Chapter One :Chapter 1

It was last day of summer. Last day of holidays and last day of freedom. Yeah, I love holidays, because that's when i can do whatever i want and just don't care about school and homework. But I was so depressed, because I have to go to school tomorrow and I just want to have fun with my best friends and my brother Lincoln, I call him Linc. We were spending our last day on the beach, it was 2 hours away from our home.

The waves were hitting the shore, the sun was shinning brightly and the day seemed calm. The only place that could help me escape from my problems was the ocean. I was a very lonely person from the childhood, but then Mia and Jeremy appeared in the picture. My heart was still limited though. They were the only people who found a key to my cold heart. I may say that I'm a pessimistic person. I laugh probably 2 times a day and only with my friends and brother. I don't know why they are talking with me in the first place, but maybe they are the ones who truly understand me.

 "Kylie, I'm gonna dive into the water! And then we'll see who is better!" my brother screamed for me to hear.

 "I think everyone knows the answer!" I screamed and smirked.

I saw my best friends Jeremy and Mia sitting on the beach and laughing. I dived into the water saw red corals and near it was a beautiful stone, it was like painted. This stone was mesmerizing and had all colours of rainbow. I didn't take it because I consider that stone had to be where it is now. It is its home.

Suddenly I felt someone pulling my leg. I turned around to see who is that person. I couldn't understand who it was, but I definitely knew it was a boy. I remembered Linc saying that he will dive into the water and I wanted to laugh at him. So I moved closer to him and started pulling his hair. It was so funny for me, but I knew he would be angry and I decided to get out of the water. I was laughing and sat near Jeremy and Mia. Then I noticed Linc being beside us.

 Then I knew...

Who was that person? It wasn't Linc. Oh my god! I pulled somebody's hair. Then I looked around with my eyes widened. I think I forgot how to breath. I saw some towels and bags far from us. I didn't think that someone except us was here. Then I saw a person coming out of the water. I was so ashamed of what I did and I just can't look at his eyes now. So I decided to run away and hide somewhere until we decide to go home.

 "Where are you going?" Jeremy asked.

 But I couldn't reply. I was running so quickly.

 I noticed a big rock on the beach far from the guys, and I hid there, still watching at the guys. The one whose hair I pulled was with his back on me, so I couldn't see his face. Then I saw him talking to Lincoln. What? Okay, let's pretend that we are strangers and nor me nor my brother knows him. The poor guy who was my victim took a cab of beer from his bag and started drinking it while talking with Linc. His back looked hot and I can say that he was very tall, probably an inch or two taller than me. Also he had a tattoo on his back and shoulder. I hope he didn't notice me or I would be dead. Why everything awkward should happen with me? I didn't do anything bad in this life!

He was with his friend. His friend was a blonde one. He had a little tattoo of skull in the middle of his back. Please, tell me that these guys aren't criminals who will find me and really kill me! I will be very nice girl and will do only good things.

 Then he left with his friend.

 I decided to come back when I couldn't see them anymore.

 "Ky, what was that?" Linc asked me taking the Coke from the bag.

 "It was...nothing! Dad called and asked when we will come home,” I answered.

 He nodded and took a sip of his Coke. Then Mia asked while looking at something in her phone:

 "Are you going?"

 "Where?" I asked with a confused look and sat near her.

 "One guy throws a party next week because the school starts,” she answered and turned off her phone while looking at me.

"I don't know. I don't like parties, you know this!" I answered.

 "Oh, come on! This is our last year of school. We should enjoy it. You should definitely go to the party!" Jeremy said taking the can of beer out of his bag.

 "I will think about it,” I said and started talking about something other to change the subject.

Yeah, I hate parties. I don't like being in really crowded places, nor I like dressing fancy. I think better idea is to stay at home, read or watch films. Probably sleep and listen to music. I can do a lot of things at home, which I can't do at the party.

Some time passed and we decided to go back home. I was listening One Direction while Lincoln was driving. I love listening to musics. They just calm me down and make me travel to unreal world. Sometimes some music can really give me chills because it's so deep. Songs really are showing my mood. When I read lyrics I feel good or bad. And sometimes they really describe my feelings. Singers are people who were through some pain, I reckon. Because they are writing their feelings out and probably they feel sometimes like me. Have you ever thought that this songs are about you? I love depressed songs with a deep meaning because I feel it, every time I am listening to them.

We were home with Jeremy and Mia. Linc went to the club with his friends. Linc is my twin so we are in the same grade. Linc is a very smart boy. He isn't nerd and he doesn't have amazing marks because he is lazy, but what he is really amazing at is football. He is a captain of the school team. He is popular and every girl is in love with him. Even Mia had some feelings for him, I guess they are over.

 We decided to lie down and cover ourselves with blankets. We took some food like pop corn, pizza and ice cream.

"Which film do you want to watch?" Jeremy asked us.

"Whatever you want," I answered, shrugging.

The film started. I didn't know the name, because I fell asleep the same minute it started. I don't know why, but I can't watch films. Sleep just takes over my wish of watching a film. And every time I sleep I have nightmares. I don't want to sleep at all but I was used to sleeping before something happened.

 I woke up and didn't find Mia and Jeremy. I guess they went when the film ended. I have to get up and get ready for school.

"Are you ready, honey?" Dad screamed from the kitchen.

 "Yeah, I am!" I answered coming downstairs. I saw Lincoln eating his breakfast.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked sitting near Linc.

 "I knew you will wake up on your own,” dad answered getting ready.

 "Yeah, I did. And I can't eat my breakfast now!" I said and took my bag.

 "Let's go!" I said to Linc coming to the doors.

 "Can't you wait until I finish my breakfast?" he asked shaking his head.

 "Let me!" I said holding my chin to show that I was thinking.

 I went to the car and sat in it, waiting for Linc. When he was coming while looking at his phone, I made a car honk. He jumped.

 "I hate you, Kylie!" he said nearly dropping his phone.

 I laughed very hard and when he sat I said:

 "Love you too!" still laughing.

When we came to school, I came to Mia and Jeremy. Linc went to his friends. We talked and then suddenly Emily, a school gossiper came to us and exclaimed:

"Guys! Raf King comes back!"

 "Raf King?" Mia said shockingly.

 "Wasn't he sent to Spain?" Jeremy asked.

 "Yeah, but he is back! I gotta go, spread the hot news! Bye!" she said and ran to others.

 "Who is that?" I asked.

 "Raf King?" Jeremy questioned me.

I nodded taking books from my locker. Then I heard loud footsteps and everyone went silent...