Chapter One :Chapter 1


"Mr. Bennett, I'm sorry. Mr Da Silva is out of the office, perhaps you might consider coming back another time."

This is the fourth time this week, and of course I know it's just an excuse for Mr Da Silva to avoid me. I had practically dreamt of working with him for years and finally,the opportunity presented itself but it turns out that the man was old school.

His condition to partner with me was only if I was married.He believes he can only trust the judgement of men who are married because that was what stability meant to him.

 That was absurd. I thought he was just bluffing.

But he told me with his actions that he was serious...

So I have to do it now...

"No problem, I'm not here to talk to Mr Da Silva about work. I just wanted to tell him that I'm getting married soon. Please pass it on." After I finished, his assistant was obviously a bit shocked; after all, the news was indeed my impromptu decision.


Getting married would not have been a problem for me because I already have someone whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

But my fiancée, Charlotte Watson, is a world-famous singer. Her career is at its best, and I know it's impossible to get her to marry me at this time. I understand her completely.

But I needed a wife. It's needed now. The words have been said, then it must be done.


 Sighing, I gave my grandmother a call.She was the only one I could trust to handle this.

“Grandma. I need you to find me a woman.Preferably ugly looking,someone who would be unfazed by my wealth and would always know her place.”

 “Ben,I’m skeptical about this.I mean,is Charlotte really okay with this?”

"She understands. I need this opportunity! I can't let this stupid reason be an obstacle for me!"

I knew she would definitely agree if it meant expanding my business empire.

"Okay then, what kind do you need." Grandma asked me.

Then of course the better the manipulation, the better.

"A girl who can settle with money so she doesn't pester me about the divorce."



"Clean there quickly too!" My maid colleague shouted at me. I had to immediately drop the vase in my hand and run to the place she designated to clean it.

I'm new to this job for a week, still on probation, and I have to abide by everything my seniors assign me because I need this job so badly! My mother's surgery can't wait any longer!

“You two! Stop what you're doing! .Madam Valentina wants us at the living room right now.“ And that was our colleagues,Skylar walking in.

"Okay, okay," we responded in unison.

Once Madam Valentina asks for you,you better be there in a jiffy.

It was the one thing I had learnt since I started working here.


All the maids including me stood in front of Madam Valentina.

The old woman stared at us one after the other.

I found it strange because it felt as if she was assessing us in another level,as if she wanted to stare into our souls.

“You!”She suddenly pointed at me and I swallowed.

What did I do?

Did I offend her?

Am I getting fired?

 “Follow me.”

Blinking minutely,I quietly followed her and we walked into the study.

My head was lowered to the floor as I began to wonder what I had done wrong. Does madam want to fire me?

 “Marry my grandson”She announced.

WHAT? My head snapped up to look at her in shock. Was she talking to me? I looked backwards but there was no one behind me.

“Ma’am…I…” What's going on here?

 “Marry my grandson and you will be awarded 50 million dollars.Part of the payment will be made today and the other half will be paid when you finish the job after one year.”

Now I understood, she wanted to give me money. For me to marry her grandson for a year.

But, why me? Shouldn't the heir of such a rich man marry the daughter of a rich family? Why would it be me who has nothing? I’m practically an insignificant figure in her world.

But she didn't give me a chance to ask questions and said to herself “If you do not agree,I could give this offer to Skylar or Hailey.”

She wouldn't even tell me more information, and I didn't know what her grandson was like, or if they would make more excessive demands. Like making me have a baby or something. It wasn't asking me, it was merely informing me.

But... 50 million dollars... that much money...

My mother’s hospital bills flashed through my head.

That could cover everything.

And I’ll be left with lots of money.

Maybe I could finally further my education.

 “Do you agree?”She asked,sternly. She sounded like this was the last chance she would give me. I couldn't dwell on it anymore, it might be my only chance to save my mom!

I'm not that noble, I need the money.

My mother adopted me from an orphanage and treated me as well as her own daughter. But my adoptive father died of a myocardial infarction after his company went bankrupt, and soon after, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and all the burden was on me. But I had to bear it, because I couldn't lose my mother again, and nothing was more important than her!

With that in mind, I nodded firmly.

The old lady nodded in satisfaction and finally explained to me this ridiculous contract "You are not a real married couple. You are not to approach him, only to play his wife when he needs you."

Luckily, I didn't have to have sex with him or have children for him. Yeah, what kind of woman would a man like that want that he wouldn't get, so how would he need a maid like me?

"I understand, I'll just be the maid." I knew she was worried that I was the type of person who would get entangled, and I had to show my determination.

 “You are very smart. Now sign the papers if you’re okay with this.”She placed a document on a table and handed a pen over to me.

After carefully browsing through the contract, I solemnly signed my name.

I swallowed.

It was hard to believe that I was nineteen and married.

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