Chapter One :Chapter 1

I hid in the closet, trying to cover my mouth to keep myself from making a sound, I trembled and tears fell silently.

I looked out on the bed and my boyfriend was riding on top of my best friend and was fucking her hard at the moment.

Now that I think about it, it was a bad idea to hide in this closet, to think I darted back home from my trip and hid in this closet all in a bid to surprise him. Ironically, I'm the one who has been left with a surprise.

I can't believe they rolled together, For as long as I can remember Rachel and Eric have always hated each other, they were like cat and dog at each other's neck so when did this begin?

But the truth is, Eric's dick continues to swell in Rachel's vagina at the moment!

My tears turned to anger, I don't know why they did this? What did I do to them?

"Oh~ Eric, shouldn't you be going now, we've been at it for hours. Vida will be worried," Rachel moaned and said hypocritically in her bitch voice.

"For God's sake, don't mention that weird nerd when I'm about to ejaculate!" Eric pinched Rachel's nipples with his fingers as if punishing, constantly pulling and pulling, causing Rachel to groan again.

"Nerd? You bastard, I remember you always calling her baby in front of her..." Rachel got up and bit Eric's nipple, moaning again.

"Oh god! Baby, I'm coming!" After Eric finished speaking, he immediately turned Rachel upside down, grabbed her butt, and thrusted hard!

Until they were all released, they fell limp and put on together.

What did I hear? Eric said it was a lie to love me, he hated me, but why didn't he break up with me?! My tears flowed even more fiercely!

"Baby, I think I need to break up with that Nerd Vida, I'm fed up with her black-rimmed glasses and her T-shirt jeans!" Eric's disgusted voice sounded again.

"No, baby, Vida is our fun, I haven't had enough. I like to think of her as a fool, thinking of her excitement to see you when she comes back from a trip, oh god, thinking of this, I'm getting wet again!"

"Baby, do you want another round?" After Eric finished speaking, he wanted to ride on the bitch again.

I can't take it anymore! I immediately pushed the closet door open and they screamed together.

"Vida, baby," Eric calls me, his face stricken with shock.

"Why are you here?!" Suddenly, he goes pale as if he has seen a ghost.

"Don't act like you feel guilty about me! You guys make me sick! Eric, I'm informing you now that we're done! Go ahead and fuck that bitch!" When I finished, I didn't want to be here anymore! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hide my tears any longer!

When Eric confessed his love for me in front of everyone on the playground, how could I have thought that it was all a lie! I always knew I was an orphan and Eric was from a wealthy family, but Eric's vows removed the uncertainty from my heart. I felt my heart ache so much I couldn't breathe, but I would never allow myself to shed a tear in front of these two vipers!

But Rachel got up and pulled me back. "Bitch! What are you talking about! You're nothing but an orphan, who are you to dump Eric!!! in fact it was Eric who dumped you!"

I immediately pushed Rachel away the bitch in disgust! How much homework did I do for her and all she did in return now was fuck my boyfriend! She viciously made me the butt of her joke!

I couldn't hold back any longer and I slapped her hard!

I ran out of the room before they could react!

While I wonder what should be done, my eyes meet with Eric's car in the parking lot, all flashy as ever and I begin to walk towards it.

I stare blankly at the car, his favourite car reflecting my deranged image, and I gather myself to reach for the handle and pull.

Without difficulty, the door came open, not just that but his key was sitting in the car.


With a kick start to the engine I drive up the hill through the lonely night, it's just me and my thoughts at the moment. It takes a while for me to find a good spot to collect myself, not just that but I feel sick with the stench of alcohol.


"What's that?" I ask myself.

Excitement beans on my face as I find a bottle at the back seat and it's not just one but three bottles of vodka in different flavours.

I smug as I reach out to the chocolate flavour and hop down, then I take a sip and pour the rest over the car.

Quickly I rummage through the front seat, Eric always did carry a pack of cigarettes…

"Ah ha!" I yell in excitement the moment I find his lighter lying on the floor.

"You deserve worse, but I'll let you off the hook with this Bitch!" I curse holding up my middle finger as I throw the lighter on the car and make a run for it while his car burns in flames.

My thigh starts to vibrate suddenly, my phone is ringing, I had put it on silent because I didn't want anything interfering.

"It's my boss," I whisper as I stare at my screen, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Vida, I didn't hire you to take breaks without my consent, unless you'd like me to fire you," he yells angrily.

"No, please!" I beg him.

He must have found out I came earlier than intended.

"Come to my office first thing in the morning, we need to talk."

"Yes sir," he said as he hung up, while I wallowed in self-disappointment. Only now could I see how much I've lost in the name of love.

That's it, I'm sick of love and men.

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