Chapter One :Chapter 1

Tina's POV

"Dad, there is no food for me to eat, am starving" I informed my father, who was busy drinking and messing up his room, looking so dirty. The air coming from the room is unbearable.

He gazed at me with a deadly look on his face before refocusing on his wine. "I dare you to bother me again, Tina!" he responded, being so careless about me.

My eyes were immediately filled with tears after his statement because that's the response I keep getting lately.

Although I couldn't say I was surprised because waking up every day and remembering my dad marks the beginning of a bad day for me.

So I couldn't leave his presence immediately because I had been starving for a long time. I continued to gaze at him as tears began streaming down my face.

"What's the matter with you, Tina? Why are you crying?" he said, but I continued shedding tears silently.

"Oh, I forgot, that's your hobby. I'm not stopping you from crying, but if you want to cry, you can go to your room or anywhere else that isn't my presence, okay?" he said, but I kept looking at him regardless of what he would do.

Then he locked eyes with me again, this time with a deadly glare.

"Are you deaf?!! Get out of my presence!!" he yelled at me with a deep voice, and I hastily fled from his presence.

I ran to the corner and began to cry. I didn't know what to do to get myself fed; I was very hungry.

However, I came to realize that tears wouldn't solve my problem either. I had to find a way to get myself fed, or else I might die of hunger because nobody cared.

So I stood up and headed straight to my room. But as I was passing through the parlor, I discovered that all of my stepbrothers and stepsisters were eating.

They all had plates of fried rice and chicken in front of them, and I was very sure that there was still much more in the pot. But these guys enjoyed seeing me suffer.

Well, seeing this, I wasn't surprised either because it had been like this ever since my mom died.

My dad was taking good care of me until all of a sudden he brought in a woman with children and introduced them to me as my siblings.

I wasn't upset; I welcomed them happily, but now look where I am – an Omega slave in my own house.

However, looking at them eating their food, I decided to ignore them. I ignored them and headed straight to my room.

"Tina, over here!" Daniella shouted at me. She's the eldest child of my stepmother and actually the most wicked one.

Immediately she called my name, I halted and fixed my gaze on the floor.

"I don't understand, why the hell are you looking at the floor? Didn't I just call you?!" she thundered, and I immediately approached her.

"My clothes are very dirty! I want you to wash them. They're all on my bed. Wash them and clean my room. I need it done now," Danielle said.

"Um, sorry, but it cannot be now. I just checked up on Dad; his room is too dirty and needs..." I was still saying when a heavy slap landed on my face, causing me to fall to the floor.

"Aha!!!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face, as I fell to the floor, placing my right hand on my face where she had slapped me.

"Daniella! Why are you treating her that way!?" Elina, her younger sister, screamed at her.

"Shut the fuck up, you little rabbit! What do you know?" Daniella yelled at her before turning her gaze on me.

"How dare you question my order and talk about Dad? You should wash mine first before you can think of him!"

"You forget that we manage to feed you! He doesn't even care if you exist or not! We are just managing you girl" Daniella yelled while I was sobbing on the floor continuously.

I don't know what I have done to deserve all this. How I wish I could just run away and stay away from these people and their ugly faces.

It seems like that's what I must do because, as it seems now, I might die at their hands one day.

I can't fully understand what they have done to my dad. My dad has completely changed.

He once belonged to the noble wolf pack, the Majestic Pack. He not only belonged there but also held a higher rank. However, he was suddenly kicked out.

I don't know the exact reasons behind his expulsion since I wasn't there. But it was because of him that all of us were kicked out of the pack. Since then, my dad has not been the man he used to be. He has changed.

Well, I once overheard a discussion between Danielle and her mum discussing the possibility of reuniting the family and the pack.

They mentioned that it would happen as soon as Daniella mates with 'Mateo,' the son of 'Alpha Zeus,' the king of the Majestic Pack.

This would make her the new Queen of the pack since Mateo will be ascending the throne very soon as the heir. They are fated mates, which I am very sure is the reason why Daniella has suddenly felt so important.

She doesn't respect anyone apart from her mum, but she still maintains a good relationship with her siblings though. However, the hate I receive is the same as what my father also gets from them for unknown reasons.

"I wonder why the hell you are still sitting on the floor!!! Are you stupid?!" Daniella exclaimed angrily and kept her plate of food on the table then grabbed me by the hair.

"Ugh!" I groaned in pain as she used my hair to pull me up from the ground.

"I'm not stopping you from crying, but if you're going to cry, at least make sure you're washing the clothes I asked you to wash!" she scolded pointing her fingers at me, causing me to swallow my saliva in pain.

At this point, I am already extremely hungry, and my body is shaking. I was barely managing to hold myself up or else I would fall and not be able to get up again.

"Now, do you understand what I just said? Go inside and pack my clothes. Get them washed," she ordered, and I nodded.

I immediately wanted to hurry into her room, but I was interrupted once again.

"Not so fast! I think my room is a little bit closer. I have some dirty clothes in there too," Casper said, causing me to pause while tears kept streaming down my face.

I accidentally shifted my gaze to 'Dan' Casper's younger brother. I saw him laughing at me, but I didn't blame him as much as I didn't hold any grudge against him because he was viewing things the way he was taught.

They weren't raising him to be a good person, but rather a harsh one. Although I ignored his look and wanted to head inside Casper's room. but Daniella's voice interrupted.

"I think you wanna die, right? What gave you the nerve to turn your back on the message I sent you?! Now turn the same way you turned your back and go to my room, pack up my clothes, and wash them before thinking about anyone else!" Danielle yelled, but then it was Casper who spoke up while I stood there, watching them to see how it would unfold.

"Daniella, she will, of course, wash your clothes first, but I just want her to pick my clothes as well so she won't have to come back again, okay?"

"She will wash yours first," Casper said as Daniella shook her head disapprovingly and wagged her finger.

"Nope, I will never agree to that. Besides, she didn't tell you that she's tired of coming back."

"She can come back for your clothes after she's done washing mine," Daniella said and then turned her gaze towards me, and I quickly looked down, always afraid of her eyes.

"Right, Tina?" she said, and I nodded fearfully in response. Then she turned her gaze to Casper and raised her eyebrows, to which Casper nodded.

"Now, leave my presence immediately!" Daniella yelled, and I immediately wanted to run out of her presence but was interrupted by Elina

"Wait, Tina," she said, causing me to pause and gaze at her. She was the only nice person among them, and I still believed it was because she was still a child and not yet familiar with wickedness.

"I can see how you're shaking. Haven't you eaten?" she asked, approaching me and handing over her plate of food.

I was really hungry and ready to accept that food, but I was scared of the others. I slowly glanced at Daniella, who was looking at me with her arms folded. Then I shifted my gaze back to Elina with a fake smile.

"Um... Thank you, but don't worry, I'll be fine," I said to Elina.

"Come on, do you wanna die? Hunger would beat the hell out of you! But it's my food though, eat! am giving you," Elina insisted, and I decided to accept because I couldn't hold back my hungry stomach any longer.

But just as I was about to accept, Daniella grabbed my hand and took the plate of food away from me.

I watched in disbelief as she threw it on the ground. "Daniella, what's wrong with you? It's not your food!" Elina shouted, and tears flowed from my eyes like a river. Danielle snubbed her while fixing her gaze on me

"Hey! Note that you are not allowed to taste anything until you are done washing or am gonna beat you till you see double!!" Danielle yelled at me but I couldn't dare say a word.

What else do I have to do apart from crying? Absolutely nothing.

"Elina, pack up the rice and put them in the dustbin," Casper said to Elina, who was still looking at them with a sad expression before she began stepping towards the broom.

"Wait! Elina. Tina will do it! Why does it have to be Elina?" Danielle said, looking at me. I was always too scared to look at her face, so I kept my eyes fixed on the floor.

"What the hell are you still doing there? Pack the rice and throw it away!!," Danielle shouted at me as I quickly ran out of the parlor to get a Parker.

I am certain why Danielle wanted me to throw the rice away. She knew that I was very hungry and was not going to really throw it away, I would have no other choice but to eat the food.

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