man.

"Watch your tongue!"

"Why on earth are you putting on this act, you b*tch? Jessy sold you to me because I promised her the lead female role. So you better wise up and serve me well. If not, I will make you suffer!'

Director Cameron was in a foul mood because he was being denied his pleasure. He spat angrily. The look on his face was both terrifying and off-putting.

'So this has something to do with Jessy White!' thought Celeste.

'How could it be Jessy? Didn't my mother ask me to meet her here? Did Jessy set me up?' 

Celeste didn't want to waste any more time guessing. Looking at the man who was still shouting in front of her, she felt both irritated and fed up.

"You should go ahead and get even with the person with whom you made this deal with. This has nothing to do with me!"

As soon as she said her piece, Celeste was ready to leave. She did not want to waste an extra second in that room.

"Wait! How dare you disrespect me like this? You can't leave! This is not a place where you can come and go as you please!"

Director Cameron stepped forward and grabbed Celeste's arm with his greasy hand. He then tried to hug her.

Celeste burned with rage. When she looked at his hand that was on her, she felt sick to her stomach. Without hesitation, she reached out and tugged at it forcefully.



Director Cameron cradled his dislocated left shoulder and screamed in pain! Just as he was about to swear at Celeste, she stepped forward again.

She quickly turned sideways while holding Director Cameron's sleeve and aimed a flying kick at his knee. She then spun around and pinned him against the table.

"Don't mess with me. I've told you that you should sort this out with Jessy, since you made this deal with her. Stay away from me, or I won't go so easy on you!"

After she made things clear to the despicable director, Celeste looked coldly at the man on the ground who was crying out in pain and turned to leave.

As soon as Celeste left, Director Cameron slumped down to the ground.

"Where are my bodyguards?! Get out there and chase after her! I want her to pay for this!"

"She's going to get what she deserves! Ouch! Oh, it hurts!"

After she stepped out of the room, Celeste heard the voice of Direction Cameron shouting from inside the room. She wore an indifferent expression as she stormed off.

'Jessy White! I can't believe that you did this!' snarled Celeste in her mind.

Before she had left the hotel, Celeste started to feel a little ill all of a sudden. Her body felt like it was burning up inexplicably. Her legs felt weak and started to wobble. She felt sick.

Had she been drugged with aphrodisiac?

How could that have happened?

She suddenly remembered! Soon after she arrived in the VIP suite, she had some of the water and food that was brought into the room by a waiter.

She had been too careless! That waiter must have been bribed by Jessy! There could be no other explanation...

All of a sudden, she heard voices behind her!

"Where is she? She has just left the room. She must still be close by."

"Let's head over there and have a look!"

Celeste leaned against the wall, panting slightly as she waited for the men to leave. Sweat dripped down her forehead, thoroughly soaking her collar.

The drug in her system was more potent than she had expected. This was a dangerous situation for her to be in. She needed to get as far away from this hotel as soon as possible. She could not let herself be captured by those men!

"Miss, are you okay? Can I help you with anything?"

A hotel cleaner walked around the corner and saw her, so Celeste acted without hesitation.