Chapter One :Chapter 1

In the luxurious dressing room of the wedding shop, a woman was standing in front of the mirror wearing a white wedding dress. Her skin was as white as snow. She had long beautiful eyelashes like butterfly wings and her red lips looked like a rose.

This woman was Renea Morris, the adopted daughter of the Morris family.

“Miss Morris, you look very beautiful in this wedding gown,” the shop assistant who was standing beside Renea looked at her and praised.

“Thank you,” Renea looked at her through the mirror and replied.

Renea looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. Tomorrow is the day, she had been waiting for so many years. Tomorrow she is going to marry the man, Jasper Thomas whom she has been in love for so many years.

At this moment, the feelings Renea should be having were, happiness, nervousness, or excitement...

However, Renea didn’t know why, but she had a very uneasy feeling in her heart.

Like something bad was going to happen…

As Renea was lost in her thoughts, the curtain of the dressing room suddenly flew open by someone. Then a man wearing a white suit rushed in like a gust of wind. The man was Jasper.

Before Renea was able to understand what was going on, Jasper held her neck and pressed her against the wall.

Everyone in the shop was shocked by Jasper's sudden actions and screamed in fear. They took a step back and looked terrified.

Because of the lack of oxygen, Renea’s face flushed red and she tried to struggle free from his gasp. However, Jasper didn’t let her go. He looked at her coldly and asked, “Renea Morris, do you know what you have done wrong?”

Renea tried to shake her head, as she didn’t know what was going on. However, Jasper had held her neck so tightly that she was not able to move…

“Bitch! Are you still trying to pretend innocent!” Jasper said as he tightened his grip on her neck and choked her harder. Then he used his other hand and took out the phone from his suit pocket and played the video of two people having sex in front of Renea…

However, as soon as the video started playing, Renea's face turned pale as a sheet of paper… “Faster… Ah! I can’t take it anymore… Faster!”

The whole dressing room was filled with blush-inducing moans, making the atmosphere awkward. In the video, the woman was naked and she was entwined with the man on the bed.

However, what was even more shocking, was that the woman in the video was, Renea Morris, however, the man in the video was not Jasper.

The man in the video looks tall and has a well-maintained body. However, the face of the man was not visible, and only birthmark-like butterfly wings were visible on his shoulder blade.

Renea looked at the video with a stunned face. She knew that the video was real and was not synthesized.

Suddenly the memories of that day, came to Renea's mind like someone had played some video in her head.

That day, Renea went to the bar to attend her bachelorette party with Kailey, her sister. The whole party was organized by Kailey. She said that it was a party to say goodbye to her bachelorhood and welcome her new life.

However, it was also the day, when that accident happened with Renea. Renea only remembered the part where she was drinking with Kailey, when, suddenly she started to feel dizzy and hot all over her body.

Then, Renea remembered that Kailey had sent her to the room to rest. After that what happened, Renea didn’t have any memories of it.

The next day when Renea woke up, she found herself naked in the bed alone. However, the pain in her lower body was enough to tell her what had happened last night. No matter how hard Renea tried to recall, she didn’t have any memories of that night…

She didn’t even know who was the man with whom she slept with.

The other people in the room looked at Renea with eyes full of disdain.

“What a shameless woman! How can someone cheat on her fiance just before their wedding?!”

“What else you can expect from a woman like her. She is just a fake rich daughter pretended to be elegant and graceful. Deep down in her heart she was not much better than a slut!”

The voices of the people around her fell on Reena’s ear.

However, at that moment, Renea didn’t care about what the other people were thinking or talking about her. The more important thing for now was to explain everything to Jasper.

Renea struggled to take a phone away from Jasper’s hand and tried to explain, “Jasper, it was not what you think… I… I can…”

However, Jasper didn’t give her a chance to explain. He put his phone back in his pocket and said, “Renea, It’s too late for you to explain anything. The video was already spread all over the internet and almost the whole world knows about what kind of slut you are?”

Jasper looked at Renea with his eyes full of disgust, as he said, “Let’s call of the wedding. I can’t marry a woman like you.” After Jasper finished speaking, he pushed Renea away and walked out of the shop.

The force Jasper used to push her away was not light, and Renea fell to the ground. As she fell, Renea's head hit the corner of the dressing table and the blood started to flow from her head.

However, Renea didn’t care about the pain or blood on her forehead. The only thing running in her mind at this moment…

She had to explain Jasper everything and she couldn’t let him go like this…

Thinking like that, Renea endured the pain in her body and stood up on the ground. She picked up her long and heavy wedding dress and chased after Jasper…

“I can’t lose him… I have to save our relationship…” Renea murmured in her heart as she chased after him.